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Poor wendy, who could possibly want to continue at nine years old with such a bad issue.
A little girl stands in a doorway wondering what it be like to have freedom. Not the kind she already had now, what she wanted was the freedom of a bird. She wanted to spread out her arms as if she was a airplane and fly.

This very girl would soon realize that even with that freedom there were still limitations. Wendy had lived her life like any normal girl her age. Although she had complications with her health she tried her hardest not to give in to the temptation of giving up. Living with cancer was hard sometimes she got sick and tired of treatment. Sometimes she felt like things would never get better.

Just because she was slowly dying didn’t mean she was going to be worthless. In her spare time she went around helping people. No matter what she wouldn’t let any of her friends know about the cancer, she refused to be treated like a time bomb. Even if the other people knew they probably wouldn’t treat her like a human being. Wendy was hated by man people, even though she had never done anything tp them.

Most of the time Wendy was pelted with paper by her peers. Her mother hated to think about her only child being close to deaths door. She felt like Wendy’s entity faded little by little each day. But Wendy’s faith was strong and she knew that her daughter would be okay if she passed on. Somehow she had to be strong for Wendy, if she couldn’t then how could her daughter continue without worrying about what day would be her last.

Wendy hadn’t deserved what she had gotten yet she was grateful no matter how bad it got. She relied on her religion to pull her through the rough times. Her mother often thought about how god could take her beautiful little girl. Wendy had won many beauty pageants until she started taking chemo therapy. Every day she watched clumps of her daughters blonde ringlets fall out as she brushed her hair.

It was hard not to notice the bald spots; they spread like wildfire and made her look as if she had a severe case of mange. Her daughter was picked on even more for being bald. She tried to get her to wear wigs but Wendy preferred her beanie. Wendy’s teacher was two faced and evil when, when she tried to wear a hat in his class he would make her take it off. Realizing that she was bald he made jokes that encouraged her classmates to continue the bullying. Wendy’s mother was unhappy with Mr. Chax and finally seceded to set him straight. She made the point she wanted and Mr. Chax apologized when he realized Wendy had cancer.

After that he got on to a lot of kids picking on Wendy. She was glad he had stopped and that some of her torment had to. Life kept going and Wendy’s time kept getting deducted.

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