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The land of uninhibited women....

        What a perfectly balanced world. All that was needed was a woman's
    touch. Yes, finally, GIA made her presence known. She had remained
    silent for too long. Scientist had probe every aspect of nature and
    struck a nerve. The first communication was in sequential pulses.
    It simply said, "Stop poking me." Well, the press went wild with speculation
    about a subterranean people. But, the message was echoed in every living
    thing. Even the house plants EKG pulsed the same message.

          After much debate further commandments were received and

            "Don't drive so many combustion vehicles."

            "Separate your trash an recycle."

            "Stop having so many babies."

    The last message was difficult to accept. Most people wanted to have
    an heir to carry on the family name. But, GIA was resolute. She caused
    earth quakes and tsunamis and volcanic eruption to reduce the population.
    Their were plagues and locus and even a meteor strike. Until, the remnant
    of humanity fell down on their knees and begged GIA for mercy. She followed
    up with a polar shift and the continents were tossed together with
    a global flood. There was hardly anyone left, most of the mammals drowned.

        But, GIA mutated a new humanity that was amphibian .. In this New
    Atlantis, women were dominant. They could choose when to mate and
    had as many lovers as they could manage. GIA had designed the female
    with a limited mating cycle; just 16 years. In which time they could have
    one or three fry. Every fry, like most fish had thousands of potential eggs
    for fertilization. The process kept the Atlanteans under a few hundred,
    since their lifespan was only 26 to 30 years.

        Gia was pleased with this fully ecologically integrated community.
    The men of Atlantis worked, however, to expand the lifespan and breeding
    of their fry. Gia spoke harshly to them.

              "Do not push me."

              "I do not like pushy men."

    The Atlantean men pressed on and were reduced in number with heart
    disease and prostate cancer. With fewer males available for mating,
    the woman of Atlantis began mating at an earlier age to increase the
    number of their fry. A male Atlantean could fertilize millions of eggs
    on the sea bed with the entire society now focus on avoiding extinction.
    There was little time for capitalism or exploring. GIA chuckled;

              "Now I have made you a people of lovers."

              "You will not have time to ravage me."

      Gia had tamed the savage race with love.


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