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Rated: E · Poetry · Psychology · #1824435
A free verse poem about the having and not having and about guilt and guiltlessness.
Happy is he who sits in the front.
Does he feel guilt for those in the back?

Happy is he who possesses knowledge and wisdom.
Does he feel guilt for the unlearned and feeble minded?

Happy is he who walks in the light.
Does he feel guilt for those who meet in darkness?

Happy is he who is corrected and chastised.
Does he feel guilt for the froward without counsel?

Happy is he whose mouth opens for laughter.
Does he feel guilt for man whose mouth only bites at bitterness?

Happy is he whose stomach is full.
Does he feel guilt for those whose hunger eats them up?

How can we have without feeling guilt for those who have not?
How can we take from the pot without feeling guilt for those who cannot reach?

But unfortunately we have found the solution to such guilt.
A denial of guilt we have within ourselves established
by hardening the walls of our hearts so as to feel no guilt.

We have learned to look inward for our desires,
but outward, we neglect our hearts to search.
So that the natural pangs of guilt turns to hate and disgust.

Out of our hearts we sneer at those who we would have sorrow for,
a horrendous defense we have conjured up;
spitting on those already fallen down.

All in the manner to hide from guilt,
we are hardened, stiffnecked, selfish.
We feel no guilt.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1824435-Guiltless