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by G7
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1824409
Continuing saga of a man's addiction to his Ex's ability to transform him into any woman
"Thanks! it was... awesome" I replied slightly out of breath. It took a minute for it to dawn on me. "Hey...did you just...how did you.." I sputtered. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. "Mare!? Is that you in there?" I asked incredulously. "Marco" nodded and replied "In the flesh!" I was still in shock and at a loss for words. Mary lay on top of me, her penis still in me. I could feel it starting to soften and feel her semen running down into my butt crack. Mary laughed and looked down at me. "You never told me how good it feels to orgasm as a guy!" she said, pinning my arms down and nuzzling my neck and cleavage. "Mary! You're squishing me! " I squirmed, ticklish at the nuzzling she was performing. "Aw...poor wittle girly" she minced, mimicking me in her now baritone voice and rolled off of me. I felt an empty sadness as she popped out of me with a wet slurpy sound. She lay there next to me with one arm propping up her head, her finger toying with my nipple, looking at me, I felt it stiffen again and my crotch fluttered as well. I broke the silence. "How did you do that? I thought you couldn't change into a guy." I asked. "I told you I never tried." she corrected me. "How long are you..." I asked. She said " 24 hours from 1PM this afternoon.I'll change back about the same time you change back into the blonde Hooters chick." she continued, lightly pinching my erect nipple. "So...I take it you found "Marco" attractive?" she asked. "My God, yes! " I said rolling on my side to face her. She laughed in a girly giggle with the tone of a burly construction worker which was very odd to say the least. I felt her penis start to stiffen again, grazing my thigh. I looked down at it and my jaw dropped. The thing was enormous! It was at least 9" in length and 2.5" in diameter. "Jesus Mary, you're packing some heat!" I laughed. She smiled and reached down, stroking it. "You like it? How did it feel? Tell me Jenna, does size matter?" she asked, teasing me. " You're goddamned right it does! I could feel my vagina stretch!" I responded, continuing. "You sure took advantage of the situation, making yourself that big! You know that's not a normal sized Johnson ya got there, sport?!" I teased back. "Yeah, You should talk, Princess! Being a teenage girl with a 22" waist and double D's IS normal, I suppose?" she teased. She was right. "Touche, Mare. You got me!" We laughed for hours it seemed. "So tell me "Marco" how does it feel to be a guy? Inquiring minds want to know! " I asked. "Well, I can't get used to this thing moving around in my boxers. I feel strong and powerful. I seem to get mad more easily." she answered. "Yeah, I noticed. I think you broke old Jimmy's jaw! My big strong knight in shining armor!" I added. "Fuck that guy!" I heard her deep voice rumble. "I'm done with him!" I nodded and answered quietly "I'm sorry Mary, but at least you know now. So, what do you want to do tomorrow?" I asked her. I was expecting to hear her say something like "Get a blow job" , but she replied "I want to eat a gigantic double cheesburger and go see what I can benchpress!" We drifted off to sleep, my head on her muscled pecs.

I woke up with her spooning me, her huge arm across my shoulder and her strong hand nestling between my boobs. I squirmed and she rolled over onto her back without waking up. I saw her morning wood and giggled, getting and idea. I gently pulled the sheets back and looked at it in all it's glory. It was big, perfectly shaped and veined. I  leaned over and took it slowly in my mouth, trying not to wake her. I had sucked some dick before, but never one as big as this. I was only able to take half of it in. I could taste myself on it. Mary groaned softly and then opened her eyes. The first thing she saw when she woke up was me, sucking her dick. I rubbed it on my cheek and ran my tongue over it, teasing the skin below the head and tickling her balls with my long nails. I took as much of it into my mouth as I could and started swirling my tongue and moving my jaw. It was very hard keeping my teeth off of it. I watched her squirm as I continued, her hands clenching on the sheets and toes curled. I had to keep moving my hair out of the way. Mary soon started grunting and barked a deep guttural "Fuck!" as she came in spasms into my mouth. I nearly gagged on the amount that came from her, the extra I couldn't swallow running down my chin and into my deep cleavage. She panted and slowly caught her breath. I managed to swallow the remaing strings of ropy liquid and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. " How was your first blow job, Marco?" I asked, grinning. "OH...MY...GOD! " was all she could manage.

I got up to take a shower and was just stepping in when Mary walked in. She had ANOTHER erection. "This thing has a mind of it's own, Rich. I gotta pee! " she chirped. "Good luck with that" I chuckled. She raced over to the toilet and sat down and tried to tuck her member into the bowl. It was far to big, hell I couldn't even do that as a guy and I was only of average endowment. I shook my head. "Here, let me show you...stand and point it at the bowl..don't forget to lift the" I said as she let the stream start, the first spurt landing directly on the seat. I reached down and lifted the seat up and yelled "Arch your back and hips...you can't bend it to aim!" She did so and smiled stating proudly. "I did it Rich! I always wanted to pee standing up!" I answered "At least you have goals" and stepped into the shower. I was lathering my hair when I heard the shower curtain open and Mary stepped in. "Mind if I join you?" she asked. "C'mon in, the waters fine!" I turned to rinse my hair and she reached around and cupped my breasts. I felt her erection on my butt. "Again Mare? What's gotten into you? " I asked. She didn't speak, she just ran her penis down my butt crack and tried to enter me...but it was the wrong hole. I flinched and reached around stopping her. I moved it down towards my vaginal opening. "I don't want THAT thing in THAT hole" I answered. With some bending and repositioning she was able to enter me. I felt my vagina stretch as she pushed it in all the way. Her hands still cupping my breasts as she pumped. My hands were against the wall bracing me in a semi bent over fashion, my breasts dangling and bouncing aginst her hands. It wasn't long before she came...again. She pulled it out and I turned, taking the soap I washed her big dick as it slowly softened. She winced in pleasure, I knew the head of her penis was extremely sensitive after an orgasm.

