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My silly take on the Cramp Prompt for 11/12. Written for my children.
There was an evil overlord
Who wanted his subjects to sicken
He commanded his loyal confidant, Squirrel
And sent him to find poisoned chicken.

At issue for Squirrel was how best to begin
How to resolve this quest for his master?
He pondered and wondered and thought and he thought
‘Til at last he came up with an answer.

He’d go on a road trip! A road trip, yes sir!
And find that which his master desired:
A chicken unclean cooked in poisonous steam—
‘Twas this that his master required.

After several days, he went on his way
(Not ‘til after his moonlight swim!)
He began his trek with rigor—not jest!
As goodbyes were said to his kin.

Through forests and fields and some valleys, too!
Did Squirrel wander in search of his treasure—
Chicken so tasty the subjects would eat;
Perhaps BBQ chicken would pleasure!

With pep in his step and foot that was light
‘Twas long before Squirrel became tired;
But shelter was found and Squirrel laid down—
In a barn for the night he expired.

‘Til the next day when ….what did he hear?
The cluck of large chickens—so loud, near, and clear!
He jumped with joy, he jumped with a scream!
He jumped upon a trampoline---

He killed all the chickens, and cooked them fast
With poison soaking the skins;
Then return did Squirrel with his trove to his master
And presented them all with a grin.

The evil lord served all his subjects at dinner
And they dined on the fine BBQ;
‘Til the subjects did frown and fell on the ground
Without even saying “Thank you!”

And so ends our tale of Squirrel’s evil deed
For the one he does do serve;
For his trouble rewarded with acorns galore
'Cause the chicken should best be avoided.
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