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by G7
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1824398
Continuing story of a man's addiction to his Ex's ability to transform him into any woman

(Cute little Becca.http://www.theplace2.ru/photos/photo.php?id=217015 )

After a quick shower I put the red and white top back on with the white skort and some white sandals. I threw my hair in a quick pony tail and we ate lunch at home. For some reason Mary was beside herself. She was really having fun with this, treating me like I really WAS her 16 year old niece going on her first date. We drove in her car, since I was now too young to drive in NJ, well...at least without a learners permit. I had a hard time with the shoulder belt, it was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t get it adjusted right, it kept digging into my jaw and it sat weird between my boobs. I always thought that Japanese cars were made for people 5’ tall… not 6’ tall. Guess I was wrong. Mary teased me the whole way there, of course. “So Bec, did you notice the kid had really big hands and feet. You know what THAT means!” she giggled as she pulled her car into a parking spot. We parked in front of the food court at the Willowbrook Mall and walked in. I had to almost run to keep up, damn these short legs. Mary took me in tow, up to the Directory. I couldn’t see over everybody’s head as I could as a man. “When did everyone in the world get so friggin’ tall” I thought out loud. She chuckled and looked down, patted me on the head and quipped “You’re just so petite! Come on, Wet Seal is over there. They’ll have some cute dresses for you!” I followed her into Wet Seal. After trying on countless dresses we settled on a Spaghetti Double strap cocktail dress in a Fuchsia floral print. I thought Mary was going to cry when she saw me in the dress. It was really short, the salesgirl told me that short dresses made petite girls legs look longer. I guess it did. The salesgirl also said it looked “Flirty” and “Fun”. I thought it looked dangerous. There wasn’t much left to the imagination. I asked Mary what kind of bra I should wear with the dress and she just grinned. I asked her what she was smiling about , she replied “I think it’s funny, my ex fiancé asking me for bra advice.” She looked at my cans closely in the dress and said “You’re big, but firm and “perky”. Maybe you won’t need one. Take off the one you have on now“. I walked back into the dressing room and took off the bra I was wearing. It looked terrible, the straps were completely visable. I tucked my girls in the top of the dress, the silky material of the dress felt amazing against my nipples. I called Mary into the dressing room stall. She put her hand on her chin in thought, “Hmm… Let’s get you a strapless just in case. How does it feel without the bra?” I took a few steps around the inside dressing room. “Ok , I guess. They feel heavy.If I have to run I might get a black eye, they are pretty jiggly” I said, blushing. She grinned and said “Well, don’t run… silly.Be careful bending over, we don’t want one tumbling out. Put your clothes back on, girly. We have a thousand things to get done!” she turned and walked out.

Next stop was Nine West, where we bought a pair of “strappy” heels that matched the dress and were lucky enough to find a little purse with a thin strap to match.. Why did chicks always describe things as “Strappy” or “Flirty”? I had no answer for that. Mary told me that the 3” height was perfect, in case I wanted to dance. I blushed, thinking about dancing with him in this tiny nubile body. I have to admit, the heels made my ass and calves look great. I walked out of the store carrying the shopping bags, Mary was doing the navigating. She steered me right into a Salon. I started to protest , and she hushed me as the cute little Asian chick came over. “Yeah, I have an appointment. She’s getting a Brazilian, a pedicure and uh… Silk wraps.” She told the girl, trying not to bust out in a giggle. The Asian girl with a nametag that said “Li” looked me over and smiled. I actually was the same height as her! She said to me “Oh, we make you so pretty... you come with me” I followed her back into a curtained off area and handed me what looked like a hospital gown. “You put this on, sit… I come back”. I did so, draping my clothes over the rack. She returned, carrying a steel bowl and some strips of paper. She sat down in front of me and lifted up my gown. “We make you smooth down there” she said, and I felt her sprinkle powder then slather something warm down there. I flinched when I realized I was getting waxed. That shit was supposed to hurt like a bitch! “You have date tonight? “she said, making small talk. “Yeah… I Do…. SHIT!” I yelped as she ripped off the first strip. I felt it a stinging sensation from asshole to my patch on the left side. Li didn’t seem bothered by my yelling, she must get that a lot. Before I had time to recover, RIP, she had done the right side. This time all I did was bite my lip and grunt. Damn, that hurt! She continued by plucking out a few hairs that the wax had missed, then trimmed my “landing strip”. I now had a tiny little patch of pubic hair about an inch wide and two inches long. “Put on clothes, we do nail now!” said Li as she walked out. I rubbed myself down there, it still stung but was really smooth and soft. When I put my panties back on they felt soft and slick against my outer lips. I walked out and found Mary sitting on a couch sipping coffee and grinning at me. “How did that feel, Becca? Fun, huh? “. I just rolled my eyes at her and whispered “thanks a lot!”

