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PART A--Contest Entry--The Items I Cherish Most
My Listography

1) The multi-colored quilt on my bed. A few years ago my mother took some of my clothes she had saved from my childhood and cut the fabric pieces into squares and created a quilt for me. Even though it is becoming shabby and worn, looking at the squares I am reminded of a particular time from my childhood days. One square was from a dress she made for me to wear to a school concert; another is from a skirt I made for myself in my first Home Ec. class. I love spreading this quilt out on my bed each day and smoothing the wrinkles from it. It makes me feel cherished. Without the fabric pieces to remind me, I may have forgotten about some of those childhood moments which are now preserved.

2) My father’s tie clip. This is a small silver-ish tie clip containing a small rhinestone or diamond. My mother gave it to me one day, years after my father died. I now fasten it to my husband’s tie when he wears one and feel like perhaps by just touching it, wisps of my father’s spirit may be with us. It is the only item I have that belonged to him.

3) Family photographs. Naturally, I cherish my son’s baby photos and our fun family pictures but the “family photographs” I am referring to are ones that date back to the 1800’s. Some of them are so old, they were printed on “tintype” metal. These are albums of my ancestors, and together with write-ups detailing my family’s history, I have quite a library of visuals and documents that reveal how they lived their lives, who married whom, and how circumstances came together in the grand scheme of things so that I can be here.

4) My writing. I cherish every word and every string of words I ever thought to put together. My ideas and expressions have made people laugh, argue, think, remember and shake their heads while saying, “You’re weird”, “You might need professional help”, and “I wish I could write like that.” I wouldn’t trade a single phrase I’ve ever typed, after all the thought, effort and many, many hours put into this craft. I’ve been prompted, encouraged, discouraged, and challenged. I’ve been controversial, reviewed and rated. I’ve even had a touch of writer’s block. It makes me realize how much I have always loved words, stories and expressing them creatively.

5) A decrepit jewelry box. My grandmother gave this to me when I was about 9 years old and it has been sitting on my dresser ever since then. It was hers when she was younger so it’s probably at least 100 years old now. (She was born in 1891!) It still has a price tag on the bottom: five cents! We weren’t particularly close due to her long bouts of crankiness and sulking but it was nice that she wanted to give me something. She was not really known for that quality.

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