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How could I ever have hoped to love you?
It's hard to wrap my mind
Around the fact that you don't want me
I may have faded in your mind
But in mine you're as fresh as the harvest

How can I stand in your presence?
How can I suffer your gaze?
When all I see when I see you
Is disgust and pity on your face

I must purge you from my system
Erase all the memories we share
Until your name doesn't ring a bell
Until you ultimately cease to exist

Not to hate you, not to punish you
But to maintain my mental health
Because ever since I met you
You've been on my mind 24/7

My inadequacy is showing
My lack of self-love is apparent
How could I ever have hoped to love you,
When I refused to give you the best of me?

I did not offer you a full meal
I gave the scraps from my plate
How would I have nourished your soul
After I satisfied your physical wants

In any case, we're over
Only bitterness remains
I know I'll always regret you
And you've probably forgotten my name
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