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I love you...

Words spoken, whispered, wrote down.
Words that are passed through lips with no meaning.

A longing for something, anything, everything.
Feelings from the heart.

The hope that you, I, we will make this journey to forever.
Beauty in the making.

The knowing that we may not have but one day, minute, second.
Loving enough not to care.

The strength to give, receive, share without caring the outcome.
Hurting for longer with you.

I hate you...

The pain that eats, gnaws, tears at your heart for nights on end.
Broken promises to bear.

The lust for him, her, them to take away this feeling in your chest.
The days grow longer.

The desperation for you to hope, long, love again even though your heart is shattered.
The pieces lay scattered upon your floor.

I love you...

Feelings regrow, rebuild, renew.
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