I sat at a small table and Li returned with a booklet with various designs on it. I leafed thru it while she started my pedicure. After a few minutes I decided on a French manicure with little daisy looking flower design on them. She made small talk while she worked, asking about the boy who asked me out and where we were going. Li finished up the manicure and pedicure. It was a tedious and somewhat painful process that took over an hour. When she finished she rubbed my hands and feet with a moisturizer and pronounced “You done, very pretty. Have fun on date!” I looked at my nails; they looked great but were a little longer than I had expected. Mary looked at them and teased “Aww, they look so cute. Can you picture them wrapped around his cock? Be sure to tickle his balls with them, Bec!” I was starting to remember why I loved her!

I walked out, relieved that we were done and I have to admit this, I felt incredibly feminine and pretty. It’s hard to explain and even harder to admit. I had showed up at Mary’s door 4 days ago , a 6’2” guy that was very masculine and strong, and now I was a 5’ nothing , 97 pound , 16 year old “girly girl”. It was embarrassing yet exhilarating! Mary guided me into Macy’s. Apparently we were NOT done. We went to the Lingerie department where I purchased a strapless bra in white with matching panties to wear with the dress. It was really hard to find a bra that fit me. I wound up buying a 34 D, which was close and I could use it when I was changed back into “Kristin” for work on Monday. If I wore it on the tightest clasp it fit, just barely. My boobs were a bit tight in it but it would do if I chickened out and didn’t go braless in that dress.

Finally it was time to leave! We left the mall and by the time we got in the car it was 5 PM! I still had to eat and get ready. Mary ordered a pizza for delivery on her cell as we pulled up to the townhouse. I carried the bags into the house and Mary went into the bathroom , I heard the water running. She called me in and I saw she was drawing a bubble bath. “Ok Girlfriend, get in the tub and soak. It’ll make your skin soft. Shave while you’re in there. Pits and legs please.” She said. I closed the door and locked it, who knew when Pervo Jim might reappear. He’d already seen my shit once, not gonna happen twice! I undressed and slipped into the tub. As a guy going into the tub, the hot water was rough on the head of the penis. As a chick, I had found, it was rough on the clit AND the nipples. As I slid in I covered my nipples with the palm of each hand and let them slowly acclimate to the water. I loved the way they tried to float in the tub. I also found that I could stretch out completely in the tub now. I guess that was one benefit of being short! I submerged myself up to my chin in the lavender scented bubbles and that "Girly" feeling intensified. I held my leg up and slowly shaved , enjoying the soft silky feeling. I explored my freshly waxed crotch and felt my large nipples stiffen. My areolas were pink, well defined and about half dollar sized. I ran my new long nails around one softly and watched it stiffen. I blew on it and watched it turn rock hard. My other hand searched for my vaginal opening. I wanted to insert my finger but I didn’t because I had heard you could bust a cherry easily with a finger AND with these long nails I did not want to scratch myself! I paused at the opening and it felt small and very tight! I circled my clit with one finger, while rolling my nipple between my fingers with the other hand. I orgasmed almost immediately, this body was VERY sensitive!

I relaxed in the tub for a few minutes, enjoying the scent of the lavender and the warm water on my body. Then I stood up to get out. I could feel my breasts sliding together slightly as I stepped out of the tub. I slowly patted myself dry, wrapped a towel around myself and walked back into my room. The time on the clock radio said 6:17. I still had over an hour to get ready and I smelled pizza! I slipped on the big Betty Boop T shirt and some panties and headed out to eat. I was freakin’ starving! I pulled up a chair across from Mary and we dug in. Now, as a guy I was a “four slicer”, in my now diminished stature I couldn’t finish my second slice. Mary and I talked about my date, actually giving me advice on how to carry myself in that dress. I have to admit I was getting nervous, I had those butterflies in my stomach again.