I was brushing my teeth and watching my boobs jiggle in the mirror (Hey, some things never get old) when Mary came back in wearing only boxers. I could see the head of it dangling down, almost past the leg opening. "Rich... I don't know what to wear! Will you help me?" she asked. I spit the toothpaste out and rinsed my mouth out. "Yeah, what are we doing though?" I asked. "I want to go pump some iron!" she said excitedly. "ok, the gym it is" I said walking out naked. "I'll tell you what. I'll go with you. You pick out my clothes and I'll pick out yours" and started digging in "Jimbo's" drawer. I pulled out a jock strap, some black nylon Adidas shorts and a white "Golds gym" tank top. "Here ya go, big guy" I said as I held out the jock strap. Mary took it and put it on nonchalantly, it barely fit, her bulge was huge. She walked over to her dresser wearing only the jock and pulled open the drawer. "So, are you going to actually work out or do ya just wanna watch me and look purty?" She asked . "Little old me, work out? I want to watch my big strong man flex his muscles." I said, exaggerating the Georgia accent she had given me and fanned my face."Good thinking, babe. You might break a nail ! " she said mockingly in a tough guy New York accent. She reached in the drawer and handed me a thong that was no more than a postage stamp and dental floss. She then handed me a pair of black spandex boy shorts that said "juicy" across the ass in pink. She rummaged in another drawer and pulled out a pink and black tank top with a bra built in. It was very lowcut. I put the thong on, it barely covered my crotch. I wriggled into the boy shorts and looked at my ass in the mirror. It really WAS juicy. I pulled on the tank top , which stopped just north of my navel and was very tight. The bra section seemed a bit big, my boobs sitting in there loosely. I saw Mary scrutinizing me, then she walked by and slapped me on the ass. "Looking good, sweetcheeks" she said. I went into the bathroom and was leaning over the vanity doing my make up when I felt "the tingle". Out of the corner of my eye I saw my breasts heave a bit. The top no longer felt loose, my breasts nearly spilling out of the top. Mary peeked in and laughed. "That top was a little loose, I took care of it. You look good as a D cup. The guys at the gym will be checking you out!" I finished up my make up, doing it lightly for the "gym" look. I used a black headband to keep the hair out of my eyes and left a few wisps dangling out. I put on the little cotton ankle socks she gave me and stepped into her white sneakers.

I came out of the bathroom, feeling my chest bounce a bit as I walked. I looked over at Mary and she was stepping into the workout shorts, the bulge was visible and mighty impressive. I sauntered over to her and ran a hand over it, dragging my nails. "and all the girls will be looking at you, my big strong man!" Mary smiled and flexed in the mirror, her biceps bulging and pecs swelling. "Wow, I look good! I feel so strong!" she rumbled. She pulled on the Golds gym tank top and we walked out to the truck. I clung to Mary's well muscled arm as we walked. I couldn't believe it was her in there! Mary even had the walk down, her arms were away from her side and she had the "swagger". We got in her truck , she climbed in easily and had to slide the seat way back. Her head was nearly touching the roof. "The steering wheel feels so small!" she quipped. I replied "No, your hands are so big now!" which made her grin. I felt so feminine with Mary in "Marco Mode" and I think she was really digging how strong and masculine she was feeling. She seemed to drive a bit more aggressively and actually cursed when a guy cut her off in traffic, yelling "Fucking asshole!" and flipping him the New Jersey state bird. I knew it was the testosterone coursing thru her veins. We arrived at the gym in one piece and without any fisticuffs. Mary parked and I jumped down out of the truck, forgetting I was a braless D cup. I winced and crossed an arm over my boobs. Mary laughed heartily, enjoying my predicament! We walked into the gym and started warming up. I thought I would just do some cardio and then watch "My man" powerlift. I saw Mary go to the universal set bench press station and set the pin. It looked like she set it at 200 pounds. I watched from the treadmill as she easily did a set of 10. I started jogging easily on the treadmill but with my shorter legs I felt that I was taking tiny little steps. It was tough to run with the bouncing of my D cups and the natural wiggle of my hips.She laughed and motioned me over. I felt the eyes of every guy in the gym roving over my body as I walked over to Mary. She said excitedly "I just lifted 200# like it was a feather. I leaned over and squeezed her bicep. "You are soo strong!" I purred. I leaned down an kissed her and set the pin on 300#. "Try this, baby!" I cooed. She strained a bit, but was able to do 3 at that weight. I set the pin to 350# and she strained to lift it. The veins were standing out in her neck as she raised the weight completely and slowly let it drop. She jumped up from the rack and pumped a fist in the air. I could see that her biceps and pecs were now pumped up huge! It gave me fluttery feelings in the pit of my stomach and vagina. I sat back and watched Mary complete her work out as my vagina moistened and my nipples stiffened. She was really pumped as we left the gym. She scooped me up in her arms and ran to the truck , carrying me with barely any effort. I could smell her when we got inside the cab. She smelled sweaty and musky... so...so Male! It drove me wild! I started running my fingertips all over her muscular body and dragging my nails over her jock ensconced penis as she drove. I could feel it stiffen beneath my fingers. Mary started roughly fondling my breasts with one hand as I pulled her now fully erect penis from her shorts. That thing was impressive! I'd never seen one that big! I took off my seatbelt so I could get closer to it. I took it all in, the musky sweaty aroma, her manly groans as I slowly stroked it. I talked to her as I played with it. "You're cock is sooo big Marco...my God I want it inside me" I purred and took as much of it as I could in my mouth. I suppressed a giggle as I felt the car swerve a bit and her body tense. I could picture the "white knuckle" grip she probably had on the steering wheel. I continued sucking her, even as we stopped at a light. I jumped, startled as a loud horm went off next to us and I looked up to see a tractor trailer next to us in traffic, the driver grinning down at me. I didn't care who saw. I continued blowing Mary with a gusto. After several minutes I heard her groan and spasm. I felt the warm semen spurt into my mouth and tasted the salty/slightly bitter fluid that I seemed to crave now. I looked up at her after swallowing every drop and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Mary's eyes were seemingly rolled back in her head, she was barely able to drive. We parked at her condo, she carried me inside and fucked me until I ached. We fell asleep spooning each other on the carpet.

