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continuing saga of a man's addiction to his Ex's ability to transform him into any woman
Chapter 11

The next few days passed by fairly uneventfully. Mary was working a lot of hours during the day and I was working the 7PM to close, so I didn’t see much of her. By Wednesday night I had given her $300 dollars in tip money. She hadn’t mentioned the stripper thing in a few days and I thought she had forgotten about it. I was wrong! My shift was just starting on Wednesday night and she came into the locker room, sat down next to me and handed me a business card. It proclaimed “Lace…A gentleman’s club” on it in bold letters, there was a name and phone number on the bottom. Mary smiled and said “You have an audition tomorrow at 6PM, make sure you get some sleep tonight, Jenna.” She said smiling happily. “We have a lot to do!” She laughed and went home for the night. I wondered what tomorrow would bring my whole shift, the only thing I knew was that my “Stripper” name was going to be Jenna.

I got home at around Midnight, took a quick shower and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I was woken up by Mary shaking me gently, it was still dark out. “Rise and shine sleepy head! We’ve got a lot of things to do and not much time!” She was much too chipper in the morning for me! I got up and groggily slipped on a robe and followed her out into the kitchen and made a cup of coffee. We sat down at the table and started discussing today’s agenda. “Ok, here’s the plan” she said excitedly. “First we make you “Jenna”… your favorite part, I know… then we get you some dancer outfits, after that we come home and you practice. Finish your coffee and let’s get started”. I drained the last bit of coffee from my mug and she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. She turned me to face a large full length mirror she had on the back of her door. “You ready Chicky?” she asked. I nodded and told her I was. “Lose the robe” she told me. I complied, letting it slip to the floor. I stood there in my panties staring at myself in the mirror. Mary stood behind me lost in thought. After a moments pondering she pointed at my feet with her index finger and then slowly raised her hand up to about 6” over my head and blurted out “ You should be tall...5’10” “ . I felt the tingling buzz and sensed the floor getting farther away. For the first time Mary seemed to get smaller. When the sensation stopped I was a few inches taller than her. Being taller again felt great, I had to look down slightly now when I talked to her. “How’s the weather up there, stretch?” she asked with a giggle. “Hmm”… she said, looking at me closely. “Hair” she said and made a swirling motion in the air with her hand. I saw my mid back length loosely curly blonde hair slowly change color. The length stayed the same but the curls became tighter, almost loose perm curly. The color change spread slowly from root to tip stopping at a rich shimmering copper auburn color. She had made me a redhead! “Oops, gotta make the carpets match the drapes!” she laughed. I peeked into the waistband of my panties and saw an inch wide neatly trimmed strip of red pubic hair. “Ok, now your face” she intoned and laid her hands on my cheeks. I saw my face move and reshape like play-doh. The cheek bones became higher and more pronounced, my face becoming more heart shaped. My skin tone became lighter and creamier. She traced my lip line with her finger and my lips became rounder, more full and pouty. She pointed at me and purred softly “36C…23…36”. As “Kristin” I was model thin but with big boobs so I immediately felt my waist squeeze in and my hips widen slightly as my body shape became curvier. I saw my breasts start to change shape, becoming slightly smaller and perkier. My nipples moved as well, going from “Staring straight ahead” to slightly upturned “High Beams”, changing color from brown to light pinkish in hue. Mary just looked at me for a moment and then said “You need something else” she ran a finger over my belly button and I felt a twinge as she pierced my navel. She walked behind me and I felt her tracing an elaborate outline on my lower back and tailbone with her finger. “All done” she said and I took stock of my new body. The young woman who stared back at me was amazing. I appeared to be in my mid twenties and looked like a cross between Nicole Kidman and Jessica Rabbit. As Becca I had been “Girl next door” pretty, as “Kristin” I was swimsuit model beautiful but as “Jenna” I exuded a raw animal sexuality with a body built for sin to boot, my eyes said "come fuck the shit out of me!". I had become the woman that made men think “She’d fuck my brains out” or “I’ll bet she’s great in the sack!” I turned to look at my butt in the mirror and saw that she had given me a “tramp stamp” tattoo in an ornate butterfly pattern, the tail of the butterfly ended just north of my tailbone. It fit perfectly on my now curvier, perfectly heart shaped ass. “Hey, I do great work. She exclaimed proudly. “Get dressed and let’s get going”.

