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Chapters 5&6
Chapter 5

Kat swam to the end of the pool looking up at Matthias wondering if he was a good guy or a bad guy..
She so missed feeling loved and being special. How great it would be to find that special feeling again.
Looking at Matthias, she knew he was someone that would be her type.
He had that curiousness to him that would make a girl interested.
Kat had always been a confident girl until she was cheated on. Now, all she could think about was why?
Why did Tristen sleep with the girl from work? Was there something wrong with her? She kept running it through her head over and over.
Why Tristen? What made you do what you did? What did she have or do that was so appealing?
How could you do this for 6 months and act like nothing was going on..
" How does the water feel?" asked Jonathan smiling at Kat.
Kat caught the eyes of Jonathan and thought to herself how handsome he was. Very clean cut looking guy, with a very professional style.
" It feels great!" Kat replied with a flirtatious wink. Kat proceeded to ask Jonathan if he was only observing as well.
Jonathan replied by saying the only water he swam in was the ocean.
He then told Kat that he loved scuba diving and snorkeling.
He also asked if she had ever done either before?
Kat let Jonathan know that deep water scared the hell out of her. She reminded him that sharks were in the ocean and she didn't want to become a meal.
Jonathan kind of chuckled, then told Kat that fear was normal. He also made the comment that everyone fears something.
Kat looked at Jonathan then cocked her head asking what it was that he feared.
Jonathan responded by saying that he feared he would never find Mrs. Right.
" Romeo oh Romeo, gag!" Kelly spouted off while stuffing a snickers in her mouth.
" You really don't use that on all the girls do you Johnny?" Kelly chuckled, as she knew Jonathan was getting agitated.
" Johnny is a player, player, player"
" He got game!" mocked Kelly...
Kelly was making it real clear that she was not digging Jonathan.

"So Kelly, what guy tore your heart out and made you hate the world?" stabbed Jonathan as he smiled at her.
Kelly proceeded to ask Jonathan if he was gay or not..
Kat immediately got out of the pool and told Kelly to take it easy on Jonathan.. When Kat emerged from the pool her body was nothing less than mesmerizing.
"Oscar!" I yelled trying to act like I wasn't fixated on Kat's beautiful body.
Oscar looked at me like I was crazy.
He popped up and ran over to where I was sitting with Kelly and Jonathan. Oscar was zoned in on Jonathan the entire time he trotted over to me.
As I looked over at Jonathan I noticed all of his attention was on Kat.
Kat got out of the pool swinging her hair around flinging water all around her.
Kat was not bothered one bit being in her bra and underwear, although with it being yellow...
" That dog is abnormally big" piped off Jonathan. "Siberian Husky correct?"
I nodded with acknowledgement.
" Yeah, Oscar is definitely Sasquatch on four legs for sure!" I replied.
Jonathan began to ask how old he was and if he listened well. I let Jonathan know that Oscar was special, and that Oscar was my best friend. I also informed him that it was the only thing I took with me when I separated from my wife. Jonathan perked up telling me that he was sorry it didn't work out. "Is she still around?" Jonathan asked.
I told Jonathan that she lived In Delaware, Ohio with her new husband.
Kelly stood up telling Jonathan, that he was more than welcome to smoke a joint with her.
Jonathan looked at Kelly responding rather politely," I am sure I would be a buzz kill, thanks but no thanks."
Kelly smirked and replied "Figures!"
Kelly then offered me, so I accepted. About that time the 4 other girls walked into the pool area. Now we had all seven here at once.
I decided it was a good time to dip out with Kelly. As Kelly and myself walked away, I heard Jonathan immediately introducing himself.
"How do you know that Jonathan guy?" asked Kelly..
" I T-boned him on 33 and gave him a lift here." I said, as Kelly fired up her escape from reality......
Kelly told me that I ran into a weirdo for sure. I asked Kelly why she was so mean to him?
She went on to tell me that there was no particular reason. She laughed saying, "I'm a bitch remember?"

Kat dried off with her towel then sat in the chair beside Jonathan.
Now Korina, Brittany, Devan, and April were getting ready to jump into the pool.
Jonathan couldn't help but to wonder how he ended up at a hotel with 7 dancers and a beautiful front desk girl.

