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continuing saga of a man's addiction to his Ex's ability to transform him into any woman
Addicted! 9

Chapter 14

I woke up with the hangover from hell. My head pounded and my hair was in my mouth. I reached up and pulled it out with one hand and massaged my temples with the other. I looked over at the alarm clock and saw that it was 11:47. Jesus, I had really tied one on last night. I didn't remember much about what had happened , but what I DID remember I wanted to forget. I recalled getting nailed from behind by the Hugo Hurley look-a-like from "Lost" to get into the club and Mary had watched me blow a guy that I knew for 15 minutes in the men's restroom. My God, she was right. I am a little slut! I sat up in bed and noticed I was still wearing the micro mini and halter top I had been wearing last night, the former was hiked up over my hips. I stood up and straightened my skirt, feeling the room spin a bit. I steadied myself on the dresser for a moment until the dizziness subsided. I needed some Advil, a quart of Gatorade and a shower... in that order. I staggered out into the bathroom and grabbed three Advil, fumbling with my long nails to get them out of the blister pack. I had learned that long nails looked sexy as hell, but took some getting used to. I had poked myself in the eye with them, bent one backwards opening a can of soda and nearly impaled myself wiping after using the restroom.I swayed into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of G2 out of the fridge and washed down the Advil. I drank greedily, the sticky liquid dribbling down my chin and dripping into my push up bra enhanced cleavage. I didn't even care, I kept drinking until the bottle was empty.

I made my way into the bathroom and started running the water for a shower and looked at myself in the mirror while I waited for it to warm up. My eye make up was smudged and smeared and my hair was a mess. My boobs were half out of the push up bra, the left nipple half exposed. I shook my head and vowed that I'd never let that happen again, knowing full well that I would. I stripped off my clothes , letting them fall into a pile on the floor and stepped into the shower. I put my head under the water and let it get so hot I could barely stand it. After a few minutes I felt the fog start to clear from my head and I started washing up. I loved showering as a chick, it was almost an erotic experience. The water felt wonderful, coursing down over my breasts. My wet hair felt incredibly heavy. I remembered that I had that Bachelor Party to dance at tonight so I spent extra time shaving my legs and armpits. Next I decided to shave my pussy. It still felt weird to me to think "MY pussy". I was a guy...guys don't have pussy's. I grinned and said aloud to no one "this one does". I finished shaving and shut off the water, stepped out and dried off.

I massaged some body lotion over every inch of my body. I wanted to be soft and silky for the strip club tonight. Part of me couldn't believe I was doing that... Mare was right again. I had become such a "girly-girl". I wrapped a towel around myself and went into the bedroom to get dressed. I only had the dance outfits for this body, so I threw on the black spandex bike shorts and white tank top I had gone jogging in as Kristin nearly a week before. By then I had smelled coffee and heard noises in the kitchen. I walked out there with my hair wrapped in a towel to get me some.Mary had made coffee and was sitting at the table looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. "Good morning you little slut!" She chirped cheerfully. I just grunted and sat down at the table with her. We started talking about last night. " That was so HOT last night, Rich! Watching you get fucked was amazing. You should have seen the look on your face! You on your knees giving that guy head was incredible, too! " she cooed. I rolled my eyes and tried to change the subject, but she was having none of that. "...and flashing that cop was priceless!" she continued. I looked at her incredulously.. "What are you talking about? I did no such thing!" She giggled and replied "You most certainly did. You don't remember? We were walking out of the club at closing time and this cop was walking into the diner across the street. You yelled "Hey Officer, investigate these!" and lifted up your top! I thought you were going to get arrested, but he just got your address and phone number. Don't be suprised if you get a visit from a certain young Wayne Police officer!" She wasn't kidding. I now vaguely remembered talking to a muscle bound cop. "Great!" I uttered as I finished my coffee. Mary rose and put her cup in the sink. "Well... I have a million errands to run. I'd better get going. See you later!" She said as she walked to the door. When I asked her what errands she was running she answered cryptically "Don't worry about it...you'll see!" I spent the rest of the day watching TV and napping. I was expecting Mary to show up before I had to get ready to go to "work" at the strip club but she never came back home. At 6PM I made a quick sandwich and started getting ready. I didn't want to do my make up in that tiny, nasty dressing room so I did it here. I went bright red and glossy with the lipstick and and dark green and grey with my eyeshadow. I put the eyeliner and mascara on heavily to make my eyes really stand out. I pulled my hair back in a scrunchy , deciding I could do my hair at the club. I put on the large gold hoop earrings and packed the small gym bag with my dance outfits and heels, slipped on my sneakers and headed out the door.