(How I imagine "Jenna" )


Since I was closer to Mary’s size as Jenna, I was able to borrow an outfit from her. I put on the jeans shorts, black tank top and slipped into a pair of sandals. We took her car and were at the Willowbrook Mall 5 minutes after the place opened. Mary took me in tow and made a beeline for Frederick’s of Hollywood. We flipped thru the racks and found several outfits that would work. One of them was the quintessential French maid’s outfit including the garters, lace kerchief, fishnet stockings and gloves. We also bought a lace strapless push up bra and matching thong at Fredericks as well as a few pairs of “everyday” panties. She steered me into Macy’s next where I bought a pair of black 5” stiletto heels and a pair of platform shoes. Apparently these were popular with dancers. We didn’t buy much else, since I’d only be Jenna for 3 days.

We made it back to Mary’s a little before noon and got to work. She fired up her laptop and did some research. We stumbled across a great website that gave advice to wannabe dancers. I read the site from top to bottom and found some really great info. The website had some good common sense advice, recommending I tip the staff well, never count my money in front of the staff or other dancers, and to always get an escort to my car when I leave. There were a few nuggets of info on details I never would have thought of as well. I found out that an audition should be done in sexy street attire and underwear, that there was a “Fee” to use the clubs stage and that I should not wear a ton of perfume since some guys would NOT want to bring that smell home to their wives. After 2 hours of research and reading Mary and I practiced some “moves” for my audition. Mary showed me how to flirt with just my eyes and how to “use” my body while dancing. She thought I was doing pretty well, but I had my doubts. I thought I could use at least another day’s practice but it was getting late and I needed to get to that audition.

Mary loaned me a black stretch mini skirt and halter top to wear to the audition. The skirt stopped 6” above the knee and just barely covered my ass cheeks. I had to keep smoothing it out and pulling it down. The halter top was very lowcut and stopped an inch below the bottom of my boobs, leaving my toned and taut belly exposed.I wore the lace strapless push up bra and matching thong underneath the outfit.I ran a pick thru my hair and fluffed it up. I decided to do my make-up heavy on the eyes and lips. I went with a shiny red lipstick with a darker red lip liner that really made my lips “pop”. I did my eyes with a pale green and pink eyeshadow and black eyeliner and mascara. I checked my look in the mirror, yup… I had achieved the look I was going for. I walked out into the living room practicing my “strut” and heard Mary giggling. “OH my GOD! Look at you. You look like you are heading to a street corner!” she said, barely able to contain herself. She produced a bag and handed it to me. “I got you a present, Jenna” she cooed. I opened it and saw a jewelry box containing a tiny gold chain about an inch long with a small gold ball and diamond hanging from it. She took it from me and said “Let me show you how to put it in” and proceeded to insert it in my pierced belly button. It looked incredibly sexy. "...and one more thing!" She took my hands in hers and I felt my fingertips tingle. I looked down to see my nails grow longer, stopping nearly three quarters of an inch past my fingertips. The color changed to candy apple red. “You’d better get out of here before I jump your bones and you’re late for your audition. Knock ‘em dead Jenna! Remember you are a sexy 24 year old woman. Act that way! Be confident. I told the manager down at Lace that your name is Jenna Leigh Pace and you’re from Atlanta Georgia, a true southern belle!” she laughed. “Oh wait…I almost forgot!” She touched my throat and I felt a slight twinge in my vocal cords. “What did you d….” My voice trailed off as I heard my new voice. It was huskier and slightly smoky and had a southern accent that seemed to come naturally. I smiled seductively and said in my sexy southern drawl "Bye Mare, see you later" but it came out as " Bah Mare, see y'all latuh". I now spoke in a southern slang as well. I knew she was watching me walk away so I did my "strut", rolling my hips and taking well measured strides in the stilletto heels, placing one foot in line with the other.

