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A broken-hearted girl who was abused by a famous b-boy (a boy who practices breakdancing).
He just couldn’t believe it.

Ever since his dance group got immensely famous because of their being a finalist in a televised dance contest named Philippine’s Best Dance Crew, a lot had changed in his life. He had done things that he couldn’t do before. He had fooled a lot of people, especially girls because he was now famous. Thanks to his dance group! He didn’t need to commit robbery and burglary anymore to have money. Their fame helped him with his financial problems and gave him an opportunity to get the stuff he wanted (new clothes, gadgets and a motorbike). It also gave him an opportunity to sleep with the girls he wanted. Because of this sudden fame he could do whatever he wanted. Whatever felony or mischief without getting caught by the police or without looking like a bad person as he was. He was so grateful to be part of this dance group.

Let me tell you about his dance group. They nearly won the championship in the grand finals of the said dance contest. They lost almost one point to a dance group named Tribal Danz Crew. Despite of that, they still felt that they were the champion because a lot of people supported them. Not only did they have immense talent in breakdancing and martial arts, they also have charm and charisma!

After the grand finals, they started dancing from time to time on Sunday Madness!, a variety show. Because they were so talented, their male fans (most of them were b-boys like them) wanted to be members of their dance group; their female fans wanted to date them (even though most of the members weren’t strikingly handsome). Because they were Yuri’s Assassins! The name of their dance group sounded like an underground syndicate/fraternity but their fans didn’t mind at all. Why? Because they were big!

They named their dance group Yuri’s Assassins because their leader, who was more famous than the rest of them, was named Yuri and their concept was breakdancing and martial arts and they were clad in ninja costume when they danced.

I have told you earlier that their female fans wanted to date the members of the dance group in question. Well, most of them did have a chance to date them. Not only that. They also had a chance to sleep with them. The members couldn’t understand why these girls were crazy about them. They weren’t exactly a bunch of good-looking boys. Maybe the reason why these girls wanted to have sex with these "ninjas” so badly was because they were famous and it’s a privilege for these girls to have their penises and sperms in their mouths and vaginas. What girl wouldn’t want to have sex with a famous ninja?
He had slept with a bunch of these girls but he kept it a secret from his pretty live-in partner for a long time. But recently, his live-in partner learned about it and she left him.

He met a girl named Solenn. She was a fan of Yuri’s Assassins. She never forgot to write flattering comments on their Facebook page after she watched their dances on TV or Youtube videos. She was such a sweet girl. He decided to date her even though he didn’t like her a bit. He would just bang her senseless and ditch her. That’s just it.

They met in Mall of Asia on their first date one afternoon, precisely in the part of the mall where numerous fast food restaurants stood and mall-goers old and young, female and male, rich and not-so-rich, clad in fashionable and shabby clothes strolled. The aroma of hot and delectable foods filled his nostrils. He heard the loud chatter of the people around him and felt the cool breeze blow his face as he walked toward his date.
Solenn was a short, unattractive girl with long straight black hair which she wore in a ponytail. She was not completely hideous but she had a huge forehead and nose and her face had a few pimples. Her skin which was her only asset was white as a pearl. She wore a simple T-shirt from Artwork, he reckoned, and jeans. She had a little make-up on her face. He flashed his killer smile and her face brightened up.

"Hi, Solenn. He said.
"Hi, B-boy Okami.” She said in her girly voice. She called him by her b-boy nickname even though she knew his real name was Daniel. What a silly girl!
"Where do you want to eat?”
"Anywhere you want, darlin’.

They ate in KFC. She ordered 1 piece chicken meal and Mountain Dew while he ordered Spaghetti and Sprite. After they ate, they strolled in the mall and talked about each other’s lives. She was a nice girl but she wasn’t attractive so he barely listened to what she said. She talked about her hobbies and interests, her job as an encoder in a certain office and her life as a businessman’s daughter. What he only remembered was the fact that she was rich. And it was all that mattered to him. He was already planning to make himself rich out of the girl’s monthly salary.