I woke up feeling breasts pressed against my back and I knew Mary had changed back as we napped. I was strangely sad, I already missed her enormous penis. I laid there enjoying her closeness and warmth. We napped a bit longer, still spooning and I was awoken by Mary stirring. I turned and looked her in the eye. "Welcome back, Mare. Did you have fun as Marco?" I asked. She yawned and stretched, answering back "Yeah, I did. I'm going to miss your nice lips on my dick, you little slut!" she giggled her ass off. I looked at the clock, it was 3PM. "Mare, when are we back on the schedule?" I asked her. She replied that I had a 4PM to close tomorrow and she had the "mids" 12 to 6PM. "What do you want to do tonight, Mare?" I asked, facing her and propping my head up. She just shrugged. "C'mon, fess up. You want to be a guy again, don't you? You can tell me..." I asked. " I do..." she whispered. Intrigued, I asked her what she wanted, what her fantasy was. She replied huskily "I want another blowjob, Rich. They feel so amazing! Just the thought of you being inside a woman's body and pleasuring me inside a man's body drives me wild". " Ok Mary, I'll do anything you want" I said seductively. "Turn me into your dream girl !" She clapped her hands happily and I saw her examining me closely as I stood up. She made several laps around me , looked me in the eye and made her hand gesture. This time the "falling" sensation was very intense. As Jenna, I was about 3" taller than Mary, but within 5 seconds she was towering over me. I felt my waist pinch in and my scalp tingled as my hair changed. The changes were over quickly. She looked at me and said " Welcome back, Becca" as she clasped her hands together. I felt a thrill run thru me, I had really enjoyed being Becca. Becca's body felt like home to me now. I grinned up at her and said in my tiny voice "Thank you. I'm glad to be back!" My hands went immediatly to my breasts and I started fondling them.Becca had the best breasts I'd ever seen or "owned". They were big, round and firm with no sagging at all. It was as if they defied gravity Mary grinned and watched me intently and purred "Oh, little Becca! I can see you like your boobies, squeeze them together for me!" I complied by pushing my girls together from the sides with my hands creating amazing cleavage. She said in a husky voice "I'd love to put my dick between your tits, Becca! " Then she made the familiar gesture, but this time held her hand over her own head. I watched in awe as 5'7" Mary slowly grew. She stopped growing and judging by the doorframe behind her she was at least 6'4". Her nipples were now eye level to me! Then I noticed her breasts began to, well...deflate is the best way to describe it. They morphed into well defined pecs as her shoulders became broader. I looked down at her crotch and placed a hand over it and felt her clit begin to twitch and swell, she was growing a penis before my eyes. It started out small, like a newborns but slowly grew. I took it in my hand and felt it increase in size, stopping at the 9" mark. I wrapped my hand around it and couldn't touch my fingers together. I looked up at her face and the 17 year old version of Marco looked down at me. "Hey there, you sexy little thing!" she rumbled in the familiar deep voice. I just stared up at her in awe. "Look at you! You're huge! "I said in Becca's tiny voice. "Nah, you're just a petite little thing." she rumbled in Marco's baritone. I saw her stare at my naked breasts and her penis started to spring into life. It made me feel feminine and sexy! I cupped my breasts and rolled the nipples between my fingers watching them get hard and seeing Mary start stroking herself. "How does it feel? Jerk yourself off Mary!" I teased her, still playing with Becca's perfect rack. Mary moaned "It feels amazing" she said and closed her eyes, continuing to stroke faster. I stopped her by putting my hand on her arm. "I thought you wanted to "titty fuck" me , Mare! " I cooed seductively as I squeezed my 32DD's together, my tiny hands not able to contain them. Without saying a word she picked me up and carried me effortlessly into the bedroom and laid me gently on the bed flat on my back. One thing about my boobs that amazed me. They were so firm that I had very little "saggage" into my armpits. As 34D Kristin I had some armpit "saggage". I could feel them touching my arms when I laid down, but not as Becca.They only flattened a little, remaining rounded and full. Like I said before...they defied gravity. Mary straddled me on the bed , her enormous penis between my boobs. I reached up and squeezed them together tightly, creating friction on her member. She started slowly moving it up and down in my cleavage, the up stroke was hitting my chin. I positioned my mouth so that it would touch my tongue on the upstroke. It felt warm and soft slipping between my breasts. I watched her face and she seemed to be enjoying it. As a guy I always thought it felt like getting a handjob with REALLY soft hands. I started tasting pre-cum and felt my boobs get slippery, I knew she was going to cum soon. Mary started pumping faster and groaning softly. I positioned my mouth to catch it all, but the first spurt went in my hair. I managed to catch the second and third spasms in my mouth. I savored the taste and tried to remind myself to ask her if she had someone made me crave semen. Mary shuddered softly and