I pulled into "Laces" parking lot 15 minutes early. The place was deserted, only 3 cars besides mine were in the lot. I parked close to the front exit, checked my make up in the rearview mirror, grabbed my purse and headed inside. I pushed the glass entrance door open and was met by a fireplug of a man. He was about 5'8" , 220 pounds of bald solid muscle. I knew immediatly he was the bouncer/doorman. He asked if he could help me and I told him I was here for an audition. He guided me inside, his hand resting on my elbow. He told me to wait here and promptly disappeared, I presumed to get the owner. I looked around the room curiously. The stage was at the furthest end from the entrance and consisted of a large T shaped platform with a "stripper pole" in the middle. The stage was surrounded by a raised table area where the customers sat. There was a DJ booth at the far end with a black curtain next to it. I assumed that the dressing room was behind the curtain. I heard a door open and a very large elegantly dressed black man entered the room. He approached me, smiling. "You must be Miss Pace. My name is Randall" he said and extended his hand. I took it and shook hands loosely as girls do. I was surprised when he leaned down and kissed my hand. No one had ever done that to me before, it made me feel very feminine. I giggled softly and replied " I am, suh. Very nice to meet you. Ma friends call me Jenna". He looked me over quickly, paused on my pierced bellybutton and then on my cleavage and asked "So Jenna, Have you ever danced before?" I replied "No, ah'm new to this and ah have a case of butterflies!" . "You'll do fine, don't be nervous. Are you ready to dance for me? " I nodded and he took me by the hand and helped me up onto the stage, my skirt riding up severely! "Give your song selection to the DJ and come on out when you are ready." I meant to say "thanks" but it came out as "thank you, sugah". I walked over to the DJ's booth and stuck my head in the door. He introduced himself as "Pete" and I handed him a ten dollar bill with a CD. "Can you play Track one please, darlin'?" I cooed. He told me to let him know when I was ready.I felt his eyes glued to my ass as I walked behind the curtain to undress.

Behind the curtain was pretty seedy looking. A long narrow hallway that hadn't seen a paint brush in ten years led to a tiny 12' x 12' dressing room with a few lighted vanities with more than a few light bulbs missing. I pulled off my halter top and stepped out of the skirt, rolling them up and putting them in my purse. I checked my hair and make up again, adjusted the girls in the bra and walked back to the curtain. I peeked out and gave the DJ the "ok" sign and I heard him cueing up the music. The opening notes to "Donthca" by the pussycat dolls started and I heard him say over the PA system. "Dancing for the first time, let me introduce ... the sexy southern belle... all the way from Hotlanta ...JENNA! " I took that as my cue and came thru the curtain. I moved across the dancefloor, strutting in time to the heavy beat. I saw Randall sitting at the far end of the T shaped stage and danced over in front of him. He was watching me intently while he talked on the phone. I positioned myself in front of him my eyes locked on his, flirting as Mary had taught me. I raised my arms above my head and danced to the beat, humping the air suggestively. I ran my hands down my body slowly starting with my cheeks, down the sides of my breasts, pausing to cup them seductively. I traced my cleavage with one long nail my eyes fixed on him the whole time. I followed the contour of my body with my hands, stopping on my waist to accentuate how tiny it was, then continued down my hips and legs. I bent at the waist and ran my hands down my calves and stopped with my hands grasping my ankles. I kept my gaze on him all the while. I ran my hands back up, running my spread nails over my barely covered crotch, across my belly and fingered the belly ring lightly. By this point the song was half over and he had put away his cell phone. I started mouthing the word "don't ya wish your girfriend was a FREAK like me" as I reached behind my back and unhooked the bra. I squeezed my arms to my sides to hold it in place while I put my hands over the cups, fondling my breasts thru the material as I did. I bent at the waist again and let the bra drop to the floor by pulling my hands away. I felt the weight of my 36C's dangle and swing. I stood back up and turned around to face away, running a hand over my ass and shaking it slightly. I kneeled down as gracefully as possible and walked on my hands and knees to face him. I leaned in close to him and let my lips gently graze his ear, my breath blowing into his ear lightly. I let my hair run over his neck and shoulder as I did this. I leaned up a bit and put my breasts about an inch from his face and moved my torso a bit to make them jiggle. I felt one lightly graze his cheek. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked him deep in the eyes as the song ended. He cleared his throat and said "Nice Job, Jenna. You can use my stage. I charge a fee of 150$ up front. Just call the main number the day before to book it." His cell phone rang and he excused himself to answer it and I headed backstage to get dressed, the DJ clapping softly as I walked by. I tipped the Bouncer 10$ as I left and he walked me to my car. I drove off feeling conflicted... dirty but sexy.