After we ate and cleaned up, it was time to get ready. Mary said she’d do my hair and make up, so I went into the bedroom to get dressed. I pulled the silky dress on over my head and adjusted my boobs into the sheer cups. The material was so thin you could almost see the outline of my nipples. The dress top cupped them softly and provided a little support at least. I adjusted the spaghetti straps, there were 2 on each shoulder and checked myself in the mirror, damn I was smokin’ hot! I called Mary and she came in to do my make up. She took one look at me in the dress and let out a wolf whistle. “Wow, look at you! My little girl has grown up” she said, giggling. “Look at the boobs on you! “ she chirped as she reached into my top and adjusted my girls . My nipples immediately stiffened and she laughed again. She reached down and held the hair away from my face and looked at it closely. “You have perfect skin, so you don’t need any foundation. I wouldn’t want to hide those cute freckles! She reached into her bag and pulled out some eyeliner and mascara, starting with my eyes. She made the eyeliner very dark and sort of “Avril Lavigne-ish” thick and kinda cat eyed. My lashes were really long and dark when she finished with the mascara, I could feel my lashes sticking together when I blinked. She brushed a little grey and peach eye shadow on and feathered it out. She let me pick the lipstick color, I went with a dark pink that matched the dress. She put it on perfectly. “I’m doing your hair up, it’ll show off your dainty neck.” She brushed it back, leaving a single wisp hanging and fastened it back with a gold barrette. “How’s that?” she asked. “I’d do me” I said trying to sound nonchalant as I made a "kissy face" in the mirror. She just made that Tsk tsk sound she always made. “If you were 2 years older, I’d do you too!” she joked. “What are you talking about, Mare? I’m 2 years older than you!” I replied. To this she just waggled her finger. “Stop thinking like that. You are 16 year old Rebecca "Becca" Simms tonight! Remember that! “ she said her voice getting louder. “Ok..OK” I replied while bending over to strap on my heels. I bent at the waist and felt my boobs trying to spill out of the dress top, the tops actually grazed my chin. She saw and laughed “That’s my busty lil neice! Let me ask you Becca, are you a slut?” she asked, obviously getting me primed for the date, her voice in a sultry whisper. I nodded yes. “ I knew you were! Tell me what you’re going to do!” she added. “I’m going to a dance” I responded. “What are you going to let him do to you…” she asked, her voice getting huskier. “I’ll let him touch me, kiss me..” I returned shyly. “Where? Touch your breasts? Your clit ? Will you French kiss him?” she asked, her hand massaging her crotch thru her jeans. “I’ll let him touch anything he wants!” I said, getting her going more. I felt my nipples turn rock hard thru the dress. She continued the questions as I put on some perfume, dabbing it on my neck, wrists and cleavage. “I hope he has a big cock, Becca. Will you jerk him off? Suck his dick?” she asked. “I’ll do both. I want him to come all over me…” I said seductively as I put on the colorful plastic bracelets I had picked out to go with the dress. She replied “Be ready, young guys come hard, come fast and come a lot!” I was ready, I felt feminine, petite and sexy! I was also aroused bigtime by my conversation with Mary. My nipples were erect and clearly visible through my dress. Mary saw this right away and laughed. She asked "Is it cold in here, Bec? " and reached over and gave my left nipple a tweak. I thought to myself that Shawn was going to be the luckiest 16 year old on the planet tonight. Just as I was thinking that, the doorbell rang.

I started to answer the door and Mary stopped me. “Oh no, I’ll get the door. You stay in here and make him wait a bit. I’ll call you ,come out 5 minutes after that.”

I nodded and checked myself in the full length mirror. I turned and looked at my bubble butt, fixed my thong and smoothed the dress out over it. I looked at my boobs from the side, as a DD they stuck out 5” past my ribs. To put it bluntly, I was friggin’ stacked. I heard Mary talking to him, he sounded nervous. I checked my make up again, then heard Mare call me. I yelled thru the closed door. “I’ll be right there!” I faced the mirror and leaned over to test how much cleavage showed. All of it, almost to the nipple. Better be careful. I took a deep breath, lifted my boobs in the dress and walked out.

I came into the living room and saw his jaw drop. “You look… amazing!” he said. He looked pretty damned good himself. This chick body was digging his! I felt my crotch flutter. Shawn was wearing a pale blue oxford shirt and khakis. “Thank you, so do you!” I said, my eyes drawn to the slow swelling I could see growing in his crotch. “Let me get my purse and we’ll go.” Mary was smiling at us, and when I came back, she had a camera. “Put your arm around her, Shawn. Squish in tight, Becca.” Shawn put his arm around me, his hand resting high on my waist. He was at least 10” taller than me, the top of my head was below his chin even in the heels. Mary snapped the picture “Aw, what a cute couple! I want her home by Midnight Shawn, or I’ll call your Mom! Have fun Becca” I said in a singsong voice “I will, thank you Aunty Mare”. He held the door open for me, and we walked out into the warm July night.


We walked down the street towards the Clubhouse. Apparently this dance was a big deal, there were kids walking towards the dance from every direction. Shawn said again “You look really pretty, Becca . That’s a great dress!” “Thank you” I purred, eating it up.

I could feel the breeze on my legs and under my dress, the silky material swirling a bit. My legs rubbed together as I walked, they felt so soft and smooth. I could hear my heels clicking down the sidewalk, I had to walk a little faster than normal to keep up with him. My breasts bounced gently as I walked, I could feel the nipples rubbing on the dress slightly. I felt elated! I was with a cute guy, I looked great. I guess I felt pretty, protected and appreciated. Mary was right, I felt like a teenage girl. I was living her life!

