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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1825433
First chapter of The adventures of Clark Belmont.
Chapter 1.1 The Invasion

The small planet, named Station # 31 was due to be evacuated and recolonized elsewhere with a vast fleet of droids and cargo ships, but the Kurg invasion was devastating to the small colony fleet and obsolete infrastructure. The facilities here had already been mostly defunct and abandoned. The commander had just ordered the transportation of the planets resources to the new colony location when the first of the Krug vessels showed up. The few cargo ships, and squads of fighters were destroyed in the heavy bombardment from the insurgent alien fleet and their plundering capitol ships.

Orbiting the planet, Commander Clark Belmont stands at the observation window of a Gaia colony ship. The large walrus mustache of Major General Trask appears as the video screen flickers on the wall behind him. “ Commander, we are due to arrive in 5 minutes. Give us an update of your status.” Ignoring the message, Belmont turns to his intelligence officer, “ Send a probe into orbit, they must have a flagship organizing the attack, find it!” he commands. Hermes probes are fast. Really, really fast. It was only a minute into its scan before identifying a large Krug Warship hovering just beyond the horizon. “ Commander, the esp report indicates the warship is heading in our direction at an alarming rate!” cries the lieutenant at his side. Indeed, looking at the probe's displayed calculations, the massive ship was due to engage them in under 3 minutes. “ General,” begins the commander, “ Our status is the planet has been plundered, the facilities are still under attack, and there's a massive warship bearing down upon us. Oh, and did I mention all we have is this Gaia?” And seizing the controls of the ship, he increases speed to 100%, programing a course and velocity that directly encounters the enemy ship. “ Everybody to the bridge! Prepare to embrace for impact!” he cries, navigating the bulky ship on it's course. Out on the horizon, the hulking Krug warship looms into sight. The initial waves of particle blasts erupted from the warships cannons, beating down the gaia's shields.

Down on the ground, it was only the state of the art defenses build around the facilities had any impact on the enemy's heavy Armour ratings. The armada of plasma and particle cannons activated with a metallic roar , breaking their ranks in a torrent of beams and explosions. The Gauss cannons activated without mercy, their supercharged high density titanium slugs melted the Krug capitol and cargo ships like wax, pushing them back into retreat.

Miles above, the violent enemy warship vomits a torrent of plasma fire to the oncoming colony ship approaching at kamikaze speed. Everybody aboard braces for impact . . 3..2..1... Boom! The flagship was blinded, having had the weight of a gaia crush its command deck, skipping off like a stone on the waters surface. “There, I just gave all you bastards a promotion!” exclaimed the Commander Belmont. “Prepare to evacuate , load the escape pods and prepare the Jewel” he says as the crippled colony ship lurches to its side, sinking lower into the atmosphere, beginning the plunge. The evacuation sirens alarm all aboard to seek safety. A bright flash as Trask's Frezian forces arrive out of hyperspace. The dozens of Athena battleships and Poseidon cruisers approach the Krug flagship and prepare to receive the retreating alien vessels, but first things first. “ Athena squadrons, prepare to destroy the Krug flagship” commands General Trask. “ Fire”, the massive Krug vessel was vaporized in a death of a hundred stings, all hundred battleships firing a single shot. It all happens in seconds, the massive Krug warship explodes, another bright flash as two more Krug Flagships arrive from hyperspace 20 miles from the scene. Instantly spilling thousands of fighters from their guts and firing upon Trask's fleet. Another second passes and the second phase of Trask's fleet catches up, 500 Artemis and 500 Apollo appear in two massive formations.

The Krug are known throughout the entire universe, they are a seemingly endless force that pirates every known depth of space. And they usually come back, in much greater numbers. So when 3 Krug flagships,dozens of cargo ships, and hundreds of fighters are logged in the DSP reports, at the end of the day the commander on duty must wonder when such a force would be back. General Trask contemplates this question, watching thousands of fighters die in a massacre of overwhelming numbers and firepower. “ Escort formations, deliver the crew of the falling colony ship”, he orders as he continues to monitor the battle. A couple squadrons of fighters join a formation of cruisers that dive for re-entry and after the dying gaia. A group of Krug capitol ships lead the pack of retreating plunderers. On approach, they begin to lay fire on the commander and crew of the colony ship, canceling out it's remaining shields and leaving them a defenseless burning mass of fire and metal.

“ Commander, the remaining escape pods have departed. The Charon transport, cargo and the Jewel are prepared for evacuation” cries Captain Alexander in the monitor above his head. “Good, this big hunk of metal is falling apart. I'm on my way captain.” Belmont says as he sets the autopilot. Taking a final glance at the chaos evolving around him he heads to the lift that descends to the ship bay. Entering the cruiser, he is just inside when the gaia is hit by a large blast by another passing capitol ship. It triggers a chain reaction that tears the ship apart by a series of explosions, the commander is thrown forward by a blast erupting from hydrogen storage next to the launch bay. The doors close and the pilot accelerates the vessel forward and out of the inferno that was their colony ship. A final large explosion blasts the ship completely apart, the exiting cruiser and transport just clearing it's range. The squads of escort fighters break into two formations, the cruisers engage krug threats , and the fighters escort the Jewel of the Universe. The firefight is intense as the conflicting ships dance around blaster fire from the defenses below. The enemy ships fall and burn away in masses of fiery debris as the teams of Artemis and Poseidon’s carve a path out of the hell. They quickly climb from the reaches of the atmosphere. “Captain, your to rendezvous with Admiral Montague at the edge of the battlefield and make way to the new colony while we finish up here.” orders General Trask. “ Copy that General, whats the status of the remaining enemy fighters?” ask Alexander. “ The Krug flagships and capitol ships have been neutralized, all that remain are a few dozen fighters that have been playing games with us. Hiding amongst debris and asteroids in the area, these fighters are fast and extremely stealthy. I don't know how but a crew have managed to infiltrate three of our Athena battleships captain, we lost contact with them just minutes after the krug reinforcements arrived.


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