Chapter 12

Mary was waiting for me when I walked in the door. I hadn't even sent my purse down before she assaulted me with questions. "Did you get the job?" she asked. I nodded and told her I did. She squealed and smiled, hugging me. " I knew we could do it! When do you start?" she asked. I told her I was starting tomorrow night and she grinned ear to ear. "We have to celibrate! C'mon, lets get dressed. You and I will have a ladies night out." she said as she took me by the arm and pulled me into her bedroom. She opened up her closet door and started flipping thru the clothes. " Where we going, Mare?" I asked inquisitively. "We're going dancing. We can have some fun and you can perfect your moves. I was thinking we'd go to Club Rubicon." I looked at her a bit surprised, as that was the hottest dance club in the area and was a bit of a "meat market". "How are we going to get in?" I asked. "That place always has a line around the block." Mary just grinned and said "Easy, you're going to flirt and wiggle that fine ass. We'll get in! Help me pick out a dress. You should be ok in what you have on now. I'll do your hair and make up, ok? " I nodded and helped her pick, selecting her little red dress. It was my favorite for several reasons. Number one, she looked great in it and two it was the first dress I'd worn when she had first started "changing me". It was a short scoop necked dress with a black belt that really accentuated Mary's curves. I watched her get dressed as I cleaned the "Ho" make up off my face so she could re do it. She asked me some questions as she got dressed, the questions were designed to get us primed. "So Rich, how did it feel flaunting that sexy body in front of a man?" she purred. "I was nervous at first, but once I got out there I kind of got into the groove." I said, wiping the bright red lipstick off. "Did you like getting ogled? What did he focus on?" she asked. "He seemed to like my ass, but he really squirmed when I put my boobs in his face. He seemed to like my belly button ring as well." I said in my sexy southern belle accent. "I'll bet he wanted to fuck your brains out, Rich. Oh...I'm sorry...you're gorgeous Jenna now" she said giggling. I have to admit, she was really turning me on, I felt really sexy and feminine. She came into the bathroom next to me and started doing her make up , bent over at the waist. She had me so revved up ,I stood behind her and cupped her boobs like I used to do as a guy. Her 38C's filling my hands completely. I felt her nipples stiffen under my palms immediatly. I leaned over and whispered in her ear " I wish I had my dick now, I'd fuck the shit outta you! " I grabbed her by the hips and humped her from behind. Mary smiled and shook her head. "Rich, you know I'd give you a dick if I could, but the spell is for 3 months. I can only alter your female form until the spell runs it's course. You are a chick , in one shape or another until then. SO...no male parts for you, Missy! " I nodded solemnly and replied "I know, Mare. Can you do me now? My make up, I mean. " 30 minutes later we were walking out the door looking great! Mary had done my hair long with the sides pulled back and went a bit more conservatively with the make up. She had also loaned me her big gold hoop earrings. I loved the way they looked and felt! Mary was wearing the red dress and black heels and her hair was back in an "UP do", I wanted her BAD!

We were taking her car, so I held down my mini skirt and carefully stepped up into the cab of her big F-150. I thought it was sexy as hell, a woman as hot as her driving a big pick up truck. She teased me on the way. "I hope you won't have to blow the doorman to let us in, Jenna. Maybe you can promise him a free lap dance!" She almost drove off the road in a fit of laughter. I must admit, it WAS kind of funny. We drove past the club and of course, the line was halfway down the block. I estimated at least 50 people waiting to get in. Mary parked down the street and I took my seatbelt off to get out. She leaned over and looked me straight in the eyes and said "You ready to work that Magic?" I asked her what she meant and she just grinned. "You know what I mean. I want you to lay it on heavy with this guy, I really want to get inside." I nodded and checked my hair and make up in the visor mirror, reached into my bra cups and fixed my cleavage and sighed. "I'm ready" I said, tugging my halter top down a bit to expose more flesh as I climbed out of the truck. "Work it , girlfriend!" she said as we walked to the front door. I walked with a graceful sway and a confident purpose...like I owned the place. We walked right past the line of people, drawing some pretty evil stares. I sashayed past the doorman up to the front door. The doorman a huge guy that reminded me of Hugo Hurley from "Lost" put his arm across the door, blocking our entry.