When we got to within a block of the club, I could hear the music. They were playing modern dance music, the beat pulsing down the street. We walked in the front doors and Shawn paid the 10$ for us to get in. “I earned the money mowing lawns” he said. That would explain his tan, I thought. I scanned the room, but it was impossible to see over everybody. Shawn pointed to a corner of the room and took my hand, guiding me thru the crowd. My hand felt small in his calloused hands. I held my arm up to protect my chest as we pushed thru the crowd. My breasts felt very sensitive and vulnerable, especially being braless. We got to a table and Shawn held my chair out for me. I was surprised at how much of a gentleman he was being. I sat down, remembering to keep my knees together as Mary had reminded me to do. “Can I get you a drink” Shawn asked. “Yeah! I’ll have a Scotch and soda.” I answered without thinking. “Very funny” he laughed. “Um… I’ll have a coke…please” I giggled, playing off my slip as a joke. He went off to find us refreshments and I scanned the room. The place was packed! They had set up a dance floor in front of the DJ station and some kids were starting to dance. As I was looking around I was approached by the Lifeguard from this morning. “Hey, you were at the pool this morning. I’m Dylan, I was the lifeguard on duty.” He crooned. I disliked him immediately. He was talking to my chest and I felt like hiding them. “Oh yeah, I remember” I said nonchalantly. “Would you like to dance?” He asked me, still ogling my rack. “No, sorry I’m here with someone.” I said, biting my lip and trying to sound disappointed. “But thanks for asking and it was nice meeting you.” I said blowing him off. I guess he wasn’t used to being told No. “So, what’s your name?” he asked. “Rebecca” I said without looking at him, trying to see Shawn thru the crowd. “Are you from around here? I’ve never seen you before.” He asked. Shawn slid into the booth across from me and handed me my Coke just in time. “Here you go Becca” he said to me. He looked up at Dylan and said icily “Hey Dylan, this is Becca, she came here with me.” Dylan just looked at him incredulously. “Uh, yeah… we just met. Talk to you later” Dylan replied and slunk away. I couldn’t help it… I started giggling. “What a jerk” I said. He laughed too.. “Hate that guy, Mr. Super stud jock Football player lifeguard Daddy’s BWM driving asshole!” he spewed. “Tell me what you really think of him Shawn!” I giggled putting my hand on his and squeezing it. “Thanks for saving me, though!” I said, smiling at him warmly. I took a sip of my coke and set the glass down. There was a smudge of pink lipstick on it. “ Wanna dance Becca?” he asked me. “I thought you’d never ask” I replied warmly. I stood up and he took my hand as we moved towards the dance floor.

The DJ was playing a fast song and I tried to dance like a chick. I watched the girls next to me and mimicked their movements. I moved my hips a lot and raised my hands over my head like girls do. I could really feel my breasts heaving and it kind of hurt if I moved too quickly. I was wishing now that I had worn the strapless bra. It was hard to dance in the heels, I had no traction and I felt unsteady, wobbly. He danced pretty well for a young guy. I know the only reason I danced as a guy was to get laid. He seemed to actually enjoy it. His eyes never left me, moving from my face to my body. He was smiling from ear to ear. The fast song faded into a slow one and he gently pulled me in closer. He put both arms around me and rested his hands on the small of my back. My breast grazed his upper abdomen and I could feel his “enthusiasm” brush my belly every so often. It felt amazing, he smelled so good and I felt warm and cozy. In the back of my mind, I was worried. I was starting to feel and act like a teenage girl, what if it “stuck” when I changed back into Rich in a few months. I pushed the thought out of my mind and decided to go with the flow. I snuggled in a little closer and rested my head on his chest. In a few minutes the song ended, he looked down at me and kissed me softly. My whole body felt limp, my knees turned to jelly. I craned my neck up and kissed him back. It was a soft innocent kiss, but it drove me crazy. I felt the butterfly twitching in my crotch and felt it start to moisten. His hands moved up my ribs, brushing the sides of my breasts with his forearms. We reluctantly pulled apart and went back to the table. I could see he had a raging hard on as he sat. Poor kid, I remembered how that felt. Having one too long could lead to the painful “blue balls” situation. He asked me if I wanted to take a walk out on the patio and I agreed.

We walked out together and he put his arm around my waist, his hand on my hip. It felt good to get out into the quiet night air.

We walked around the patio, there were a few other “couples” out there. We found a bench behind a row of hedges that was fairly quiet and sat down. He was obviously still very aroused because he didn’t waste any time in kissing me again. This time it was a little more forceful and his tongue started exploring my mouth. His hand was on my knee and I felt it slowly moving up my thigh. My vagina was now throbbing steadily and I became even more aroused when he started nibbling my ear and neck. I rested my hand on his leg a few inches from his erection; I could feel the heat coming off of it. His other hand started moving up my side and gently rested on the side of my boob, like he was testing to see if he would get away with it. I felt my nipple stiffen immediately; I could sense it rubbing on the dress material. I moved my hand up his leg, placing it on the bulge in his pants. I sensed him stiffen and heard him hiss softly when I touched it. Mary’s hopes were coming true it seemed. He was well endowed, well as best I could tell with these small hands. His hand moved around to fondle and cup my left breast. I felt him gently squeeze, my erect nipple grazing his palm. My boob completely filled his hand and then some. His touch felt great! I was just getting really revved up when I heard someone clear their throat. Two of the chaperones had found us. An Elderly man and a young woman had caught us making out. The man was standing there with his arms crossed and it was the woman that spoke first. “You two should be back inside, not out here. “ The tall man said “Lets go! Get back inside please”. I felt my face flush hotly in embarrassment and we both got up and scurried back inside giggling. It was obvious we were both extremely aroused; I saw that his erection was extremely apparent and I could cut glass with my nipples.