When they were about to go to their respective homes, he asked her to give him money for the fare because he was short of money. But that was a lie. The fact was he was trying to test the girl and see if she would give him money the first time he asked. The moment Solenn gave him money, he was sure he would get a lot from her in the future. She would give anything to B-boy Okami. And it was true. He was so ridiculously happy to know that he found someone he could fool.

He texted her the next day that he enjoyed her company and he would love to see her again. And the pattern of their relationship began.

This was the pattern: They dated in numerous restaurants (he never picked up the tab when they ate out! That’s what’s amazing when you date an unattractive, obsessive fan like her, he thought.) and concerts (she always paid his tickets)! they had sex , he borrowed money from her (he told her he needed it so he could pay the monthly bills for the shabby house he lived in [he would tell her that if she didn’t help him pay the monthly bills he would lose the shabby house] but that was a half-truth. The only part of it that was true was he lived in a shabby house in Sampaloc, Manila. Solenn had seen it the first time they spent the night together. Outside, it had a small wooden door that served as the main door, and dusty jalousies. The inside of the house was small, dusty, dingy and scarce of furniture but teeming with gadgets and appliances! It smelt of dust as if it hadn’t been cleaned for ages. Solenn felt so uncomfortable and as a person who lives in a big, beautiful house, she couldn’t imagine how Daniel could live in it. The place was so dark, bleak and unwelcoming. She could bet 500 pesos that there were cockroaches and rats hiding somewhere inside it. The neighbourhood was utterly quiet as if no one else lived in the street. ) Date-sex-borrow money… and effective lying. What an ugly, deceptive pattern! Now you ask why he borrowed money? It’s because he was courting a cute dancer who looks like Angel Locsin (A Filipino actress who looks like Kristin Kreuk). He needed to buy her everything she wants: fashionable clothes and expensive jewellery. His plan was changed. He didn’t want to make himself rich out of his fan’s monthly salary anymore. He just wanted to win the cute girl’s heart. When he got tired of Solenn and that pattern, he would ditch her. Pure simple. That’s what he did after their four-month relationship. He bet she cried her heart out.

She just couldn’t believe what B-boy Okami did to her. At first she thought that things were going so well. They dated a lot of times. They talked about each other’s lives. She listened with gusto to everything he said. (He talked to her about his family. He said that they were a family of eight. He was the 4th sibling. They were so poor that they lived in a shabby house. He supported his family as a dancer and a tattoo artist.) She made love to him even though they barely knew each other because he fell for him. She liked him in the beginning not because he was handsome (he wasn’t even handsome! He was a lanky lad with short, straight hair dyed in blonde, lips as thin as a cartoon character’s, a pointed chin that made his face look like a crescent moon when he faced left, and skin pale white as chalk. But she liked the tattoos in his body and his firm abs) or popular. She liked him because she thought he was the nicest and sweetest guy she ever met (But then, she was nice and sweet to every girl. He showed his niceness and sweetness through his text and personal conversations with them. His mouth and text messages can say things which can melt every girl’s heart). She even lent him money because he told him he needed it badly for his shabby house’s monthly bills. She knew from the start that he was lying about it and that he just wanted her money to buy himself the stuff that he wanted (Maybe gadgets? She didn’t know). She loved him despite of his being "mukhang pera” (Mukhang pera is greedy in Filipino) She did everything to please him. To make him the happiest guy on earth became her mission in life. But what he did was unbelievable! He couldn’t believe he just left her with a blink of an eye!