" Ladies, can't you see there's a line to get in? " he rumbled. I put on the ditzy southern chick routine, flipping my hair. " Oh my! All these people are waiting to get inside? " I purred, putting my hand on his arm and batting my lashes. I felt like Ginger Grant trying to seduce something out of the skipper on "Gilligan's Island". " It's just me and mah friend here. We're from Atlanta. Can't you let us in? " I said, letting my breast graze his arm. He looked me straight in the eye and said "I'm sorry Miss, I can't do that." I put on my best pout and said " I just came up here to start mah new job. I'm dancing at Lace tomorrow night. Are ya sure you can't let us in? " I leaned into his ear and whispered huskily. "I'll make it worth your while..." He looked at me, then Mare, then said softly "What did you have in mind?". "Well, what do you want, Sugah?" I cooed, running a long nail over his nipple. He scratched his chin thoughtfully and said "Come inside and lets talk.." and he held the door open for us. I smiled at Mary and whispered "piece of cake" in her ear. She rolled her eyes at me. "Hugo" motioned us to follow him and we walked into a vacant coat room where he closed and locked the doors. "Ok ladies, let's talk. How bad do you want to get in?" he said, blocking the door and crossing his arms over his massive chest. Mary shot me a look like "Look what you got us into!". I knew I had to take point on this one, so I pressed against him and whispered in his ear. "Tell me what you want, sweety.". He pulled me closer and placed his meaty hands on my ass and cupping it tightly. "I want you..." he rumbled back. I whispered in his ear "You got it honey...anything. All I want you to do is ask my friend to show you her boobs." I nibbled his ear for effect. I wasn't letting Mary get off Scot free! He nodded and turned his attention to Mare. " You want to get in with your friend? " he asked. She seemed to want to just evaporate, she nodded nervously. "He said softly "Then let me see those titties!" Mary's eyes widened as she unzipped the dress and unclasped her bra , exposing herself to him. She turned bright red as he looked at her. She was squirming uncomfortably and I was the one grinning this time. After I felt he had ogled her long enough I turned his attention by squeezing his cock thru his pants. I saw Mare re clasping her bra out of the corner of my eye. "Hugo" didn't waste any time. His hand moved under my skirt quickly and started rubbing my clit thru the panties. I felt myself start to moisten down below, even though I was not attracted to him. After a few moments of fondling he forcefully turned me around , reached under my skirt and pulled my thong aside. I was facing Mary, leaning over a small counter and he was behind me. I heard him unzip his fly and a second later he was inside me, hands reaching around and cupping my breasts roughly through my top. I pushed my ass back against him tightly and sighed softly. Mary had a front row seat to me getting screwed from behind. She had never seen me getting laid before. I looked her in the eye as he started pounding me harder. I could tell she was enjoying this by the look on her face. I soon noticed that she had a hand under her dress! I guess she really was enjoying this! "Hugo" was now getting close, I could tell by his breathing and his thrusts were getting faster and deeper. His hands were squeezing my boobs tightly and I have to admit...I liked it. After a minute I heard him groan loudly and felt his penis spasm inside me. I added a few soft moans and a yelp for effect as he came inside me. He leaned against me and I felt his member soften a bit before he pulled it out. He put it away without even cleaning up and said "Thank you Ladies! Enjoy your evening!" as he walked out. I fixed my thong and smoothed out my skirt and noticed Mary was still staring at me. "What?" I asked her as I picked up my purse. "That was SO hot! You are SUCH a little slut Jenna! she answered huskily. I teased her back "Yeah, I noticed he loved your "titties". I saw her face redden as I giggled. We walked out and I hit the ladies room right away to clean up.

