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Light hearted take on weight loss.
The Roller Coaster Diet

Today is the first day of my diet (because yesterday didn’t go so great)

Haagen Dazs ice cream at midnight might have been a tad bit late…

Erase the guilt and start anew; really what else can I do?

Reaching for a fresh banana for breakfast, my motivation renewed

Only at work it’s “donuts in the breakroom!”, I mustn’t come unglued.

Laurie says it’s Marv’s birthday and we all must come and celebrate

Losing weight would be a cinch, if I was the only person in this State!

Evening comes time for my weigh-in at my “Weight Watchers” Meeting

Resistantly confessing all the cheesecake and Mac-N-Cheese we’ve been eating!

Calorie log is all filled out and I didn’t cheat one little bit!

Ounce by ounce, weighed every bite, no matter how I wanted to quit!

Alas I know the scale will come through, after all this hard work, it simply has to!?

Still that little creep goes up then down, and quite certainly right back up once more…

Till’ finally your left asking your favorite hot fudge brownies, what the heck am I doing this for?

Every silly fad-diet has its own name (I should know I’ve tried every last one!)

Roller Coaster Diet is what I call mine, we might as well try to make this fun?

Day after day I feel like a slave to what goes into my mouth, wishing only to reclaim my life

If I don’t see results from aerobics, weights, fat-free this and that, I just might try the knife!

Every woman I know can tell you of their successes, they’ve each lost hundreds of pounds!

Too bad their always to be found again, to let you can ride the coaster a few more rounds! 

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