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A Girl riding through the meadow with her horse but things turn for the worst.
Mustang galloped furiously through the tall grass and pointing weeds.
I'd never road so fast in my life
The sunset glistened through the towering trees, shining its lustrious reign of sunlight on her coat of black hair.
This was the perfect day, In my eyes.
She continued to gallop.
Suddenly coming to a hault I pondered why?
Mustang started to take shifts breathing.
I was worried. I didnt have my phone and the nearest house was miles from here.
Mustang instantly flipped over like my sister does on the ol' trampoline my father bought for us last Christmas.
Now on her other side, I seen it.
The bullet hole In my girl's right lung.
Blood pooring out virgorously.
Anxiouty ran through my blood line.
There was nothing I could do.
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