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A comment on Autumn changing to winter
Whether to Weatherize *Cool*

There it is!  As I look out over the field from my kitchen window, I see autumn.  The wild flowers in the front field have turned dry and crisp.  Golden, yellow, orange, and dead leaves still cling to fifty percent of the tee limbs.  But, the wind blowing today will bring down many of the remaining leaves.

The lawn is six inches high with unmowed thick green grass and the garden rests depleted and sleeping.

As the earth orbits the sun the day length changes according to the tilt of the earth. The earth’s orbit allows only a certain amount of the sun’s rays to hit the Northern Hemisphere at each special season. As the earth revolves it moves us farther away from those warming sunrays and our days of sunlight in the northern USA grow shorter as the air grows daily colder.

Weather records on the calendar state fall equinox, as the first day of autumn when actually it is only a moment of time, this year according to wikipedia it was “September 23, at 09:04. “

Wikipedia reports, “winter solstice occurs December 22, at 5:30”. This is the shortest day of the year so more of the sun’s rays will reach us each day forward from winter solstice.

Actually every season is ushered in by a special day of change. Alert weather watchers will notice the day. Instead of yesterdays cumulus congestive clouds blowing in with rain from the west, my visual range looks like some one covered it with a blue gray cup.

Heavy stratus nimbus clouds are dropping icy two-inch snow crystals.  The wind is blowing from north to south so the snowfall is a slant across the west oriented windows of the kitchen.  It is the first snowfall of the season.

Heavy wet flakes of snow melt as they drop onto the earth, which is warmer, than the falling soft mushy coating. The snowfall won’t stick today because of the warm autumn earth.

The local weather girl is predicting heavy frost for morning.  Her prediction planned the day’s work.  It is time to put away the porch swing, finish putting up the last storm windows, and move the pony paddock closer to the barn for winter.

Upon opening the door on my way to the horse barn the warning cry of Canada Geese out running the storm rends the air.  The geese call with a mourning urgent sound. They are headed south, at least south enough to get away from the winter like storm. In March, the sound of spring greet from the same geese will travel more cheerfully through a warmer atmosphere.

There it is! Throw out the calendar today is our winter warning.  Autumn is leaving with the geese.

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