He went back to the table and I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I walked in and waited my turn to get a spot at the mirror. I fixed my smudged lipstick and repositioned the barrette holding my hair back. I looked down to see that my nipples were clearly visible thru my dress. The other girls at the mirror were fixing their hair and make up as well; the countertop was lined with open purses. The tall girl next to me asked. “That’s a pretty dress, where did you get it?” I told her Wet Seal in the mall and she responded “ I love that place! “ I asked her where she got hers and she told me Hot Topic, also at the mall. I complimented her hair and asked her how she got it into that kind of braid. She told me she did it herself and said “I could do it for you sometime, if you want. I’m Abby, by the way…” I told her my name and address agreeing that it sounded like fun. We walked out of the bathroom together setting up the “make over” for Saturday afternoon.

I made my way thru the crowd and back to the table and sat down. “Boo!” I said as I came up behind Shawn. He had gotten me another coke and a plate of cookies and we started eating. We made some more small talk but I could tell he was pre occupied with something. He finally leaned over and whispered in my ear “Do you want to go back to my house? My Mom and Dad are out tonight, they won’t be home until Midnight?” I nodded enthusiastically “Lets blow this Pop stand” I said. He looked at me quizzically, “Huh? Is that yes?” I responded “It’s something my Dad says, it means Hell Yeah!” I held his hand again as we walked out the door.

His house was a few blocks past Mary’s and as we walked by I noticed that her car was gone. We continued on to Shawn’s house, arriving in front of the big end unit a few minutes later. He opened the door with his key and I followed him inside. He asked me if I wanted a drink and this time I remembered to ask for a coke. He replied “My Dad has a nice fully stocked bar downstairs. I can make you a REAL drink if you want.” “Are you kidding me!? Lets go!” I said, dying for a real drink. The basement was a game room with a nice couch, a wall mounted Plasma TV and of course, the bar. I saw the bottle of Captain Morgan’s and asked him for a Captain and Coke. I had to show him how to make it. Here I was contributing to the delinquency of a minor. We sat down on the couch with our drinks and he put the TV on. After a few minutes he slid over really close to me and put his arm around me. I snuggled in, feeling warm and cozy. I think the Captain Morgan’s was helping with that! His hand moved slowly to the side of my breast and he left it there. He put his other hand on my chin and gently turned my face to his and looked me straight in the eyes. I started melting again. He leaned down and kissed me softly and moved his hand to fully cup my breast. I could the weight of it change as he held it in his hand and carressed it softly. I moved my hand up to his crotch and rubbed his hard on thru the khaki pants. He groaned and closed his eyes. We continued kissing and fondling for a few minutes, my crotch getting very wet and his penis felt like an iron rod. He pushed one of the spaghetti straps of my dress down off of my shoulder and pulled my dress top down. I felt the chill air on my nipple and it was puckered and fully erect. He pulled the other side down and had both of my breasts freed. He stared at them amazed cupping them and kneading them in his hands. I felt them touch as he pushed them together.His rough hands felt incredible on my breasts. He spent several minutes fondling my breasts until I unzipped his fly and unbuckled his belt. I reached in and pulled out his penis, he was pretty well hung for a kid. I estimated it was 8”. I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it slowly, he groaned again closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the couch. I continued the slow, rhythmic strokes and leaned over to take it in my mouth. He tensed up immediately as soon as I leaned over. He came in strong jets, his semen spraying in my face. The first pulse caught me on the cheek and hair, the second landed on my lips. I felt the warm spatter on my face, tasted the strong salty and slightly bitter semen on my lips and smelled that unmistakable bleachy aroma. It made me feel so feminine and powerful. I heard him moan and he opened his eyes and looked at me. I could feel his cum running down my chin and dripping on my boobs, already getting cooler. His eyes widened as he saw me licking the stuff off my lips. He apologized profusely; I just giggled and told him it was ok. He got up and got me a towel from the bar and I wiped his seed off of my face and chest. I was going to tell him I’d finish what I started another time, but I noticed he was still hard. I’d forgotten teenage guys could stay hard forever and cum several times. I was still topless , my dress top around my waist, and he was still staring at my breasts, so I straddled him on the couch and let my breasts dangle in front of his face. I felt his hard on throbbing against my vagina, only separated by a thin layer of nylon panty. I rubbed my crotch against his, feeling the warmth against me. I could feel my breasts hitting his face as I ground my pelvis against his. I was really revved again and I don’t think he could take it anymore either. He squirmed out from under me and scooped me up in his arms in one motion. He lifted me effortlessly like I was light as a feather. He set me back down gently on the carpeted floor, on my back. I arched my hips up and pulled my panties off awkwardly. He positioned himself over me, his hands on either side of my head supporting his weight. I felt his erection against my belly and it slid slowly down to my vaginal opening. I tensed up a bit nervously. I had never been a “virgin” as a chick before and it kind of scared me. I stopped him by putting a hand over my crotch. “Please, be easy. I’ve never done this before. Do you have a condom?” I asked nervously. “Me either, no I don’t” he replied looking worried. “I have one in my purse” I said, a bit embarrassed. I walked over to my purse and pulled one out, handing it to him. He opened it and struggled with getting it on. I helped him roll it on correctly and we laid back on the floor. He positioned himself over me again and I felt the head of his penis slowly enter me. It spread my outer lips, which was an odd feeling. You would think the stretching would hurt, but it didn’t. I was always amazed at how elastic pussy’s really were. He pinioned his hips and I felt the head pop in completely. Up to that point, I had felt no pain. That quickly changed as he thrust slowly deeper into me. I tensed up again and whimpered slightly, damn it burned! I felt a slight tearing sensation inside and it made me flinch again. The burning sensation slowly subsided and Shawn started pumping faster and faster. I felt my breasts move on my chest with each thrust, at one point they were touching my chin. I sensed the “female Orgasm” wave starting. It was markedly different than a male orgasm. As a guy, my orgasm built up quickly and was over just as quickly, the whole shebang lasting 10-15 seconds. As a chick I could feel “The Big O” building for at least a minute, sometimes more. The climax was not as intense, but lasted at least 20 seconds. I preferred the female Orgasm. I guess that’s one of the reasons I was “Addicted”. I dug my long nails into Shawn’s back and felt him shudder in climax a few seconds after mine. He collapsed on top of me completely spent, his full weight resting on me. It felt like he weighed 300 pounds. I felt him start to soften inside me. I felt a warm fluid running down my butt crack and panicked, thinking the condom had broken. It was not semen, but blood from my busted hymen. Shawn finally rolled off of me and I cleaned up the mess with the towel he had brought me. He lay there grinning like the village idiot as I got dressed. By the time I’d finished getting dressed it was almost midnight. He walked me to Mary’s door and kissed me goodnight. I had experience the “first time” for a teenage girl, I grinned as I entered the Apartment.


