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Occupy Your Ballot Box!

        Muzzy sits in his French chair as harlequin make up is applied.
    His faithful terrier Checkers is licking himself. The make up artist
    scurries behind the cameras as the set is lit. It is time for Muzzy's
    fireside chat.

        Arf! Checker's barks as Muzzy rubs the back of the terrier's head.
    "Ehm. As you all know I am running for President as a write in..
    In these turbulent times I feel compelled to address the protests in
    our great democracy."

        Muzzy attempts to cross his legs, but his belly gets in the way.
    "Hmf. Smashing store front windows and throwing your poop at police
    is not American. During the Douglas, Lincoln debates, neither candidate
    threw his poop at the other. Douglas did refer to Lincoln as "a braying
    nabob. But, that's just frizzle in his props. Yo-yo."

        Muzzy gives a toothy smile to his acting coach off camera.
    "The silent majority is not swayed by hooligans. They find rioting messy
    and wish to be allowed to continue their Christ-mass shopping.
    Occupy the ballot box and vote for a progressive Presidential candidate,
    who will bring social justice and sound conservative communism to this
    great Athens of the west."

    Arf! Arf! Checkers salutes with his right paw.

        "Yes, that's right Checkers, you can vote too if you have a valid idea
    and a birth certificate. Heh-heh." Muzzy chuckles and pats Checkers on
    the head.

        "Only Americans should vote! The founding father were all born in England
    and they knew the importance of being a Native American! So... ehm..
    Let's all vote! And don't let any of those foreigners in! Unless, they're 1%
    ters.. or they can help us build something that sells...(cough)."

    Grrrrr. Checkers looks sideways at Muzzy.

    Muzzy adjusts his red and blue striped tie.

        "So, God Bless the sovereign member of the United Nations, and
    let's all register are muskets! Heh-heh." Muzzy takes a sip of bottled water.

    This has been a Muzzy announcement. Michael Moore gave me his
    support and then told me I was a pinko-punk.

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