"So, what did you do to my friend Kelly that made her love you so much?" laughed Kat as she continued to dry her self off.
" Maybe I remind her of someone she dislikes" replies Jonathan.
Kat continued to jibber jabber about the type of person Kelly was, but all attention was on Kat's beautiful persona.
Kat had an appeal to her like no other,
She defined the word beautiful. Quite frankly, Jonathan had to make her his.
This was the one, this would be the one, the one that would be by his side forever....

Courtney walked over to where Jonathan and Kat was sitting joining in on there conversation.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Kelly is a real sweetheart once you get to know her, She has had a rough time these last few years." Courtney pleaded as she looked at Jonathan.
Courtney went on to explain how Kelly lost her sister 3 years ago. She also informed Jonathan how she was murdered in New York and was 1 of the 37 girls that died at the hands of a psychotic lunatic..
Jonathan could feel himself smiling inside with sheer delight as he listened to Courtney. He couldn't help but to wonder if it was himself, Veronica or Franklin that was credited with this mark.
Courtney confirmed this answer by saying she was stabbed and raped in her home..
Sounded like Veronica, Jonathan thought as he was dancing with murderous visions in his mind..
What a small world we truly live in was circling in his thoughts, as he put on a sympathetic look of remorse for his small audience.
Jonathan went on to say how sick the world had gotten, and how the criminals seem to have the ability to be smarter than the law enforcement pursuing them.
Courtney interjected by informing Jonathan that law enforcement was outnumbered, not outsmarted. She also let Jonathan know that her father was a detective in Boston that was a full blown alcoholic. She blamed his alcoholism on trying to cope in a world of death and pain on a regular basis.
Jonathan told her that perhaps she was right and that the devil wears many faces.
Courtney just stared off into space as if she was now in deep thought..
Kat interrupted the sorrow in the air by asking Jonathan if he would be so kind to walk her back to the room so she could get changed.
Jonathan informed Kat it would be his pleasure to walk her back to her room.
Kat flashed an excited smile telling Jonathan thank you..
Jonathan felt a sudden surge of energy shoot through his body making him feel invincible..
This feeling usually meant that either Veronica or Franklin were chomping at the bit to surface..

Veronica was definitely not happy with Jonathan's attraction to Kat..
Veronica however, had no control of what Jonathan liked or disliked..
She was merely Jonathan's puppet and that's all..
His strength controlled everything at this point...
It was clear that Jonathan was on a mission...
Yes, it was true....
The devil does wear many different faces, but he also likes to dance to the music of a madman...
Charles Manson was playing his acoustic setlist, and the devil was definitely dancing...

"Damn Kelly, this shit really relaxes me," laughed Matthias...
Kelly was laughing as she was trying to bite the smoke rings Matthias created in the air.
At this point both Kelly and Matthias were laughing hysterically at each other.
Kelly tripped falling into Matthias with him catching her in his arms..
Kelly looked into Matthias's eyes feeling as if she did when she was 16 years old.
Matthias looked into her eyes and pulled her close to his lips kissing her softly..
Kelly felt a hot flash run through her body from the soft touch of Matthias's lips.
Matthias pulled Kelly closer to his body while sliding his tongue slowly into her mouth kissing her passionately..
Kelly was now kissing Matthias back letting him know that she liked how she was feeling.
Matthias slowly pulled away looking at Kelly asking her with his eyes if she wanted to go back to his room. Kelly grabbed his hand and started leading him down the hallway...
Matthias for a split second noticed that Oscar was nowhere to be found.
Odd, but he knew Oscar could not be far, he also knew that he could take care of himself as well..