We walked out into the club, the place was PACKED and the music was pounding! She took me by the hand and dragged me out onto the dance floor and we started dancing together. I was having a great time! This body seemed to have a sinewy grace, it was like "muscle memory" that an athlete might have. It seemed that I instinctively knew how to "move". We danced straight thru 3 songs and decided to get a drink. We sat at the bar and I ordered us a round of drinks. I sat there daintily sipping at my strawberry daquiri my legs crossed awkwardly on the stool. Mary looked at me and laughed. I asked her what was so funny. "You are!" she replied. " You'd never drink that as a guy. You drink "manly" drinks! Beer...scotch on the rocks. But as a chick you drink the fruity stuff. Look at you ... you're such a girly girl now! Sitting there, legs crossed in a mini skirt sipping a Daquiri." she said over the loud music. "Yeah, I know...if the guys at work could see me now" I said, blushing. "If the guys at work could see you now...they'd ask you to dance! " she said with a small giggle. Just as she finished that remark, two fine gentleman approached and asked us to dance. We obliged.

We danced almost all night. As soon as we sat down, someone else would ask us. I was getting exhausted. By midnight I had given out my "number" 10 times... it was a fake of course. Now I understood why chicks did that. It was so much easier that way. We sat down at a booth and Mary slid in next to me and stuck her hand up my skirt under the table. I could feel her tracing the outline of my pussy with her finger. "My God, Rich... the way that guy was fucking you drove me crazy. I never saw you have sex with a man. It drove me crazy! I'd love to watch you give head! Would you like to blow a guy while I watched, Jenna?" she asked huskily. Mare was getting her "freak on" and I had learned to take full advantage of the situation when she did. "Sure, Mare, but only if you masterbate while you watch.Who did you have in mind and where?" I purred as I scanned the bar. It was a lot less crowded than when we had first arrived. She pointed in the direction of a guy that I had danced with a few songs ago. "Him...in the mens room." she said softly, I could see the erect nipples thru her dress. "Ok, meet me by the door to the men's room" I said, standing and smoothing out my skirt. I sauntered over to the bar where he was sitting on a stool and stood behind him and off to the side a bit. I leaned in and whispered in his ear, my breast squishing against his back. "I don't normally do this, but my friend and I think you are ...so sexy. I was wondering if you'd meet us in the mens room." I thought he was going to choke on the peanuts he was snacking on. He turned and looked me straight in the eye and said "What did you have in mind?" I felt myself blush and I stammered "Meet us in the bathroom, you won't regret it!" I turned and walked down the hall, meeting Mary in front of the restrooms. "Is anyone in there? " I asked. She shook her head and said "I don't think so. Is he coming?" "I think so." I whispered back as he rounded the corner. He entered the mens room and we followed him in after a minute. I locked the door behind us. He started to speak and I shushed him by putting a finger on his mouth. "My friend want's to watch me give you a blow job...if that's all right." I asked in my southern drawl. His eyes widened and he nodded. I walked over to Mary and reached under her dress and pulled her panties down, helping her step out of them. My face was so close to her snatch that I could smell it's musky aroma. I took her hand and placed it under her skirt, manipulating her finger to start massaging her clit. She hissed in pleasure. I moved him closer to her so that she could see every detail and kneeled in front of him. I slowly moved my hair out of my face and started on him. I was looking right in Mary's eyes as I did this. I fondled him thru his jeans to get him erect, but he was already there! I unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, pulling his pants and boxers down around his ankles. I cupped his balls with my hand and tickled them with my nails, letting them linger on them. I wrapped my hand around his penis and started stroking it slowly. He closed his eyes and whimpered a bit. I looked over at Mary and saw she was slowly massaging herself, one hand on her breast...the other on her clit. She was watching me intently. I slowly ran one hand up beneath his shaft and tickled under the tip with my nails. I rubbed it on my cheek momentarily and than slowly took it deep in my mouth in one smooth motion. I started "bobbin' on the knob" slowly and deeply, my toungue swirling around it. I could feel it entering my throat, so I fought the gag reflex by taking slow breaths thru my nose. I started moving it faster and faster until I felt his scrotum tighten. I knew he was going to cum soon and I got an idea. I tasted the pre cum and pulled it out of my mouth. I stroked and aimed it at Mary just as the first spasm hit him. I saw his seed arc in the air, landing with a wet splat on her forearm. The second spasm caught her on the inner thigh. I looked up at her to see her in the thoes of orgasm, a low moan escaping her mouth. I came over and slowly licked her arm and leg clean while they both watched. We were just finishing when someone knocked on the door. Mr Blow job answered. "I'll be right out" as he fumbled with his pants. You should have seen the look on the young guy waiting to use the bathrooms face as we all filed out of the small bathroom together.

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