I woke up early the next morning thinking I had dreamt the entire thing. The burning sensation I felt in my crotch told me otherwise. Last night I had come home to an empty house and gone right to bed. I smelled coffee and heard someone stirring in the kitchen, so I got wandered out into the kitchen in the long Betty Boop T shirt and panties I had slept in to get a cup of Joe. “Hey Mare that smells g…” I said as I rounded the corner into the kitchen and saw Pervo Jim sitting at the table sipping coffee. “You must be the niece I’ve never heard of, Becca, right?” He said . I smiled and said that I was. I reached into the cabinet to get a cup and to my embarrassment I couldn’t reach it. Jim stood up to his full 9’2” height (hey, it seemed that way to me) and got me a cup. I thanked him and asked him where “Aunt Mary” was and he told me she was in the shower. We sat there in an awkward silence. He broke the ice by asking me how old I was while he stared at my boobs.I self conciously covered my chest with an arm and answered that I was sixteen and I saw his face redden. I guess he felt guilty for ogling me once he found out how old I was. Mary came out in a robe, her hair in a towel and kissed Jimbo. “Hiya Bec, how was your date?” I just nodded and said it was ok. I think he saw the girl talk coming and beat a hasty retreat. “Mary, I’m going to go gas up the car and check the tire pressure before our trip. I’ll be back in an hour or so.” With that, he split. As soon as he left Mary asked me “So, how was it? Was it everything you fantasized about?” She leaned forward her hands supporting her chin, elbows on the table intently listening to my reply. “Well, yes and no” I replied. “He basically came a few seconds after I touched him, but he was able to go again right away. I forgot how it was to be a teenage guy, all young dumb and full of cum.” “So he was able to “deflower” you?” she asked in a giggle. I just nodded and blushed. “Did it hurt? Did he have a big one?” she asked in one breath. “Yes it hurt but not as bad as I was expecting. And yes, he was big. I thought size didn’t matter, but it sure does. The stretching sensation was amazing.” I said, remembering how good he felt inside me. “Good, so you can cross the “Teenage first date/virgin” fantasy off your list. What’s next?” she asked. I thought for a minute “Besides the cheerleader getting banged by the quarterback, the topless dancer and a threesome as a chick thing? Let me think on it for awhile.” I told her with a grin. I arched my back, trying to work a kink out of it. Being a DD was a real strain on my back. They look great but at a price. “What’s the matter, Becca? Is your back bothering you?” she asked. “Yeah, these tits are heavy. I know…I know I wanted them. I think next time a C cup might be the way to go.” I said. She replied, smiling “I’m glad YOU finally see that. Guys always go for the girls with big boobs. I don’t know why. How did Shawn like your rack?” She said, talking to me like I really WAS a chick. “Well, he’s a teenage guy. He couldn’t take his eyes or his hands off of them”. “Men…go figure” she said a bit exasperated and rolled her eyes.” Don’t forget, Keri will be here with the little monster soon. We should really run out and pick up some kids videos and coloring books to keep him occupied.” She continued. “I was thinking of just locking him in a closet” I joked as we headed out to the store.

