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This is the story of the doomed ship Titanic. It includes some pictures!
Chapter 1
Southampton docks
April 10th, 1912

" Bobby, stop doing that, you're embarrassing me." "But it is fun, ma!" " You better stop doing it before we get aboard the ship!" That is my brother, Bobby. That is my mom, Suzy, and I am George. We where going to get abroad the ship when a strong gust of wind blew away our boarding passes.

"Oh no! Our boarding passes!" " I'll get em mom!" "NO!", but bobby had already ran away towards baggage. "Fiddlesticks!"--------- Bobby was so busy paying attention that he didn't see a man directly ahead him. THUMP!!! "HEY! Watch where you're Going dumbo! This is my brand new coat!" "I'm sorry sir."

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!" He ran as fast as he could back to where his mother was, but they where gone.

Chapter 2
Southampton docks
April 10, 1912
11:45 am

He was alone. He was alone. He ran that thought through his mind like a hundred times.
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