I arrived at "Lace" at 7:30 a full 30 minutes before my stage time. I carried the bag back into the dressing room thru the employees entrance, hearing the rhytmic thumping of the music thru the thin walls. There were 2 other girls in the small room doing their hair. One was a tiny little bleach blonde with ridiculously large fake boobs. The other was a brunette in her late thirties that looked like she had led a tough life. Neither one even acknowledged my presense. I carefully pulled off the tank top managing to avoid smearing my make up. I decided to go with the french maid outfit for my debut dance. I put on the lacy corset and stepped into the matching black lace thong. I could see the outline of my pussy thru the nearly see thru lace. I pulled on the fishnet stockings and adjusted the garters, stepping into the platform stilletto heels. The finishing touch was the white frilly cap which I fixed into my hair with bobby pins. I fluffed out my hair and checked myself in the mirror. I was my own wet dream! I grabbed my feather duster and headed out to the backstage area to talk to the DJ. I approached the booth and smiled warmly at the DJ. He semed to remember me from my audition. I smiled back and introduced myself he smiled back and told me his name was "Rick". I gave him my music list and he checked them off. I peaked out thru the curtain and saw one girl on stage and 5 girls circulating the floor soliciting lap dances. Rick fit me into the line up telling me there were 2 more dancers ahead of me, Summer and Stormy. We made small talk while I waited my turn. He was really a nice guy... he didn't stare at me like a piece of meat and looked directly in my eyes as we talked. He made me feel really comfortable. We ran down the routine. I'd do one dance fully clothed and then a second shedding my top. After that I'd "mingle" with the patrons. As we were talking a large loud group came into the club. It was obviously the bachelor party. I spotted "Jimbo" leading the pack.

Before I knew it "Stormy", a cute little asian girl, was wrapping up and I heard my song " Do you think I'm sexy?" by Rod Stewart start and Rick announced me onto stage "Ladies and gentleman, All the way from Atlanta, lets hear it for our smokin' southern redhead.... Jenna!" I took a deep breath and burst out onto stage enthusiastically. I danced in the middle of the stage looking around at the crowd lining the dance stage. Everyone was staring at me , clapping and hooting. I heard some catcalls and saw some guys nudging their buddies and pointing at me. It was incredibly embarassing, but I felt adrenaline start to course thu my veins. I made my way, seductively to the closest guy holding up a dollar bill. I made direct eye contact with him and leaned over letting him tuck the bill in my garter , I mouthed the words "Thank you" and continued down the line of patrons. I was able to make my way around the entire stage stopping at each customer when I heard the music change and my song "Dontcha" came on. I reached back and slowly undid the corset top and let it drop sexily. It was odd watching every man's focus go from my face to my tits as I did this. I danced in center stage for awhile , moving rythmically to the beat and slowly running my hands over my body. The crowd was hooting and whistling like crazy! I made my way over to the patrons that were waving money. I saw Jimbo sidle up to the stage with a five in his teeth. I leaned over letting my boobs hang down. I guided his head between my breasts and used my hands to squeeze my cleavage tight around his face to grab the bill. I could feel the rough stubble on the soft skin of my breasts. He reached up to grab them and I stopped him by grabbing his wrists. I shook my head and whispered in his ear "Ya'll can look honey, but don't touch!" I winked at him and continued down the line. I saw the bouncer come over and talk to him briefly. It was good to know they were looking out for us! I noticed an incredibly handsome guy sitting at the end of the stage, not too far from Jimbo McGrabby. I couldn't put my finger on it but he reminded me of someone. The first thing I noticed was his 1000 watt smile and his warm brown eyes. He was immaculately dressed in a crisp grey suit. I felt myself moisten just looking at him! He reached into his wallet and held up a $20 bill. I slowly made my way over to him. I gyrated in front of him slowly, turning away from him and putting my ass inches from his face. I grabbed my ankles and pulled myself down, completely bent in half. I looked up at him and smiled. I wiggled my butt a bit and pulled open the side of my thong for him to tuck the bill in. He did and I stood back up , turned to face him. I flipped my long curly auburn hair over his shoulder and leaned into his ear, nibbling it for a second. "Thank you, sugah" I whispered in my syrupy drawl. At that point the song ended and I gathered up my discarded corset and went back stage. I remembered that I shouldn't count my tips in front of the staff, so I ducked into the ladies room and counted quickly. 61$ for 2 dances. I considered a career change from Hooters waitress to Exotic dancer for "Kristin"!

