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Megan and Jennifer shop in London with their husbands to be.
Megan and Jennifer slept well that night. The next morning, they came downstairs to dine with their future husbands who stood up when they entered the room.

Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek and Miles hugged Megan and the women sat down as did Bradley and Miles.

"How did you sleep? Bradley asked Jennifer.

"I missed sleeping with you last night and all the loving." Jennifer smiled.

An elderly woman dropped her fork on the floor and said: "Well, I never!"

"I believe that granny!" exclaimed Jennifer.

Bradley blushed and then Megan, Jennifer and Miles laughed as Bradley did, too.

"So much for being Ladies. I will do better in France." Jennifer promised.

They ate bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes and had milk and tea to drink.

Megan started singing "I wish I had a Diet Pepsi to the tune of "I Wish I was In Dixie."Miles laughed. Megan was perfect in his eyes.

After breakfast, Bradley, Jennifer, Miles and Megan walked through the streets of London. Megan and Jennifer found a dress shop. Megan found a red velvet dress that tied under the breasts. She tried it on.

"You look beautiful." Miles gave a low whisper. Megan kissed his cheek.

Megan found a lavender silk dress and a green silk one. They were fancy and she loved them.

Jennifer found dresses in silk that had no bows or sashes but a green one had pearls and one blue dress had a butterfly design. Bradley loved what Jennifer picked out. He didn't care if she didn't have any clothes on at all.

Miles took Megan's arm and took her to the jewelery store. Megan found a nice diamond ring that was one carat with two lavender stones. She tried it on and she loved it. Miles kissed Megan and other people in the store looked shocked.

"Hey! I am marrying this man. I can mold him in the doorway if I want." Megan exclaimed. Jennifer laughed.

"Do we have to send you ladies to Charm School or Etiquette School? asked Bradley but he was teasing.

"We will behave better in France. We will be prudish, frigid ladies in higher society." Jennifer faked a high and mighty accent.

Bradley and Miles laughed.

"I am an engaged woman and I will be ahead of charities and be the most respectable woman. You may bow." Megan loved pretending to be English and a high society woman.

"Miles, no matter what our women do, we have the best wives to be." Bradley put his arm around Jennifer and Miles kissed Megan.

The women decided they would wait until they got to France to buy more clothes. Bradley, Jennifer, Megan and Miles went to the art museum.

Megan loved the Medieval paintings. The ones of Henry VIII scared her but she admired the other Tudor paintings. There were also ones of unicorns, dragons and one of the lochness monster caught her eye.

"You like the Lochness Monster?" Miles asked Megan.

"I do. She is beautiful. Can we go to Scotland and see her sometime?" Megan asked.

"I will take you there but I can't promise she will be there." Miles smiled.

"As long as we try. Can we paint the walls with art like this?"

"We had a dispute over this before but I promised you that we could."

"I love you so much." Megan kissed Miles cheek.

"I love you, too, my Dear." Miles told Megan after the kiss.

Jennifer liked the Medieval paintings but she liked the country paintings of houses, horses and barns. There were some of Mastiff dogs that caught her eye.

"Oh look! Isn't that a pretty dog?" Jennifer asked.

"He i but not as pretty as you." Bradley smiled at Jennifer.

"I want one of those dogs. You like dogs, don't you?"

"Of course I do. We can have dogs after we are married." Bradley would have tried to bargained for Buckingham Palace if Jennifer asked.

It was time for dinner. The couples went back to the hotel. They ate a meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and chocolate cake.

"How do you like London?" Bradley asked.

"It is beautiful. I think of Medieval times and fairy tales." Megan's eyes shined.

"It doesn't seem congested like cities at home. I agree with Megan. London is beautiful."

The couples enjoyed their lunch and went to the park afterwards. There was a nice pond with ducks. Miles and Megan sat on a bench and Megan had bought bread with her and she fed the ducks. They quacked as if saying thank you. Megan liked the red roses, lavender and blue flowers that grew around the pond.

"Would you like a pond of your own?" Miles asked.

"I would like that. Can we have ducks?"

"What ever you want, my Dear."

Megan was so lucky to have Miles. He looked like Leonardo DiCaprio. Just looking at him turned her on.

Jennifer and Bradley looked at the trees. A red robin was feeding her babies.

"That is so sweet." Jennifer smiled.

There were other birds that were blue, yellow and a bird that was green in color. It startede to get chilly and the couples went back to the hotel. They stopped at a shoe place first and Jennifer and Megan bought some boots. Megan picked out some white boots an d so did Jennifer. They also found some white gloves and Megan found some ribbons that matched her dresses she had bought.

"What, Megan, no feathers?" Jennifer teaded.

