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How people's past can ultimately affect their future.
Jenn's Commentary.....Dealing with your past

I'm going to let you guys in on a concept that I'm working on for my next book and usually I keep what I'm doing work wise close to ground but I think this topic needs some open discussion. The subject that I'm toying with is how certain events in your past will directly affects your future. Recently, I was watching a show on Dateline about a man who killed his wife and his lawyer tried to get the jury to buy that the guy was insane because of some mental abuse he endured from his father growing up. Come on now, I don't buy it and neither did the jury which politely found him nice and GUILTY..but after watching that show it got me thinking how often society is so quick to play the blame game. Obviously there are events in our past that do in fact shape our opinions and/or actions but how long can we (SOCIETY) use this as an excuse. In my life, I had an absentee father, man was just ghost like Casper. If I bumped into the man on the street, I wouldn't know him from a can of paint...It took some years to work through that emptiness but I didn't use that one event in my life as a crutch of sympathy. I acknowledged that I was not to blame and his absence did not define me any less than the next person who had a father. I took it upon myself to (A.C.T) My own acronym which stands for (ACCEPTANCE) (CLARITY) and (TIME)...First you have to accept that sometimes life is not fair (get over it and press on ahead) that may sound pretty tough but I think we need to stop being such wussies all the DARN TIME. Next, be clear about why you feel how you feel..work through your emotions and deal with how to progress. Finally, don't think all of your issues will be resolved overnight...take some time to really heal. Many people are living with past issues that are hindering there bright futures. Are you one of those individuals? Take a personal inventory of your own past hurts and evaluate how they have affected the (you) today. I thank you for reading this commentary and I welcome any input on the topic as research for the book, remember you can be anonymous and the names are always changed to protect the innocent. In closing be the best you and you'll never be disappointed. Live Easy

Written by Jenn Williams
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