Jonathan walked Kat to her hotel room as they talked about the blizzard that brought both of them to the hotel. Jonathan laughed as he explained how he lost control of his car on the highway. Kat expressed how lucky he was that he wasn't seriously injured. Jonathan told her that he was thankful of how helpful Matthias was during the mishap. Kat then asked Jonathan what he was going to do about his rental car? Jonathan told her he had already spoken to Thrifty and that they would disperse a tow truck once the weather broke. They also said they would have a new rental available once he was able to obtain it.
Kat told Jonathan she was glad things were working out for him and dreaded traveling with the other girls. She explained to Jonathan that she and the other girls were exotic dancers touring different clubs around Ohio and the surrounding states. She also said that she was only doing this so she could make enough money to relocate to California to pursue a modeling career. Jonathan reassured her that she would be successful as a model and that coincidence was a funny thing. Kat was inquisitive at his statement asking what he meant by coincidence?
Jonathan explained to her that he was actually heading to California while traveling 33. Jonathan informed her that he was tracking down a deadbeat Dad from Florida and was on his way to Indiana. He also explained how he thought Indiana was a for sure dead end lead. California had the biggest potential for tracking this guy down. He had many family members that lived in San Francisco.
Jonathan made sure Kat understood that this gentlemen had other reasons for being tracked down than just for back support. Kat seemed quite excited of learning that Jonathan was a private detective. Kat then asked Jonathan if he would like to come In her room rather than stand in the hallway trying to hold a conversation. Jonathan asked if her friends would mind if he was there? Kat told him that she had her own room,and that only Kelly was her true friend.
Jonathan smiled and replied, "On that note, I accept!" Just as Jonathan went to follow Kat into the room he felt someones eyes upon him watching. Before he could turn to see who was watching, Kat began laughing saying that they had company. Kat pointed towards the end of the hall giggling at the figure locked In observant mode.
Jonathan turned and looked to whom Kat was pointing at. With pure hatred mixed with disgust Jonathan told himself...
This fucking dog is not what it seems to be...
This beastly creature was watching him..
Watching every move he made...
He then asked himself...
Why do I feel as if this dog and I have crossed paths before?

Chapter 6

Amazing how the east coast is rocked by a serial killer then complimented with a blizzard that is the biggest in the history of the United States. A blizzard that has claimed over 200 fatalities and a serial killer that has claimed 37.
The city of Boston had 12 girls snuffed out by a madman with the I.Q of Einstein. An individual that has no fear of being caught, or remorse for the shattered lives left in his path. A demon of sorts with know other explanation other than pure evil..
A predator who preys on woman...
Then demoralizes them with a presence of hell...
Crime scenes that would make a horror movie look like reality..
What the hell creates a human being of this nature? What kind of God releases a fury of destruction of this magnitude? The brutal vengeance of death with a face of laughter in the eyes of a helpless society...
As Tony Moreno cleans his 357 magnum all these thoughts go racing through his alcohol soaked mind. Drinking had never been so heavy, until the need of burying haunting images of mutilated woman became burned into his mind..
Tony has let his world be consumed by a monster that has left him lost and alone. A monster that had claimed a beautiful daughter, as well as drove another daughter off with a traveling stripper tour. Losing Shelley to the brutal hands of psychopath destroyed Tony's family. To know his daughter was treated with so much disrespect, disregard, was too much to digest. Haunting images of the fear and pain his daughter fell victim to would not go unanswered. No matter how look it took, Tony promised he would look into the eyes of this monster while he inflicted his own hell upon him.
Yes, you may be riding high on the coat tails of darkness, but a dedication of retribution is hunting you..
A prison of revenge that is not only reckless, but also has no boundaries when it comes to finding you. Sacrifice of anyone or anything to get you within his grasp is inevitable.

Tony lifts his glass of scotch and pounds down the liquor with a deep gasp..
A tear rolls down his face as a picture of two little girls starts coming to life on the bare living room wall.
The girls are sitting on the front porch in a swing singing daddy's coming home.

"Daddy's coming home" it's such a shiny
"Daddy's coming home" now it's time to
"Daddy's coming home" he likes to tickle
"Daddy's pulling up" with a bag of treats..
"We love our little Daddy" special little daddy...

