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Thoughts I've had while working on NaNo
         While working on my first NaNo ever (but hopefully not my last!) I've had a lot of thoughts and feelings and I think that I've also learned a lot about myself on my journey too.

*Bulletr*When I began this novel with an idea in mind, I thought it would be fine, easy almost to write 1700 words a day. I set myself a limit of 2000 per day. Now at day nine I've come to realise that's it's not as easy as it seems! I've found distractions aplenty along the way, not including those of daily life. After a long day at work it's hard to bring yourself to sit in front of the computer and type, even though you know where your novel is going. I have written every day so far (and hope to keep going) but some days I've only just hit the limit, while others I have exceeded it and written more.

*Bulletg*Something I've found quite difficult is writing for quantity, not quality. I'm so used to spending so much time on my writing that to simply write in the right direction and not go back is really hard. There's so much I feel like I've missed or that I want to go back and change. But at this point I know it's crucial to keep going, there's plenty of time for editing later.

*Bulletv*Even in the short time of just over a week, I've begun to doubt my writing abilities. I don't know whether it's a mix of finding it difficult to make the word count every day or the fact that I'm writing for quantity, but I feel like what I've written so far is pretty naff and that no matter how much editing, it won't be worth much. I'm hoping after NaNo once I've had some time away from my novel, I can come back to it and although I know I'm going to pick out many bad parts, hopefully I can pick out some good points too.

*Bulletb*I'm writing my NaNo here on the site and I've found it great to be able to have a little breather and do something different, write something else, read and review somebody's work. I think it's kept me in touch with the wider picture but also reminded me that while NaNo is a big thing now it's small in comparison to everything else. I think it's important to do other things you enjoy whether it be on the site or off, hanging with friends or something, keep yourself sane *Wink*

*Bulletr*Something else I've realised is that while writing my novel I've found it quite hard to stay in touch with the bigger picture, in terms of where it's going for me. I know overall where the ending is, it's in sight, but trying to keep on track and remind myself of that while I'm writing a short amount on a daily basis is hard for me to do.

*Bulletg*It's day eleven of NaNo and I finally feel like I'm getting into the swing of it. I haven't been able to stop writing all day and new ideas and places and things keep popping into my mind. It's fantastic! I really feel like I'm on a roll. Though I have no idea how long it'll last for.

*Bulletv*I've realised that because of the intensity of the writing, focusing every day on the same thing, I still find it really hard to remember all of the little details. Like in the piece I wrote today, I needed to remember what happened yesterday but struggled to remember the exact detail. I'm trying not to worry too much though, I will go through once I edit and make sure everything matches up!

*Bulletb*Now that I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty of the story (the action) it seems I'm finding it easier (more motivated) to write. Though I'm powering through in those other times too.

*Bulletg*Day 21 and I have 2,969 words left to write. That means I'll well ahead of schedule really. But I know that my novel will encompass more than 50,000 words just to the ending. Feeling good that I'm almost there now *Smile* !
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