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by Corbin
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In memory of Jeniffer Burton
Death till Dawn

My tears come down in sheets of rain.
         I lumber beneath them,
bundled in stark black jacket
         they bear soggy chill
born both with
         powerful sorrowful pain,
and the
         frosty, bite, of anger.
My tears pool, traipsing through town.
         They tell of purity once had,
now departed.
         Of life once shared,
now crushed.
         Of work once done,
now ceased
         Of love once felt

now free.

My tears are blasted in my face
         by whispered scream.
A force of wind, pushing back on
         gloomy, senseless, darkness.
Uncaring violence lent
         wrenching black
Closing in, but…
         pushed through

My tears water the ground
         new soul sprouts.
My head arises,
         welcoming the tears to my face.
They purify.
         washing the evil away
Resounding life returned
          wonderful memories flashing.
         Woe wanes.

My tears remain,
         spattering and pattering on windows
whisking, flowing, wiping
         away some pain and anger.
Leaving in its wake
         some little pain,
some little anger
         and life, left to live.

My tears wash the world,
         as I sleep in bed.
Making ready for a new day
         a new start.
The beginning, the ending
         the life of friends sharing

         Dawn’s day.
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