rolled off of me , lying next to me on the bed. She pointed to the dribbles of cum on my neck and laughed. "Looks like I gave you a pearl necklace... and there's some in your hair, too." she said while laughing. I fought the urge to wipe it up with my fingers and then lick them clean. "Mary, did you... change anything in here?" I asked, pointing to my head. She nodded and continued laughing. "Yeah, I changed some of your urges when I made you Jenna. Why?" she asked. "I uh...I seem to crave the taste of semen , Mare." I said tentatively. She doubled over with laughter. "Aw, poor Richie is a sexy little slut now ! You're a cum craving blowjob queen now, huh?" she teased. I felt my face redden in embarrassment. "You are getting really good at it. I guess you've had quite a bit of practice, haven't you young lady?" she added. I gave in to my urge to lick up the last drops of her cum. I licked it off my fingers with relish. Mary chuckled as she watched me. She lay there tracing the outline of my nipple with her finger. I felt myself throb below as she toyed with my nipples, like there was a direct line from my nipples to my clit. Mary seemed to sense this and started fondling and carressing my breasts. I felt her stiffen again, against my hip as she kissed my nipples and cleavage. "Marco" slowly kissed his way down my cleavage and I felt his hand move from my thigh to my vagina. I hissed in pleasure at the first touch. I felt myself getting wetter and my pussy throbbed, yearning for attention. His finger circled my clit and then slipped easily inside me. I felt my hips buck and my back arch instincyively, trying to let "him" in deeper. Mary continued to massage my clit with her thumb as she slipped her finger in and out of my. My vagina felt so tight even when she was only using one finger. I worried in the back of my mind what it would feel like when she entered me with her gigantic member! She slipped in two fingers and I felt my vagina stretch and tighten around her fingers, my muscle gripping them , clenching on them rythmically. Mary kissed her way down my flat belly and paused at my crotch. She slowly started licking my outer lips as she continued to finger me. It felt so sensitive it was almost painful. I felt my fingers clenching on the sheets and heard myself whimper slightly. I craned my neck and looked down over my breasts just as Mary's tongue swirled around my clit. I nearly screamed in pleasure as the waves of orgasm started to build. The tension and pressure intensifying until I climaxed like a geyser. I found my hands in his hair, pulling his face deeper into my dripping wet pussy. I was panting , breathing hard and my whole body tingled. Thirty seconds later the aftershock of the orgasm wore off and I was able to catch my breath. It was THE most intense orgasm I'd ever had and I felt physically drained!

Mary, on the other hand was not! I was half expecting her to want to snuggle and nap but she was energized! "Hey Bec? Wanna go to the pool?" she asked enthusiastically. I didn't feel that enthusiastic. I was worried that I'd run into Shawn or Dylan... that might be awkward to say the least. "Yeah, I guess so..." I said. She grasped me by the hand and pulled me up onto my feet. "C'mon lazybones, lets get going! " she said and started digging thru drawers. "I think James has a suit in here somewhere." she mumbled, pulling out a pair of dark blue and white board shorts out of a bottom drawer. She stepped into them and I was suprised to see that they actually fit her. When she tied the string ties I could see her penis hanging down on her right leg. "Hey, uh...Mare? you might want to tuck that python up into the suits liner, not down your leg" I giggled, pointing to her bulge. She looked down and blushed, reaching in and adjusting it up into the mesh liner of the shorts. Damn she was endowed! "C'mon slowpoke, let's go. Move that little ass" she said as I searched for the black two piece that fit Becca. I stepped into the tiny little bottoms, my boobs jiggling as I pulled up the suit bottom. I struggled with the suit top and Mary tsk tsked me. "Here, do it like this!" She said and expertly tied my top on. She then reached into my top and adjusted my girls perfectly in the top. "Thanks" I said as I put my hair back in a scrunchy and dug out my sandals and the beach bag. 15 minutes later we were walking thru the gate into the pool area. As luck would have it Dylan was the lifeguard on duty. He ogled me, then stared at "Marco" with distaste. This was not lost on Mary. "What the fuck is HIS problem?" she asked me grumpily as we sat down on the chaise lounges. "I met him at the dance and he was hitting on me. It creeped me out because he talked to my chest...and I mean blatantly!" She just rolled her eyes. "Get used to it, baby. With a body like that you're going to get stared at. Stop acting like such a drama queen!" she said grinning. I grabbed some sunscreen from the bag and started rubbing it on Mary's back. I saw her crotch twitch and leaned in to whisper in her ear "Does that feel good, big fella?" I asked her. "You know it does you little tease!" she whispered back. I finished rubbing lotion on "Marco's" back and she returned the favor. Her strong hands felt great on my back and shoulders. I finished by rubbing some sunscreen on my chest and arms. The sun felt great, so I leaned back in the chaise lounge, closed my eyes and relaxed.