The day when they were supposed to have sex in his house, she went inside it but he wasn’t there! He left her a note that said he was tired of their relationship. He made her feel unloved! She cried her heart out when she came home and thought of committing suicide. But she realized it wasn’t what she should do! She had to do something that would make herself feel better. She decided to come to Claire’s house. Claire was her best friend since childhood who was always there for her in good and bad times. She has been a friend who was there as someone Solenn can talk to about anything: Her cheerful and gloomy stories. She had always been a friend Solenn can depend on when she had problems. She was always her shoulder to cry on. Solenn went to Claire’s house. Solenn and Claire met inside Claire’s living room. It was a small living room which consisted of a rectangular black table with fancy flowers in the middle and figurines on either sides, two sofa chairs (each that can seat four people) with soft pillows of different colours, a window with white curtains and a tiled wooden floor. It smelled of fresh flowers due to the air freshener Claire sprayed. If one would close their eyes, they would feel that they were in a garden instead of a small living room. This living room gave Solenn the comfort and serenity she needed so much. Claire set their food and drinks (two cups of hot chocolate and two slices of tasty bread with cheese) on the table using her long, beautiful and strong mocha arms and a white tray. Solenn couldn’t help but admire those arms as she looked at them and envied them and wished she would have them instead of her own short, fair arms. After looking at these arms, she started talking about Daniel’s goddamn awful behaviour towards her. Claire’s hazel eyes widened because of utter surprise. She couldn’t believe a boy who looked like someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly, had hurt her best friend so much. "I can’t believe Daniel did those terrible things to you! How could he?” Claire’s full lips frowned and said, "I told you, you shouldn’t give your complete trust to a guy especially if you haven’t known him for a long time! Look what happened to you! You’re miserable!” Her fury was so great that she felt a strand of white hair grew on her long wavy black hair and her blood rise higher than normal! She would kill Daniel if she could! How dare he do this to a girl who had loved him so much! Later at night, she visited Mara, her friend who practices witchcraft and told her Solenn's story. The next day, Solenn received a text message from Claire telling her that she needed to give her Daniel’s picture. Claire would give it to Mara and Mara would cast an evil spell to him right away.Solenn gave the picture to Claire.She told Claire that she needed the evil spell to work next Monday, on the day of Yuri Assassins’ latest gig. Claire ensured her that Mara would make it work on that day.

Later at midnight, Mara was preparing the materials needed for the evil spell in her house and arranging them on a table. The house was dark and filled with occult paraphernalia no other witches have. It served both as her house and a secret black magic shop for witches who are practicing black magic. Mara was saying an incantation under her breath while looking at Daniel’s photo which was laid on a table that had two candles on either sides. After saying an incantation, she sang a weird-sounding song. Then she blew out the candles.

Yuri Assassins’ gig came. It was held in Dagupan. Clad in black ninja costume, they danced together and did breathtaking stunts. And after that they held a showdown where each member showed their b-boying and/or martial arts skills. The crowd went wild. B-boy Okami’s turn to do his thing came.

He did a few kickass dance moves and then a headspin. It was the longest headspin everyone saw. In his eyes, everyone had a demonic face and voice which told him to do a longer headspin or else… they would devour his soul and something horrible would happen to his family. Dreadful of the demonic voices, he obeyed them. The crowd screamed in awe but he heard something else. Instead of their scream, he heard a wicked witchy voice that told him of his inevitable, blood-curdling fate:

Now, you’re going to die! Hahaha!

That "hahaha” echoed for what seemed like forever in his ears. He continued to headspin even though he didn’t intend to. Someone was controlling his body. A watermelon-sized purplish mouth with sharp fangs appeared on his helmet. It masticated his head with relish but left out his brain and skull. Blood gushed out of his neck. The enormous and hideous mouth spat the unwanted parts of B-boy Okami’s head towards his new girlfriend’s direction, who was seated on the front row. They dropped onto her lap, all filled with blood and gore. She gave a shriek so loud that it could break everyone’s ears.

The hosts of the gig, the ninjas and the crowd screamed and ran away from the event center because of utter terror.
At the back row, a girl dressed in black laughed a demonic laugh. It was Solenn.
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