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Word prompts about a vampire and his human woman in love..
He embraces her-
as he nuzzles her neck.
She is trembling
from head to toe.

Crimson blood flows
from her neck. To her, he is her hero
She murmurs that
she loves him.

The vampire loves her, too.
She is the flame that
warms his cold heart.
The love of his life.

He feels her heart beating
as it is drumming all
through her body. She is content.
Lovers are they as they embrace and kiss.

The night is almost over.
He tells her he loves her and he hates
to leave her even for a minute.
The dawn is coming along with the sun.

He doesn't want to be reduced to ashes.
If he faces the sunlight, this will be his fate.
The vampire leaves and she knows that
he will be back tonight.

They will be together soon.
He will turn her tonight and
she is excited to be his vampire bride.
Paranornal love is special and it's forever.

It is night time again. It is dark-
with a full moon and they get married.
They will be together forever
and their love will never die.

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