"Feathers aren't in style here. They would think I was a bird." Megan giggled.

After the couples left the store, they decided to head back to Bath. They loaded up the carriage and Megan sat next to Miles and took a nap. Jennifer was tired as well.

It was starting to rain. It was a mild rain. No thunder.

They were leaving London. Jennifer hated to leave but she knew they would be going to France in a few days. She smiled.

Bradley and Miles discussed business. Megan woke up from her cat nap.

"We left Fairy Tale Land." She sighed.

"We can stay in London all the time after we are married." Miles looked at Megan with love in his eyes.

"I will hold you to it."

Before they knew it, they were back at Vicki and Bill's. Miles helped Megan out of the carriage. Megan and Jennifer were going to spend time with Vicki and Bill until it was time to go to France.

Jennifer stepped into the door and was almost knocked down by two big black mastiff puppies. They barked and licked Jennifer's face.

"You are so cute! Where did you guys come from?" Jennifer hugged them and they kept licking her cheek.

"Do you like them? They are a gift for you, my Dear. Vicki and Bill will keep them when we go to France and when we get back, they can stay at my house and I trust you will be ther, too with us." Bradley loved how happy Jennifer looked.

"They are beautiful. I love them. My babies." The puppies barked and Jennifer hugged them some more.

"Welcome home. How was London?" Vicki asked.

"London is like a Fairy Tale. I love it." Megan petted one of the puppies. She loved animals.

Bradley hugged Jennifer and told her that he would see her in a couple of days. The puppies licked Bradley's face and one went over to Miles.

"I suppose you want a puppy, too." Miles said to Megan.

"I want cats. Is that a problem?"

"No. Cats are nice." Miles said.

"Vicki, look at my ring." Megan showed her hand to Vicki.

"It's beautiful, Dear. You are a lucky woman." Vicki patted Megan's hand as she admired the ring.

Miles hugged Megan and kissed her. "I will see you in a couple of days. I love you. This ring means you are mine. You know how happy I am?"

"I am happy, too. I love you, too." Megan and Miles kissed and Jennifer thought they would need to turn the hose on them. The puppies jumped on Miles.

"Hey! You little devils!" Miles petted them and they licked his face.

Bradley kissed Jennifer and he petted the puppies.

"I love you very much. Take care of the babies." Bradley smiled.

Jennifer picked up one of the puppies. "Thanks so much. I love these guys. How did you know I wanted Mastiff puppies?"

"Megan told me. They will remind you of me."

"They will. They are so cute." Just then one of the puppies chased his tail. Jennifer laughed.

Miles and Bradley left.

"Have things been quiet? Jennifer asked.

"Oh, yes. The puppies are so sweet. Muffy is pouting. She is hiding in mine and Bill's room but she will adjust to them. She thinks she is the Princess of all the cats." Vicki always had a smile for everyone.

Just then a carriage pulled up. It was Jane. She got out of the carriage. Megan and Jennifer still couldn't believe they were friends with Jane Austen and in her time period.

Bill let Jane in and Jane behaved like the perfect lady. Megan and Jennifer could take lessons from her.

"Hello, my Dear Friends. Oh! How cute! Mastiff puppies. Father won't let Cassandra and I have pets."

Jane petted the puppies. Megan and Jennifer hugged their friend.

Megan held out her hand. Jane looked at the diamond and lavender stones in the ring. "It is beautiful, my Dear. Miles loves you so much."

"I know. I love him, too."

"He is like a brother to me and I know you will be good to him."

Vicki huigged Jane and gave her a cup of tea after she sat down.

"How was London?" Jane asked.

Like a Fairy Tale Land." Megan said.

"I love London. It is so nice to live in Bath but it is fun to go to London." Jane took a sip of her tea.

"When is the Wedding?" Jane asked.

"We will get married after we get back from France." Megan was sitting on the couch and one of the puppies cuddled her next to her to take a nap.

"That will be so nice. I am happy for you." Jane smiled.

"How's your writing going?" Jennifer asked.

"I am having two more books published. Henry is so supportive of me. He does all my publishing. He is the best brother ever." Jane loved her brother Henry and Cassandra most of all next to her friends.

"That is nice. I am happy for you." Jennifer had the other puppy sleeping next to her.

"Jane, you are going to be one of my bridesmaids, right?" Megan asked.

"I would be so honored." Jane went over to Megan and kissed her cheek.

Vicki bought in some flowers, some baby breath and gave them to Jane. She thanked Vicki. She thought she had better go home. She told Jennifer, Megan and Vicki she would stop by next week. They hugged Jane and Bill escorted her to her carriage.

Megan and Jennifer couldn't wait to go to France. They loved being in the past and they were going to marry men they loved. What more could they ask for?

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