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Just how I am feeling today...first snow of the season.
I am Angry.  Don't know Why, necessarily,
But you Are, too.  I can Tell.  Tell, what?
Have the Decency to be Honest with me -
Who am I, well Who?  I don't know Anymore.

I am, that is All I can Say to you, Now.
Nobody cares That much, either.  Just is.
Is there Something you want to say, Now?
Because I decided to be This?

How could I Decide?  Well, it Seems
That everybody Thinks I can Choose this Path.
Never occurred to Them that I could Be
Such an Evil Being, either, but what Else?

Is everybody Convinced?  I don't know Now,
I can't take it Anymore, not this Way -
I just Squeeze the Trigger slow, like This,
Is anybody Listening?  Not Today...
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