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Woman climbs inside a gutted dead horse(?)

      Believe it or not, I just had to write about this Portland Oregon girl.
  First, impressions is there anywhere on the internet where I can see
  the unblured video? I'm still searching through candy ass news reports.
  This is art taken to the extreme. Oh, my should we show the naked woman?
  Nudity, is the least important issue here.

  Muzzy interview; Question: How often do you cover yourself in horse innards?

  I would love to hear her answer. Now, where does this inspiration come from?
  Satan? Maybe. Maybe, some folks, who like to live way up in the woods are
  a little funny in the head.

  STOP BLURRING THE NEWS! What is the point of video if you can't view
  graphic images? And why are we sooooooo uptight about nudity?
  Let's join the 21st century.

  If you don't like your body or the naked human body your in need of therapy.
  Throw out your television, because nudity sells. And the internet is about free

  This 21 year old Oregon obviously wants to be seen naked covered in horse
  innards. Why is she being censured? No, law was broken. The horse was
  32 years old and had an inoperable disease. It was shot in the head, humanely.
  This is art! And what hunter would deny it?

  Let freedom ring! And let naked women be seen!

  Muzzy rant.
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