Mary and Jimbo left for their trip and Keri dropped off Brandon uneventfully. He wasn’t as bad a kid as I first thought. We watched Sponge Bob and colored all evening. I promised him if he was good, I’d take him to the playground and for a swim tomorrow. He fell asleep on the couch around 8pm and I tucked him in with his blanket. I was making popcorn and getting ready to watch the ballgame when the doorbell rang. I was too short to see thru the peephole, so I opened the door a crack with the security chain in place. It was Shawn! “Hi Becca, can I come in? I want to talk to you?” The first thing I thought was “Oh crap! I probably look like shit!”. I ran my fingers thru my hair,checked my breath quickly and adjusted my boobs in the top, wishing I had time to check my make up! I opened the door and shushed him, pointing to Brandon fast asleep on the couch. I motioned him into my bedroom and closed the door. “What’s up Shawn?” I asked him, looking up. “I wanted to tell you last night was awesome. I had a great time!” he said nervously. “I did too” I replied , smiling. He grinned ear to ear and asked me “Do you think we could hang out tonight?”. I told him I couldn’t leave, but he could hang out here if he was really quiet. He said he was cool with that, so we sat on my bed and started talking. He had me laughing soon and I found that I really liked talking to him. We even talked sports and he was surprised by my in depth knowledge of the 2000 NY Mets roster. I told him my dad was a huge Met fan. The whole time we were talking he seemed pre occupied, glancing down at my breasts quite often. I could tell he was trying not to stare. I liked him looking at them and I'll admit to sticking them out a bit.I even let my arms touch the sides and squeeze them together a bit. The topic gradually shifted to sex and it started revving me up again. He finally asked me in a low voice “Did you really mean you’d… uh… y’know…last night?” I was puzzled and asked him to elaborate. He turned bright red, pointed to his crotch and said “You know…put my thing in your mouth?” I couldn’t help it, I started giggling. “You mean blow you? Of course I meant it. Haven’t you ever gotten a blow job before?” I asked putting my hand on his thigh and squeezing gently. He replied a bit embarrassed “No, have you given one before?” “Yeah, I have…” I replied without elaborating. He stood up in front of me and just looked down at me. “You mean… you want me to right now?” I said a bit annoyed. This kid must think I’m some kind of slut, I guessed that I really was. “Would you?... please?” he almost begged. I could sense the urgency in his voice and I could SEE the urgency in his pants. “Oh…ok..” I sighed, getting up to lock the door. I was wearing Mary’s sister’s baby tee and I didn’t want to get spooge on it, so I pulled it off. I left the bra on. I walked over in front of him and kneeled down and looked up at him. I ran my long nails over it thru his jeans, I could feel it pulsing. I reached up and unbuttoned his fly, pulling his jeans down to his knees. His dick was standing at attention , right in my face. I tickled under his balls and he flinched. I wrapped my fingers around it at the base, I wasn’t able to touch my index finger and thumb together. I looked him in the eyes and cooed“ Your dick is gorgeous! So… big!” I always loved when Mary said that kind of stuff to me. I gave it a few soft slow stroke and rubbed it on my cheek. It felt like velvet covered iron! He was watching intently while I did this. He reached down and fumbled with my bra strap, finally managing to unhook it after a few failed attempts. I felt my breasts move as they tumbled out of the bra, the straps sliding down my arms. I quickly shrugged it off and continued. I licked slowly up his shaft and circled the head with my tongue, hearing his breath hiss between his teeth in pleasure. I flipped my hair out of the way and slowly took it in my mouth, hearing him groan loudly. I stopped with just the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head, teasing the skin underneath it. He reached down and put his hands on my head, entwining his fingers in my hair. He urged his penis deeper into my mouth, I took slow breaths thru my nose and fought the gag reflex. I felt his dick touch the back of my throat as he slowly pumped his hips, my breasts swaying with the rhythm of his thrusts. I felt his ball sack contract as he reached climax. He still had me by the hair, so there was no pulling it out. He shot his load deep into my mouth, the thick ropy semen going down my throat as I fought to swallow it. I felt his penis pulse in my mouth 4 times, each time I had to swallow another jet of his semen. His hands clenched in my hair, pulling it painfully as he came. He didn’t let go until his erection had subsided, I felt his penis soften and shrink in my mouth. I pulled it out of my mouth and stood back up. He just looked at me in awe, I think I sensed some guilt in his expression. “Oh my God…” he muttered. I put my bra and top back on as he pulled his pants back up. He stayed for a few minutes not knowing what to say, then looked at his cell phone. “Shit!” he said “I…uh…I really have to go.” He kissed me on the cheek for obvious reasons and left. For the first time as a chick I felt used and dirty. It was not a good feeling.

In the morning I took Brandon to the pool, we had fun playing in the kiddy end. He wasn’t a bad kid really, just a bit…energetic. As we were leaving Shawn walked in with a bunch of his buddies. He turned fire engine red as his friends pointed at me and punched him in the arm. I knew right away that he had told them what we had done. I was livid! If I was in my male form I would have broken every bone in his body. Brandon and I just left without saying a word to him. I fed him macaroni and cheese for lunch and Keri picked him up just after 1PM. She paid me $50 too, which I was not expecting! I spent the afternoon moping around the house, I was ready to be Rich again, but I still had 3 months left as “Kristin”.


