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What do they know - "a coward's way out". (Form: Free Verse) A Two-In-One Poetry Entry
As The Light Slowly Fades

What do they know
    ... "a coward's way out"
... about the strength it takes to admit that the pain
is not worth fighting,  is never going to stop?

I stare out the window –
an old building,
decaying with time,
reminds me of my crumbling life.

It's faรงade still stands,
but it is a broken, hollow shell.
It is me.

A broken teacup might be mended,
but it will never hold tea again.
      or serve a purpose beyond
being looked at amidst the whispered
"why does he keep that old thing?"

I run the rope through my hand...
clean, smooth,
... it is beautiful with a grey-white color like my dreams.
It whispers as it moves through my hands
but I can't understand the words.

I draw back the curtains and open the windows...
light fills the room for this is no dark act.
A breeze fills the room with freshness,
chasing out the cloistered smell of despair.

As I lower myself off the chair,
I see my shadow on the wall...
it dances in a swaying, joyful movement
keeping rhythm with the creaking sounds
and I watch... the crumbling building watches ...
      ...as the light slowly fades.

Notes:An entry for "Two-in-One Poetry Contest
Prompt:  Death
Please note:  I do not condone but I can appreciate that there is a poetry, even a certain beauty, in a irrational act done for rational reasons.

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