I was awakened from my doze by cold water dripping on my cleavage. I opened my eyes expecting to see "Marco" standing over me, instead I saw a grinning Dylan holding a dripping ice cube in his hand. " You looked so hot, lying there I thought you'd like some cooling off.." he said cockily. He looked the part of the all American lifeguard, the white stuff on his nose, whistle around his neck ,deeply tanned and toned. In a word... gorgeous. I felt my young female body react to the way he looked. He was a jerk and I knew it, but damn he was so cute! I squealed in shock and covered my chest with an arm. "Dylan! you jerk!" I said as I sat up. I looked around for "Marco" and saw him standing over by the diving board surrounded by a bevy of teenage girls. "That jerk!" I thought, "She becomes a good looking guy for a day and already she's ditching me!" I realized that was exactly what I had been doing to her for the last 6 months. Dylan sat down on the chaise lounge next to me , still grinning , his perfect white teeth gleaming. I could feel my nipples stiffen in my suit top, partially from the cold ice water and partially from seeing Dylan's well defined six pack Abs. My nipples were so hard they actually ached. I looked down and wiped the water from my chest and saw that my erect nipples were extremely visible thru the thin top! Short of covering them with my arms, there wasn't much I could do. I decided to let him stare. "So how was your date with "lawn mower boy" he asked sarcastically. "You mean Shawn?" I answered. "OK, I guess. He's kind of a jerk" I said and shrugged, putting my arms behind me and leaning back, my chest proudly on display. He smiled and laughed . I felt the butterflies in my stomach and crotch begin to flutter quickly. "Who is that big guy you walked in with? He your new boyfriend?" he asked looking over at Marco, who was busy laughing it up with a pretty redhead with long legs in a white two piece. The girl in me became jealous immediatly. "I have much better breasts" I thought. "Looks like Michelle and him hit it off pretty well!" Dylan added. "Nah, he's just a friend" I replied, half out of anger and half out of pride. "I know her pretty well, she's a nice girl!" Dylan added. "Hey, if you're free tonight a bunch of us are going to the park later. We'll grill up some burgers and my older brother has some beer I can steal" he added. I smiled and added that I'd think about it. He said "Great! Be here at 4PM if you want to go. I better get back to work. See ya Rebecca!" He turned and walked away....all I could think about was sucking his cock and tasting his cum. That spell Mary had used was strong!
Mary came back and sat on the chaise just as Dylan was leaving. "Who was that guy" he asked, perturbed. "That's Dylan the lifeguard. Why? and who was that YOU were talking to?" I replied icily. "Oh, uh...that's Michelle. I was teaching her how to dive." Mary said. "You liked her, huh? She has great legs..." I said, noticing she still had wood. "Yeah, she's cute!" she replied and leaned over to whisper. "Rich, Michelle invited me to a cookout tonight. I want to go, are you ok with that?" she asked nervously. "Yeah...I'm ok with that as long as you're ok with me going with Dylan." He nodded and added " I just want to experience being a young guy "sowing his oats", so to speak. I'm sure you do too" I shook my head yes, but deep down I felt jealous and it did bother me. I was decided I was really going all out for this cookout. I was going to lay it on heavy. If that's what Mary wanted.... so be it!.
I turned over on my stomach and untied my bikini strings to tan my back. I wasn't very comfortable lying that way. My boobs felt squashed and if I moved wrong it hurt. Mary and I didn't talk much, she sat there and read quietly, I could see her checking out all the girls and I saw them staring at her. I didn't like feeling jealous. But I remembered how it felt to be a young , horny 17 year old guy...it wasn't her fault.
Mary woke me up " It's 2:15" she said "We should go" I started to sit up forgetting my top was untied. I felt my boobs dangle slightly as I lifted up. Mary laughed and shook her head as I scrambled to tie my top. "Let me help you" she said, tying my back strap. I saw the 40 year old guy behind us turn bright red. I realized I had given him a show. I felt my face flush as well. We walked back to the apartment together and she joked with me. "I thought that guy behind us was going to have a heart attack. I'm sure he'll be screwing his fat wife tonight thinking about your big titties." she laughed. I laughed too, but I was still in a weird mood. I felt very sensitive and my boobs hurt. I supposed it was because I was laying on them all afternoon.
I needed another shower before the cookout , so I stripped of the bikini and ran the water. I looked at myself in the mirror while I waited for the water to warm up. I had gotten quite a tan today! The tan lines from my suit were very visible. I thought it looked sexy! I had a slight bit of red on my shoulders and my nose, but it didn't look too bad. I stepped into the shower and enjoyed the feeling.
