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A little lesson about young love. (20 lines)
(20 lines)

Like A Favorite Song

My days with him were the happiest of my life thus far.  I remember always having a smile on my face.  I can actually recall that quite often I’d feel actual pain and stiffness in my cheeks because I always wore a grin from ear to ear.  Sounds silly to say that, but I remember what it was like.

I can hear his laughter as if he were beside me this moment.  I’ll never forget that sound.  It was like oxygen.  To know him was to want to live my every dream…to fly.  To love him was to believe I actually might.

I’ve never known anything so pure, so intense…even looking back on more than a decade ago, it gets hard to breath and my chest feels shallow.  Losing him left a scar in my being that is at the base of all I am.  I do not regret…I’d have ripped my heart from my breast with a rusty spoon if it would’ve brought him joy.

I wouldn’t trade my days with him, to save myself the ache.  I wouldn’t trade a moment actually.  To have loved and lost, well that is an essential step forward on the road to getting it right.  To experience a fantasy is the ability to recognize reality. 

I’m not trapped by my past, I’m freer than you could know.    I’ve known pure bliss that I doubt few ever will, and I loved him enough to let him go.  My soul is grateful that all is at is should be.  And these memories are mine forever.

The same way your favorite song will leave an imprint in you somewhere, where it immediately takes you back to an exact time and place, no matter how many years past between listenings…that’s the imprint he has left in my life.  He’s like my favorite song…

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