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"...Showing off your favorite team’s colorful/ Clothing and gear..." - a sports poem.
A natural prerequisite
For attending a major sporting event
In a stadium, arena, or local sport venue –
Showing off your favorite team’s colorful
Clothing and gear…

A contest replete with thrilling action, miscues,
And decisive scoring plays that has fans
Sitting on the edge of their seats,
And may have referees or umpires
Routinely making blatant or auspicious calls…

Meanwhile, joyous spectators
Enjoy greasy food, the most costly beverages,
And the most breathtaking moments of all time,
Brought to us by the highest paid athletes and coaches in the world;
In this, the most ironic fiscal reality:
Paying superstars for participating in a sport
They’ve dreamed of playing all their lives,
And would likely play at the highest level
For free…

But the stylish clothing
Signifies the devoted fan’s appreciation of his or her own team,
And that team’s proud and glorious tradition;
And the collective support of all of those fans,
With their team’s dazzling logos and writings emblazoned
On their shirts, hats, and jackets,
Adds immense charm and dignity
To an already passionate and decisive fan base,
One who’s hollering and cheering
At the top of their vocal, energized lungs… 

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