I put the corset back on fixed my hair and make up and went out to the club floor. I scanned the crowd looking for Mary, but she was nowhere in sight. I figured I should gravitate towards the bachelor party so that I could keep an eye on "James" for Mary. I saw several other girls asking guys if they wanted lap dances, so I assumed I was expected to do the same. I was just getting ready to start asking random guys when a short blonde surfer dude type grabbed me by the hand. "You have to come dance for my friend! He's getting married next week! His name is Kevin! " I let the guy drag me over to the crowded corner where I found his friend sitting in a chair. He had a ball and chain tied to his ankle. I sauntered over to him and sat on his lap, my arm around his shoulder and a hand on his chest.. "You must be Kevin." I purred. I could feel his erection underneath me. " Oooo, I can tell you're happy to see me!" I cooed as I squirmed on his crotch, causing his friends to roar with approval.I leaned in to his ear and whispered softly into it. "Can I dance for you , Sugah?" He just nodded. I stood up and started his lap dance. I put his hand on the zipper to the corset and held my hair out of the way and let him unzip me. I felt my boobs settle and bounce free from the restrictive garment as it fell to the floor. I proceeded to writhe, rubbing my body against his. I leaned over and let my breasts graze his chest and dragged them down his body as I paused to gently bite his nipple thru the material of his golf shirt. He was wearing khaki pants and I could see the outline of his hard-on thru them. I put my face very close and breathed on it heavily and then playfully nuzzled the tip thru his pants. I then turned and sat on his lap facing the same direction as he was. I felt his erection directly on my vagina , only a thin layer of lace covering it. I pressed my boobs against his chest, my cleavage grazing his chin. I rocked slowly back and forth, grinding against his erection while his friends hooted and howled. The song neared it's end and I felt him throb beneath me. From the sound he made I think he had cum in his pants. I turned to face him and planted a kiss on his cheek, leaving a comical red lip print. I turned to his surfer dude buddy and leaned into his ear and whispered. "That's 50$ honey" he tucked the bill in my garter. I leaned over to pick up my corset and someone grabbed me by the waist! I felt someone dry humping me from behind. I whirled around to find "Jimbo McGrabby" leering at me. I cocked my hand back to punch him and he grabbed my wrists and easily stopped me. He pulled my wrists up over my head effortlessly and pinned me to the wall,my naked breasts bouncing painfully. "What are you gonna do now, bitch?" he said and pressed his body against mine. I struggled, but was unable to move. I felt completely helpless and vulnerable. I looked around helplessly for the bouncer. He was across the club and did not see me. Just as I was getting ready to scream, I saw a fist fly across my face, it struck "Jimbo" square in the jaw. I turned to see who had thrown the punch and noticed it was Mr 1000 Watt smile from before. His warm brown eyes were filled with rage! Before I could even blink he had thrown 2 more punches that landed with a crack on Jimbo's mouth and nose. The big man collapsed in a heap on the floor! Mr 1000 watt smile stood before me and smiled. "Are you OK? Lets get you away from this piece of shit! " he said as he walked past him and gave him a kick to the stomach. He put his arm around me and led me back towards the bar. By this time the bouncer was dragging a stunned and bloody Jimbo to the door. It had all happened so fast, I hadn't even noticed I was still naked from the waist up. I covered myself with one arm and suddenly felt so powerless. I felt tears well up and start to run down my face as I sobbed. Mr 1000 watt smile moved my head to his shoulder and rubbed my head while I cried. I smelled "Grey Flannel" cologne, ironically it was what I had worn as a guy. After a few moments I had composed myself and looked at him to apologize. He shushed me and reached up, wiping a tear from my face. " You're safe now" he whispered. "Lets get you out of here, you don't belong here." I sniffled and told him that I needed to change first. He waited while I changed and grabbed my bag. I wiped the smeared mascara and eyeliner from my face. I composed myself and tipped the DJ and bouncer each 40$ and left the club with Mr 1000 Watt smile with 31$ profit for the night.