When I got out, "Marco" was in my room. She startled me. I instinctively covered my chest and crotch with my hands. I really was becoming a girl. "Relax...it's just me, silly! I gotta talk to you! " I sat on the bed next to her. "I feel all tense and wound up...I can't describe it. I feel like a caged animal!" she said, getting up and pacing the room." I laughed "It's the hormones Mare...you're all revved up for the date! I suggest "rubbing one out" before the date. It'll calm you down." "Rub one out? Oh...jerk off...I guess you guys have a million names for it." She said as she got up to leave. "Mare...can I...uh...watch?" I asked, intrigued by the notion of her masturbating as a guy. "Yeah...sure" she shrugged and dropped her bathing suit. It was already hard and purple, and it nearly sprang from the suit on it's own ,sticking up at a 60 degree angle. I watched her wrap her big hand around it and start to stroke it. I couldn't help it, it was so sexy watching her do that, I started touching myself. I cupped my boob with a tiny hand and started massaging my clit with the other. I stood in front of her playing with myself as she masterbated. I found myself kneeling in front of her, I wanted her seed on me...in my mouth...I craved it! I positioned my breasts in front of her penis and watched her jerk off, knowing she'd cum soon. The strokes were getting faster and there was pre cum on the tip. I saw her head tilt back, her eyes closed and she groaned. I saw her big cock spasm and a jet of thick ropy semen landed with a wet warm splat on my chest. I opened my mouth and was able to catch the second jet , some of it running down my chin. It tasted like heaven. I was inwardly embarrassed about this but I was too caught up in the moment to stop. I licked every ounce of her semen off of my boobs and fingers like it was icing from a cake. I looked up and she was smiling down at me. "That felt amazing! I can see why you guys "rub one out" a lot! Did my cum taste good you little slut?" I just took her hand and licked what little cum was left from her fingers.

Mary turned and started digging thru drawers. After a few minutes she pulled out a black tank style muscle shirt and jeans shorts. The muscle shirt would really show off her "guns" and her six pack abs. The girls would really dig that, I thought jealously. Well, if SHE was going to show off her new body...I was going to show off mine! "Mare, can I borrow an outfit?" I asked demurely. "Uh, sure... but why don't you look thru my sisters stuff first. She might have something that might fit you better." I thought about it for a moment, thinking that Kathi was much less well endowed than Mary, my boobs would be bursting out of her clothes. That might be a good thing! "Ok Mare, great idea" I said as I walked to the closet. I opened the closet and started flipping thru the hangers. I pulled out a sheer white strapless sundress. "Oooo this is perfect!" I said as I dug thru the drawers, producing a strapless bra in white lace and a matching thong. The bra and panties were "Kristin's" so it was a 34D, but I thought it would fit me...barely. I stepped into the thong, feeling the strap fit right into place, wedged in my butt crack. I had gotten used to that "wedgie" feeling and it actually felt good to me now, almost erotic. I hooked the bra around my ribcage, it was slightly loose as I was a 32 so I used the tightest pair of hooks . I spun it around and tucked my girls into the cups. Since the bra was a D cup it was a tight fit, the top of my boobs spilled over the bra slightly. I pulled the silky dress over my head, wiggling it past my boobs and over my hips. The cut of the dress really accentuated my tiny waist and was really tight across my chest but it had the effect I wanted. My tits were "bangin' " , my breasts were slightly squeezed together and the bra was a bit small, so my cleavage was amazing! "What do you think, Mare?" I said and did a little modelling "spin". She turned to look at me and did a doubletake. "Wow! you really got some sun today! You look great in white! I can see your tanlines. You really love showing off that body, don't you "Becka" " she teased with a lilt in her voice. I nodded and told her that I did. I went into the bathroom and started applying my make up. I could feel my boobs start to spill out of my dress as I leaned over to do my eye make up. For some reason my boobs felt slightly bigger than before. I tugged at the side of the dress to pull it back up. I couldn't stop looking down my own dress! I was definately getting better with my make up application. I finished my eyes and checked the results in the mirror. My eyes really stood out without having that racoon effect. I had used subtle shades of pink and grey that made my eye color really pop. I held my hair back and struck a pose, giggling at myself. I dug thru the assorted colors of lipstick I had accumulated over my time as various women. Every woman has a few favorite shades that look good on them, but over the past 3 weeks I had been 3 different women. I had about a dozen tubes of varying colors. My darker complexion as Becka along with the suntan I had gotten today lead me to chose a darker pink. It made my lips look fuller and shinier. I moved on to doing my hair. I pulled it back from my face with clips and let a few wispy bangs hang down. I used my newly purchased straightener to remove the slight curls. Checking my look in the mirror, in my opinion I had never looked hotter! I felt so small, soft and feminine. I stepped into the "strappy" sandals, squatting down to buckle them so my breasts wouldn't tumble out of my bra. I dabbed a little JLo's "Glo" on my wrists, neck and cleavage, put in my dangly hoop earrings and walked out to meet "Marco".

As I walked out Mary whistled and stared. "Wow...you look great! You nailed your make up. You look like a supermodel ! " She walked around me, looking me up and down. "Look at those boobs, Bec. They are perfect!" she said, reaching up and copped a feel , pulling me closer. She looked down at me and asked "How does it feel being in that pretty little body? You must feel so small and feminine. Does big Richie like being tiny wittle Becca with the big boobies? You like knowing every guy is undressing you with their eyes, don't you? You like them staring at your boobs, looking down your dress hoping to get a glance. I want to watch ...what's his name...Dylan make his moves on you. Come on sweet cheeks, we should go." Mary laughed as I scrambled to grab my purse and checked my make up in the hall mirror as I walked by. "Your such a girly-girl now , Rich. " she whispered as we walked out the door.


