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This story is about a person who has a gambling problem
Hi my name is Charlie and I used to have a very serious gambling problem. I have been gambling ever since I was 14. And now im 40 and finally stoped. Im telling this story to you so that you never will gamble. Its bad and nothing good comes from it. I have lost many friends and even lost my house and family. This was a very devastating time in my life. I just could stop gambling. It was a very serious addiction. I used to always win when I gambled but then one day I lost a lot. So I did it again and then lost again. And then again. And I just kept losing and I wanted to get back to winning. I was running low on money and couldn’t support my family. So they left me. Then I eventually lost my house. I even lost friends because they didn’t want to be around a gambler. I would do just about anything for money at the time. I wouldn’t just gamble. I would steel stuff for people. I would let people barrow stuff for money. Id even give them really valuable stuff to keep for money. Its like my whole life was all about gambling. My wifes name is Berta and I have two kids named Jake and Timmy . I lost them though for about five years. I got them back when I quite my gambling addiction. I am very thankful that they forgave me and came back to me even after what I did and put them through. I am very sorry for what I did to them and will never do it again. But anyway heres where my story begins and the challenges I had to face.
It all started when I was 14. I use to never loose at gambling I was unbeatable in fact I never lost at gambling until I was about 16. I use to gamble every weekend in highschool. I missed out on hanging out with my friends. Instead I would just gamble with people I barely knew. I regret every moment of that. I met my wife Berta when I was 20 years old. She didn’t like the fact that I gambled. But she didn’t mind. She still liked me. And I like her just as much. We dated for about six months and then got married. And then a few years later I had my kids Timmy and Jake. We had Timmy two years after we were married. And Jimmy four years after we were married. I just hope that they don’t end up gambling and make stupid choices like I did. I just really hope that they understand that what I did was very wrong. I remember telling them my story with my wife about gambling and why not to do it.
“They seemed like they understood,” said Berta.
I feel like they understood to. I try not to worry about it but I still do. I can only pray that they don’t gamble. Gambling is a seriously terrible habbit. I hope that nobody has to go through like what I did.
“I wish I could’ve talked him out of it when we first started to date,” said berta.
Anyhow it was about five years ago when my kids and wife had left me. I understand why they left I should of put them before gambling. It was my mistake that I didn’t. if I could go back in time and change all of this I definetly would. No doubt in my mind. Then after that I went into depression and lost my job. And I couldn’t afford to pay the bills for my house so I lost that and had to go live with my mom and dad. And I didn’t have any contact with my friends so I lost them. I was a complete mess. Im just very thankful that my mom and dad took me in there home. I thought that they wouldn’t and I would have to live on the streets. Luckly I got into this very nice rehab where they helped me get over my gambling addiction. It took me five years to fully recover this issue. There were a lot of very nice people there who helped me get over this and who actually cared for me. Im glad that I went there. Know other rehab was as good as that one was. After I got out of rehab I got a job. This job was ten times better than the my last one. I ad alot of friends there and had alot of fun in my new office. I also got paid way more. And then that is when I finally got my wife and kids back.
“We were so happy to see him again,” said Berta, Jake, and Timmy.
And so was I. I just wish I didn’t give all those valuable things away to try and make some money. Like my Babe Bruth rookie card. I would do pretty much anything to try and make an easy buck. I only sold the card to him for ten dollars since he wouldn’t take anything higher than that. I felt like complete mess up in life and even had suicidal thoughts luckily I went to therapy where they got me back in shape. And my family finally came back.
“ I am very proud of him that he got over this,” said Berta. Me and the kids missed him so much.
I also missed them to. They ment everything to me. I wouldn’t trade the world for them. I was honestly the happiest person ever when I got them back. They are the loves of my life and I was stupid and had to choose gambling over them. When I got all them back we ended up living in an apartment for six months. Then after that we moved into this nice decent sized house. With two bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dinning room, a attic, and a basement.
“Are house is very beautiful and big and the kids can even have a play room,” said Berta.
Ever since we have all gotten back together as a happy family again. Nothing bad has been going on. The kids are getting better sleep and even getting straight A’s. I am so proud of them. Every report card that they get straight A’s on they get fifty dollars. And let me tell you they get a lot of fifty dollars! They also play a lot of sports. Jake plays football, baseball, and basketball. He is very good at all three of those and is the team captain for all of those. His best sport though is baseball. He pitches and usually bats fourth. He bats fourth because he is an excellent hitter and can hit the ball very hard. He also strikes out almost every person who comes up to bat. Timmy plays football, hockey, and soccer. He is also very good at all three but his best sport is football. He is the starting quarter and plays linebacker on defense. He is very good at both of those positions. He gets a lot of sacks on defense and throws a lot of touchdown passes on offense. He rarely ever throws an interception. He is also the team captain for all three of those sports. My boys alo have really good attitudes they never blame there teammates for mistakes and never bring them down. All in all they are very smart and terrific athletes and couldn’t be more proud of them. I tell them that I am proud of them every night before they go to bed never will I forget. Even if there at a friends house ill call and tell them how proud I am of them. They also have a lot of friends to. There are very nice to everyone and will be friends with just about anyone. I am so glad I got them back. Along with my wife. Things haven’t been awkward between us to which is a good thing. Anyways we have been saving up for awhile now. And booked a vaction to Virginia Beach this summer. The kids should have a lot of fun along with me and my wife. This will be the first time for all of us going on vacation. This will even be the first time for any of us even leaving the state. How crazy is that! Ever since we have all gotten back together we have been going to church every Sunday to. And plan on going every Sunday for the rest of are lives we haven’t missed one since we have gotten back together. I kinda feel like this split up has been better for us in a way. But very bad in a lot of ways. Anyways I have wrote this story to tell about the troubles that gambling can bring you and that it is not cool and you will regret later in life. So please people do not gamble. You do not want what happened to me to happen to you.

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