The two little girls jump from the swing to start dancing in the yard because they see the gold Torino pulling up in the driveway.
Visions of Shelley and Kelly blowing kisses from their hands towards the car bring a steady stream of tears from both eyes...
The laughter of the two little girls as they yell "Daddy" send excitement through the summer air..
The words "We missed you Daddy" echo over and over in the smoke filled room.
An image of Shelley and Kelly running to the car with their arms wide open screaming " Daddy" with joy and happiness cloud Tony's intoxicated mind.
Then in a soft spoken child's voice he hears Shelley say "Daddy, I missed you so much!" Then hearing Kelly say, "Daddy, we love our special daddy!"
Then Tony hears his own voice reply, "Daddy loves his little girls with all of his heart."
Tony then hears Shelley ask, "Daddy, will you always be with us?"
Tony's voice answers very loving, " Always honey, our family will never be apart."
Then Shelley and Kelly grab their treat bags and give hugs with kisses then start singing...
" We love our Daddy"
Tony grips his empty glass then throws it across the room like a fastball from Nolan Ryan and shatters against the wall!!!
" You son of a bitch," you son of a bitch....
He drops to his knees with a tear soaked face with slobber dripping from his mouth wining....
"My baby, my baby girl" " I love you so much my little Shelley" Daddy wants you back! He needs you here, he needs you sweetie...
" Why me?" "Why my little girl?"
Tony's sobbing is enhanced by the state of his drunkenness and sorrow...
He reaches for his pack of smokes and pulls the last cigarette, crumpling the empty pack in his fist tossing it at the wall..
He lights his cigarette taking a big hit throwing his lighter carelessly across the room and exhales...
A cloud of smoke fills the room while Tony pulls back the hammer and fires a shot into the television creating a giant flash of light mixed with plastic and glass...
He picks himself up falling backwards against the wall letting himself slide down it until he crashes on his ass..
His 357 drops from his hand landing beside him, while he mumbles...
" I'm coming mother fucker"
" I'm coming".....
Then passes out into a black sea of nothing..........

Up through the cellar doors with a sudden force filled with fury comes vengeance. The storm vengeance walks into gives an evil salute with a nod of blessing...
The wind and rain followed by it's tag along brothers of thunder and lightening are singing a death march of happiness...
Now the hatred and power are zipping through the 12 year olds body with an appetite for suffering...
Now it will be father who will be running and pleading...
Now it will be mother who cries begging for Mercy...
Now it will be Franklin who is taking a beating...
Veronica, oh Veronica.... You will be put out of your misery so no one will touch you again... Nor will you play Daddy's little whore any longer...

Upon reaching the front porch the voice of Franklin is yelling at Veronica..
The front door comes flying off the hinges sailing into the mouth of the storm...
Vengeance comes crashing through the screen door sending splinters and pieces of screen through the dimmed room...
A face of sheer horror and disbelief take Franklins face hostage as he sees his brother standing before him...
The image of a 12 year old boy with nothing but white in his eyes missing pupils...
A bruised bleeding face with small gashes oozing green discharge..
The sound of grinding teeth chiseling against each other, eager to taste Franklins teenage skin..
Veronica quickly runs for the stairs screaming in pure panic and terror leaving Franklin alone..
In a deep graveled, demonic voice vengeance speaks..
" Running will not help, just prolongs the inevitable"
Franklin screams a high pitched pain as his arm is twisted behind his back shattering every bone within it..
Then the sound of teeth sinking into the side of his face ripping his cheek off like skinning hide from a raccoon fills the air..
Blood spraying the ceiling and walls like a sprinkler going off watering a lawn..
Sounds of flesh being ripped from Franklins body complimented with bones cracking like an all you can eat crab leg buffet...
Then the sound of Franklins body being tossed across the room smacking against the wall..
Now the voice of vengeances pathetic father is yelling" what the fuck is going on!!!"
Once his father reaches the bottom of the stairs his yelling is interrupted by silence for he cannot believe what his eyes are telling him..
It can't be true his father mutters... It can't be true....
It's not possible....
How the...
Then the Demonic voice speaks to the death ridden father...
" Hello Brother," "Remember me?" "Remember your brother?"
"Jonathan" " The one you and father locked into the cellar to die?" " I see you turned out to be a great father as well."
"Raping your daughter, beating your sons and wife!"
" Look at you, just like the old man" chuckled the demonic voice...
"Ha ha ha ha," "Look at you!"
" You locked me into darkness with our father, then chased your own son to the same place!"
" I have waited for this moment mother fucker!" "Your son has waited as well!" "Now you will feel torture!"
"Now you will feel pain!" "As will your pathetic wife and whore daughter"
" Remember what you use to say big brother?" "You use to laugh and sing it with joy mother fucker!"
"Sing it to me now" said the angered demonic voice...
" Sing it bitch!" "Sing it or say it before I mutilate you!"
"Say it Goddamnit!!!"
Then with a wining shivering whisper the words were said....
"Jonathan's Crying".....
"WHAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" growled the demonic voice..

The father wimpered louder...
"Jonathan's Crying"......
Then with a loud, hell ridden response from the possessed 12 year old boy
Came the words!!!!


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