First let me say that I was revved up beyond belief from Mary's teasing. I could feel my crotch throbbing for attention as I stepped out into the warm summer evening. I don't think I'd ever felt as horny as I did now and I think "Marco" felt the same way. Truthfully I wanted her big dick in my mouth, but I surmised that Dylan's would suffice. We walked to the park together, Mary towering over me and taking huge strides while I took quicker shorter steps in my sandals to keep up, the clicking of my footsteps echoing down the block. We entered the park just as the sun was going down, it was a great night. Cool and clear was the forecast. I saw Dylan and his friends and they waved us over. He looked me over as I walked up, almost making a show of it. "Wow Rebecca, you look great! "he said, smiling as he gave me a hug. I felt the warm touch of his chest squish my breasts and his erection grazed my belly as he hugged me tightly. He smelled great and I felt the butterflies of arrousal start to stir in my lower belly and clit. "You look good too, Dylan" I said, grinning up at him. He did look good in his worn out jeans and grey golf shirt with the collar up..."preppy" style. I looked over at Mary and noticed Michelle was on her like white on rice. I looked her over and was amazed that I felt jealous. She did have a great ass and long legs. I thought she looked like a young Cameron Diaz. I saw "Marco" starring at her tits. "hmph...what is she...a B cup at the most?" I was feeling moody and jealous and I couldn't put my finger on why!
We grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers and sat around in a group just talking. I noticed that Michelle kept looking at me...kinda giving me the stink eye. If someone looked at me like that when I was a guy...I'd have laid him out! I didn't want to start anything in this body, being 5'1 105# soaking wet. She towered over me at 5'8" I'd guess. 5'8" seemed like 6'8" to me in my diminished stature! I was getting used to being stared at, and I hate to admit it, but I liked it. I sat very upright with my chest out proudly, kind of flaunting it. The guys started playing touch football, which I used to love, but I had no interest in playing now! Mary ran right out there and was quite good at it, making tremendous leaping catches and a few nice passes. She had the body of a natural athlete and she was taking full advantage of it. Us "girls" sat at the picnic tables and talked, watching our "men" show off. We talked about make up , music and guys. I was shocked to find out that teenage girls are just as filthy as teenage guys, maybe even more so! Michelle was quick to bring up "Marco's" penis size. She said that she could tell thru his shorts that he was "hung". That brought on a round of shocked giggles! Everyone looked at me to see my reaction, I just laughed. I felt like one of the girls! Apparently they accepted me into their group. We even went to the bathroom together, which was one thing I never understood as a guy. I was starting to understand as a chick. Kara, an athletic looking blonde even asked to borrow my lipstick, which I promptly agreed to. Another asked where I got my dress and invited me shopping the next day!
When we came back , our sweaty "men" were waiting for us with a surprise. One of the guy's older brothers had bought him beer. They had a cooler full. I was all over that! The other girls were on the fence about drinking underage, but I needed a beer! It was cheap beer, but tasted like Heineken on a hot summer day. After half a beer I was feeling buzzed! I drank two and was on the way to getting drunk when Dylan asked me if I wanted to take a walk and I agreed. The sun was going down and it was pretty , setting over the lake. Yeah...that's right, I actually THOUGHT it looked pretty.
So, Dylan and I split off from the group and started walking on the path that went around the lake. We came across a rock outcropping and Dylan actually had to help me climb it. When we got to the top the view of the setting sun across the lake almost brought tears to my eyes. What the hell was going on with me?, I thought. He had a blanket set up overlooking the lake, and a seperate cooler of wine coolers. I thought it was so romantic and thoughtful. We sat down on the blanket together and I had to sit sideways with my knees together in that short dress. We talked for a minute, then he looked me straight in the eyes and my heart skipped a beat. I felt the flutter in my stomach and crotch ramp up a bit. He put his fingers under my chin and gently tilted my face up to kiss me. It was a soft and delicate kiss and I was incredibly arroused. I could feel my vagina moistening. I kissed him back, my hand moving instinctivly to his hair. I felt my fingers wandering thru his thick hair. We kissed softly for a minute and then a bit more intensely. His tongue was slowly exploring mine and I kissed him back energetically. I could smell his sweat and it was driving me crazy! I felt his hand move to my waist, then slowly slide up my ribs, under and beside my left breast, barely grazing it. I moved my hand to his thigh and gently squeezed it. As we continued kissing I felt his hand reach up and cup my breast. My nipple stiffened immediatly as he softly fondled me. His hand felt so good on my breast that I felt a small whimpering sigh escape my lips. He reached around with his other hand and fumbled with my bra. I reached back and unclasped it quickly while still kissing him, feeling my heavy boobs tumble out of the dress, both nipples stiffening in the cool night air. Dylan didn't waste any time, reaching up with both hands and cupping my breasts roughly in his hands. He looked down, staring at them and playing with them for a few moments before he plunged his face between them as if he'd never seen a pair of tits before. My nipples felt as if I could cut glass with them, becoming rock hard and wrinkled looking. I had to pull his attention back to me, so I reached down and gave his cock a squeeze thru his pants. I was a little shocked when I found that his dick was pretty small...rock hard...but small. I