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by Deb
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1825563
Poem created from a short story writing prompt of a cowboy
Good Ol' Boy

They say that I'm a good ol' boy
I hope what they say is true
I believe in hard work and play
and given' a man his due

I'd be the last cowboy to say
that I've done no wrong
The Good Lord knows my every thought,
watches over me all day long

I ain't the sentimental type
but it's time that I took stock
I want to count my blessins' Lord
you got it through this ol' block

My wife's stood by through thick and thin
I know her fate is set
I'd screw up and she'd get mad;
she hasn't kicked me out yet

My kids are grown and on their own
to say I've no credits fair
cause through those years I worked most nights,
sowed wild seeds and wasn't there

I helped my neighbors now and then
but I had more'n my share of fights
I guess I had a one night stand
but I want to set it right

My wife, my friends, and kids you see
have said I am forgiven
but at this time I bow to you
my eyes are now on heaven

The cancer's eating up my brain
but my wife sez my soul is safe
If I can just be humble now
and ask for your Amazing Grace.

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