Once we got outside I stopped and looked up at him. My God he was gorgeous. He was well over 6'4" and athletically built with a strong jaw and tousled dark hair. "I'm so sorry you had to..." I sniffled and continued "Thank you". "No problem" he said. "It was my pleasure to help a pretty lady like yourself. I'm ..." he hesitated a bit.. "Marco" he continued. "I'm Jenna...so nice to meet you, Marco. Thank God you were there. I don't know what that guy and his friends might have done!" I said fighting the urge to bawl again. I don't know what had come over me...I was such a....GIRL... so emotional now! He just leaned in and kissed me. It was a deep, soft and gentle kiss that penetrated me to the core. It felt familiar...like we had kissed before. I felt so soft,warm and protected. We kissed for several minutes in front of the club. It was ecstasy. He stopped abruptly and looked me dead in the eye. "Jenna, Can I give you a ride home? After what just happened I feel like I'm taking advantage of you." he said. I smiled up at him, still incredibly aroused. I could feel my vagina throbbing and my taut nipples rubbing against the thin bra that I was wearing. "I'd like that. I have my car here, but maybe I really shouldn't drive." I said quietly. He took my hand and led me to a Lincoln Towncar that was an obvious rental. He held the door open for me and I slid inside and put on my seatbelt. "Are you visting New Jersey, Marco?" I asked when he got in the car. He seemed startled at first. "yeah, I'm here on business. How did you know?" He asked. "The rental car" I replied, grinning. "What do you do? " He replied "I'm a talent scout for a modeling agency." I smiled at him giggling "So... did you see any "talent" tonight?" I asked jovially. He just nodded and replied "Yeah, I'm working on it as we speak." I gave him directions to Mary's apartment and we made small talk as he drove. He asked me why I was dancing and I told him I was a college student low on cash. We pulled up to her apartment and I didn't see Mary's car anywhere. I hoped she wasn't looking for me in the strip club. Marco got out and opened the car door for me and walked me to the front door. "Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?" I asked him. He nodded enthusiastically and responded "I thought you'd never ask!" I let him inside and did a quick scan of the apartment. We were alone. "Nice place you've got here" he said. I told him that I was staying with a close friend. We sat on the couch and sipped coffee, and talked. We were sitting so close together I could feel his warmth. I sent him signals that I was interested... I laughed a little too long at all his humorous comments, letting my hand linger on his arm as I laughed. I touched my face...I flipped my hair. I thought he was never going to respond, but he finally leaned in and kissed me softly, tentatively. He was an amazing kisser! He seemed to know exactly how a woman liked to be kissed. He moved his hands to my breasts and seemed to wait for me to approve. His hands were gentle, caressing my breasts, like he knew how sensitive they could be. Most guys , I had found, were very rough when handling my boobs. He deftly removed my bra and kissed my breasts, encircling my erect nipples with his tongue. He teased them playfully and I felt my womanhood throb and open, yearning for him. I leaned back and closed my eyes, in ecstasy. He tugged my panties down and pushed up my skirt , I felt the chill air on my damp shaven vagina. His head kissed slowly down my belly causing me to hiss with pleasure. Marco teased me by softly traceing the outline of my pussy with his tongue. He was working me into a frenzy! My nipples were so hard that they ached. I cupped them in my hands and stroked my nipples as he went down on me. His tongue was swirling and flicking in and out of my folds, gently caressing my clit. I felt the waves of orgasm building, and heard myself panting and moaning softly. Just as I was about to cum he slowed down and moved his attention to my outer lips and thighs. It was exquisite agony! I was begging him to make me cum, but he stopped again when I was close. I was starting to feel the feminine equivalent of "blue balls" when I felt his body shift to straddle me. I felt that incredible slippery stretching feeling as he entered me. I had never felt so stretched, he must be enormous, I thought. I could feel the heat and weight of his body on top of me as he pumped faster and faster. I heard him start to moan and looked at his face just as he came. The look on his face was one of pleasure mixed with suprise. I felt him spasm inside me and that was all it took for me. I dug my long nails into his back and wrapped my legs around him , holding on for dear life as we both orgasmed together. He collapsed on top of me panting and said "Rich, that was incredible!".

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