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Modeling and Sculptures

    Her beastliness knew no limits. She had no moral restraint, save the
    loathing of her own immortality. She was obsessed with sensual pleasures.
    A Californian occultist had offered an invitation to a creation of total
    ecstasy. Kalidas yawned, "Another orgy." But, her curiosity lead her on.

    The room was cold and had scientific devises. This was not an orgy.
    "What is all of this?" she waved about a the devises. The Mage smiled
    and took her hand. "You see to heighten pleasure, you must first understand
    the nervous system. I have analyzed every aspect. And these devises
    will unlock your deepest orgasm."

    Kalidas looked blithely at him. She raised one finger and lighting shot out
    of its tip, stopping just inches from the Doctor's spectacles.
    "Ehm. Yes, I have heard of your magic. You are Deity?" he asked.
    "I am Shiva's wife. I am the darkness before the day. I am your dreams and
    nightmares." she gave back a toothy smile.
    "Excellent. You will be the perfect subject for my wave particle stimulator."
    he the Doctor and mage answered with trepidation of his mortality.

    Kalidas rolled her brown eyes and shed her garments. She was as black
    as night and as beautiful as carved marble. "Should I stand?" she asked.
    The mage was struck dumb by her enchanting figure. He nodded and
    scurried back behind his instruments. The machines hummed.
    "You should feel a tickle as the particles pass through you." he said.

    Kalidas had a quick temper. She was feeling duped.
    But, suddenly in a flash she dissolved into a black pool.
    The doctor disrobed and tipped toed into the center of the pool.
    The fluid enveloped him. Kalidas reformed around him.
      Kalidas, unaware of the transformation, looked about for him.
    "This was pointless." she muttered and then looked down at a cock
    rising out of her crotch. Instinctively she grabbed it and it was firmly
    part of her. The cock began to move inward and then outward from
    her. She could feel the pleasure of her hole and this erection.
    She had never known the man's pleasure. It was ecstatic.

    "Shiva! I did not know how you hungered for me." she cried.
    Her tears brought a great storm as she walked into the rain naked:
    the mage caressed her breasts with hands under her skin.
    She raised her hands to thundering clouds and lighting threw
    down: destroying the doctors laboratory.

    Kalidas laughed as the cock and ball swung out of her mound.
    His tongue ran about in her mouth.
    "I am the Goddess of Eros!" she shouted to the gale of driving ran.

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