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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Comedy · #1823020
Lots of stuff! And no money...
    You'd think after WW I and then WW II, the world leaders would be more
  reasonable. But, there are still folks, who want to fight a third world war.
  Let's think about the technical challenges to such a colossal project.

      1. Communication; who needs what and where.
      2. Logistics; how to get things done.
      3. Management; how to maintain your territory.

  Muzzy surmises his empire.

      "I will build a base on the Moon. There will be constant communication
      with my empire on Earth. An orbiting missal base will command all theaters
      of potential threat on Earth. Then, upon completion of my lunar tower of
      Babble; I will fire a single golden arrow at the Sun
      from the Moon."

  His adviser is less than enthusiastic.

      "The nations of the world are in crisis. They do not believe in your one
      world government. They wish to attend to their own needs. Most people
      think your nuts."

  Muzzy laughs maniacally and kisses his adviser Mrs. Claire Danes

      "My dear, do you not know that in every soul is the desire to be a slave?
      They will worship my power and follow my laws. They need order.
      I will give them purpose and hope."

  Mrs. Danes bows to her commander and they embrace in zero gravity
  love. She is Muzzy's instrument and willing slave.

      As resources dwindled and fuel was allocated the people fled the
  cities and hunted in the wilderness. It was easy for a military government
  to seize them, like cattle. Muzzy's empire was unchallenged. He called forth
  his favorite pets; Angelina Jolie and Ellen Degeneres. Ellen rode Angelina
  about, like a cowgirl. Angelina snorted and made horse noises.

        "You are my favorites! I love a good performance." Muzzy applauded.

  Angelina bowed her head and tapped her right foot forward at Ellen's
  command. The bit was pulled upward by Ellen's reigns. "Oh, great emperor.
  May I allow my horse to speak to you?" Ellen begged with bowed head.
  Muzzy nodded yes and Ellen removed the bit.

          "I'd like to speak to my agent. This is the most humiliating performance
          in my career!" Angelina was still thinking like a freeman.

  Muzzy stepped up to the actress. She wore nothing but a leather riding
  harness. Her hands were bound in one leather sleeve. Muzzy switched her
  butt with Ellen's riding crop and placed it between her teeth.

          "Miss Dengeres please teach your horse discipline." Muzzy
          spoke softly as he fondled Mrs. Jolie's breasts.

  This was the way of things in a world where water was as valuable as gold.

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