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Here is a poem that i wrote in school when i was upset
Sticks and Stones

Rapture and torn
Broken and scared
Bleeding and Broken
But alone and unscathed
Listen to the Calling bells ring
As the children rush to meet its end
Sitting beside the street side
Bleeding and torn
But everyone ignores
The young ones give a glance
Only to be pushed away
To watch the blood trickle down my face
Are nightmares to a young-ling
But to see with their crooked eyes
The damage that just a simple broken hearten word has done
Is what is done mentally
The damage, the cuts, the slashes and gashes
The bones shattered, broken, and destroyed
The veins with no blood flowing threw
Left alone on a street side to watch others walk by
They give not a passing glance
I hope to be seen but all to be in vein
For what fool would worry not for someone they don’t know
The Blood trickles down my leg
As I lose consciousness in my head
I wonder how long I will last you see
Before I enter an endless sleep
Before I am taken from the wrecked world
Where damage down inside is shown
Where bleeding is nothing worth more than a glance
Where I am left to lie in bed
To die from a word spoken out loud
Who said words can never hurt you
Because right now they are killing me.

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