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The doors linking fiction, reality and all of space time are open.

10 Years Later

The battle fleet emerges from the mouth of a giant galactic wormhole, years from departure date: 10/21/11 . Before, just a small band of small cargo ships and fighters, now had been forged with Athena class battleships and a greater number of Poseidon cruiser's to enforce the fodder. Indeed the wars against the Kurg had industrialized the world's under Commander Clark Belmont. All the production and plundering and building and destroying of ships, the burning of world's.

Aboard Belmont's personal transport ship “ The Jewel of the Universe” .

The pilot Captain Jake Alexander receives an incoming transmission:

“Captain, deployment to G.3.229.13 is urgent , activate suspended animation under hyperspace” ordered Vice Admiral Montague. “ The Colony fleet will be arriving at 22:35, we need to make contact with our comrades in the area, as well as the local ambassadors. Our narrow escape from the Kurg blitzkrieg left us short several cargo ships, a few dozen fighters, a colony ship and left the commander with a nasty burn, we need to make haste captain, maximum warp.” “Copy that Admiral” replied Captain Alexander, “I've been waiting to push this ship to its limits, ready the warp drive engines!” cried the captain, “Energize! The fleet flickered briefly and was instantly forward in faster than light, faster than god speeds. “ Activate suspended animations,” ordered Captain Alexander to the officers on duty. “There, everybody's asleep Admiral, hows the commander holding up?”

“He's stabilized captain, there is a droid attending to him in the medical bay. Alert me before disengaging from hyperspace, and stay vigilant for any Krug reinforcement fleets following in our wake.” The captain salutes Vice Admiral Montague in the monitor and walks from the command bridge issuing the final orders “ You heard the admiral gentlemen, keep a keen eye on our back trail, and monitor life support”

The medical bay was state of the art, fully equipped , and capable of hosting the most complex of surgeries. Commander Belmont never thought that he'd be the first patient to require the life support systems here. Medical droid RX-145 adds a muscle relaxing agent to the commanders iv drip. “ You've suffered quite a deep burn to your torso commander, your quite lucky to be alive” drones the droid in his electronic voice. “ The agent I just added will help you rest, you've undergone laser surgery and need to rest while your flesh is being regrown. ” Barely conscious, he gives a slight nod of his head before relinquishing to the sleep agent and to his dreams. Aware of how close he came to perishing in the firefight of the invaders and the fleeing plundering ships. Aware that Station # 31 was gone, completely wiped out, …. that his crew were the only to survive.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1825267