suppose I was comparing it to "Marco's" massive python! The first thought that came to my mind was that I'd be able to take all of him in my mouth, probably his balls as well. I decided to play the demure teenage girl and let him make all the moves even though I wanted to jump his bones right then and there. He moved back up to nuzzle my neck and ears which were incredibly sensitive. It gave me goosebumps on my arms when he nibbled my ear. The whole time he was nuzzling, I was massaging his penis thru his pants. He whispered in my ear ..."God, you are so hot!" as his hand slid up my thigh and glided slowly over my silk covered pussy. I almost jumped through the roof. My clit was throbbing to beat the band. We continued "making out" as he fondled my breasts and rubbed my clit thru my panties. He soon pushed the thin layer of silk aside and entered me with a finger. I felt my hips buck in response as my body reacted to the stimulation. He gently eased me onto my back and I felt my breasts flatten and weigh heavily on my chest. He unbuttoned his jeans and removed them even faster. He positioned himself on top of me and I could feel the head of his penis graze my thighs and then my belly as he awkwardly tried to enter me. When he finally slid in , his penis even felt smaller. I'm not sure if Marco's massive organ had stretched me or if he really was small. He grunted and groaned on top of me, his eyes closed with this goofy look on his face. He pumped hard several times, my boobs bouncing with each thrust. I could feel his ball sack slapping against my ass and I was just getting into it when he groaned, grunted twice and I felt him spasm inside me. He was done in less than a minute! I couldn't believe it! I was still all revved up and he was done. He collapsed on top of me, squishing my breasts."I have GOT to stop sleeping with clueless teenage boys!" I thought to myself. Dylan watched me as I got dressed, his eyes never moving from my chest. I had learned that being well endowed was a blessing and a curse. I loved how being busty made me feel, confident, sexy and very feminine, but the stares were getting old.
We were sitting on the blanket talking when one of his friends plopped on the blanket next to me. "What are you two doing?" Brian asked, trying to be funny. They both laughed and I felt my face redden in embarassment. "We were just talking" I replied, knowing full well he knew I was lying. I was still revved up from the make out session with Dylan and looking at Brian gave me that urge again. "Damn Mary and her meddling with my brain!" I thought. I wanted to suck his dick right there in front of Dylan. I found myself flirting with him, and found that Dylan approved! My eyes kept wandering to his crotch, I just couldn't help it! He caught me looking and grinned. I was so embarrassed! After a few minutes and him catching me looking three times, Dylan and Brian smiled at each other and then looked at me. They stood and pulled out their penises in unison! My mind boggled! I started protesting but I soon realized that I wanted them both! I'd never been with two guys before. Brian was pretty well endowed AND uncircumcised. I'd never been with an uncut guy before. I reached up and grasped each one and started fondling. They both looked at each other , still grinning like village idiots! I continued stroking while kneeling in front of them. I looked up at them and took Brians dick in my mouth, the foreskin feeling different against my tongue. While I did this, I was rubbing Dylans cock on my cheek. I felt so powerful and sexy! I had two big strong guys wrapped around my finger and it felt amazing. I went to town on Brian, flicking his foreskin with my tongue, alternating the speed and pressure on his 7" penis. Dylan reached down and started roughly fondling my boobs just as Brian let go in my mouth. He came hard and came a lot! I kept swallowing the viscous fluid and it just kept coming. It tasted like the best ice cream I'd ever had and I sucked his penis dry. He tried to pull out of my mouth, but I wouldn't let him until I had milked out every ounce. Dylan forcefully moved me onto my hands and knees and smacked me in the cheek with his dick as he kneeled in front of me. Brian moved behind me and got on his knees, lifting my dress and moving my panties aside. Dylan reached down and unhooked my bra and I felt the full weight of my breasts swinging around. Dylan put his dick in my mouth and grabbed me by the hair. I could taste myself on his penis. Brian entered me from behind and started pumping as I blew Dylan, taking his small penis completely in my mouth. They both pumped hard and I could feel my tits bouncing heavily. The only thing I could think of was milking more cum out of Dylan. My mind was racing. Part of me...the tiny part that was still a hetero sexual male...was screaming in horror. The part of me that was a nubile young girl was moaning in ecstasy. I tasted Dylan's cum in my mouth and the taste of it actually brought ME to climax. I stiffened as wave after wave of pleasure coursed thru my body and I heard the sensual sound of a woman moaning with pleasure. Brian continued pumping as I orgasmed, and I felt him pull out and soon after I felt a warm spatter as his seed sprayed onto my back and hair. I stood up and felt Brian's cum trickle down my back, into the crack of my ass. I was shocked to see them high-five each other as if they had just scored a winning touchdown! My face reddened in embarassment as I scrambled to get dressed."Shawn told me you liked dick" Dylan said, suprising me. That little creep HAD blabbed, probably to everyone that would listen. It was no WONDER why I had been invited to this party! I reached up to slap him and he easily blocked it, putting his hand on my head holding me away like I was a little kid! I was still swinging furiously when he shoved me and I tumbled to the ground. I heard a ripping sound as a seam in my dress gave way and my boob popped out. They walked off laughing and high fiving and I lay there in the dirt and cried.

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