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by Sashie
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About some friendship problems I've been having lately. Best poem I've ever wrote, R&R.
That’s all you seem to know.
The real you,
I’ll never know.
Unanswered questions,
Make me think,
Why do you want to hurt me?
Why do you betray me?
Why do you lie to me?
I’ve done nothing but be your friend.
Is all I feel.
Is starting to appear.
The you, you pretend to be,
I don’t much like,
Or is it just your true colors showing?
I don’t want to fight,
But I don’t want to forgive you either,
I won’t go down that dark road again.
I’ve gave you countless chances to be different,
But you never change.
I can’t be bothered anymore,
I’m through with you!
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