Mary came back Sunday afternoon, and didn’t look too happy. We sat down at the kitchen table and talked about our weekends. I asked her about her stay at the bed and breakfast and she said she’d had a good time. When I asked her what was bothering her. She told me that Jimbo was acting strange. He wanted more “free time” and said he felt trapped. She said she’d overheard him talking to a friend about a bachelor party he was going to next weekend. It was at a local local topless joint. I knew the place well, but I wasn’t telling Mary that. I got her to admit to me that she was starting to have her doubts about this guy; she thought he was cheating on her. I tried to comfort her and told her I’d help her anyway that I could. She asked me what I wanted to do with my last few hours as “Becca”, I told her I was ready to be “Kristin” again. She asked me why and I told her about the whole “Shawn blow job” thing and what had happened at the pool. She didn’t bust my chops, she just said “looks like “Becca” has a reputation now. At least you only have 4 hours until you change back into “Kristin”. I told her I was just going to finish re reading “Jaws” until I changed back.

I was sitting outside on the deck reading when I felt the spell wearing off. The change back was always pretty fast, I had to be careful where I was when the spell wore off. I had learned that the hard way. I had actually started changing back in a mall ladies room, wearing a sundress and heels. I barely made it back to my car before I changed completely. I looked down at my body and watched my form change. I felt the weight on my chest lessen and my bra cups felt looser as my breasts shrank a cup size. My vision blurred as my eyes changed back from green to blue. I scratched my scalp as I felt the tickle of my straight shoulder length hair change back into Kristin’s mid back length curly blonde. The coolest thing was watching my feet seem to get farther away as I grew 4” back to Kristin’s 5’4”. I put the bookmarker into the book and went inside. I hated to stop reading; I was at the part where the shark had just turned Quint into an Hors D’ouvre. I was suddenly starving, the change back usually did that to me. I tapped on Mary’s door to see if she wanted to go out for a bite to eat and heard her crying softly inside. I opened the door a crack and asked her if she was alright. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and nodded wiping the tears from her eyes. I walked in and started giving her a shoulder massage, she felt really tense. She said “Welcome back Kristin” and put her hands on my hands while I massaged her neck. “Ok, what’s wrong? You know I’m a good listener.” I said softly. She sighed and nodded “I know… I just…don’t know what to do. I really have feeling for James, but he’s so secretive. He lies to me and I don’t know why. I think he’s seeing someone else on the side. I have to know before I invest any more time in this relationship”. I continued massaging her neck and shoulders carefully thinking out my response. “Well, you could just ask him” I said. “I did and he says that he isn’t…he just needs time to himself and I’m smothering him. I don’t want to bring it up anymore” she replied. I paused in thought again “Well, you either have to trust him… or take it to the next level” I said slyly. “What do you mean? “she asked, her curiosity peaked. “Think about it. You have this power to transform people. It’s the perfect disguise. You could “test” him, so to speak” I told her. “Let me think about it, ok?” she asked, closing her eyes and leaning her head back to enjoy the massage. “Sure Mare, take your time!” I responded. After she relaxed a bit, we went out to the local pizza place and grabbed a bite to eat before our shift started at 6 PM.

We got to the restaurant at 5:45 PM and I went into the dressing room to change. It was crowded for some reason and there were 6 girls on duty tonight, instead of the normal 4. I found out in the dressing room that it was 80’s night. That would explain the “Flock of Seagulls” song playing over the speakers when I walked in. Tonight was going to be my first night alone and with a full section of tables. I changed and managed to elbow my way to the mirror to put on my make up. I did my hair “full”, teasing it and using a half a can of hair spray to get the ‘80’s “big hair” look. That got a giggle out of Mary and I think it got me a few more dollars in tips, as well! The shift went pretty quickly, but I was exhausted when it was time to go. I had made nearly 200$ in tips, I handed $150 ceremoniously to Mary and pocketed the remaining $47. Two other Hooters girls Alexis and Michelle were going out clubbing and asked me if I wanted to go. I declined but told them I’d go next time. Mary and I walked out to the car together and I could tell she was deep in thought. Halfway home she blurted out “I got it!” which startled me nearly half to death. “Yeah? What do you got?” I asked her. “The bachelor party! You… my friend… are going to that party” she grinned evilly. I just looked at her quizzically. “You get to cross another fantasy off your list!” she told me. “He knows “Kristin” Mare; he’s not going to do anything in front of me!” I said, not sure exactly what she wanted from me. “No! YOU…girlfriend… are going to be part of the entertainment! “My jaw dropped as it sunk in. She wanted ME to be one of the strippers! “Mary, I don’t know how to be a stripper, I can’t…” I protested weakly. She just rolled her eyes. “Puh leeze! How hard can it be!? We’ll research it together! This should be interesting. I’m thinking tall, leggy redhead with a killer ass!” She said, looking me up and down. “I can’t wait to see you doing your moves on stage!” she said. “Wait a minute, how are you going to see me?” I asked. “Never you mind…” she replied grinning like the Cheshire cat.

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