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What we can learn from a children's film.
In Disney Pixar’s film WALL-E, directed by Andrew Stanton, the world has become a dystopia. In 2008, Disney Pixar released a G rated movie for children. Ironically, this movie is not exclusively for children. It has a deeper meaning portrayed to adults. The movie shows the world without life and full of garbage. People have moved to space and rely completely on technology. The movie shows how everything has become disrupted by the lack of responsibility humans have shown through their actions.

WALL-E was created to warn society about the dangers of allowing themselves to become too reliant on the use of technology. The movie indicates society has become lazy and fat. The actions of society, as well as their physical weight, symbolize just how much society has allowed technology to rule. WALL-E and EVE have become humanized. They exhibit feelings of love and compassion while humans pay attention to the orders in which the autopilot of the ship gives them. The humans act like robots because they only look at the screens in their faces; they have no human characteristics. They eat, sleep, and rise when told. The people have become blind to everything around them.

In the film many scenes show the audience points of satire. The scene in which WALL-E finds the plant growing on the garbage-filled earth portrays a point of satire. The plant symbolizes life- the only life on earth at this time. Also, the plant becomes a symbol of rebirth for earth and society in the end. An important scene in the movie is the scene whereby EVE is sent to the robot hospital to be repaired. This scene shows a point of satire because the robots that have been labeled as sick are actually the sane robots. The producers use this scene to show society that the people who appear to be crazy can actually be the intelligent ones. Another scene filled with satire is the scene in which the humans fall out of the chairs and cannot walk or stand. The humans relied on technology so much; they forgot the essential things such as standing and walking. This type of satire is also shown when the captain does not know simple things like oceans, dancing, and music. Society has become ignorant because of technology.

The creators of this film do an excellent job of showing a dystopia. When the ship’s technology is disturbed, chaos breaks out and things begin to spiral out of control. Also, the appearance of earth shows the dystopia because of all the trash. Life cannot exist without help. This movie can entertain kids, but can really teach adults a life lesson to prevent this from happening to the world. WALL-E was made to teach society that technology is a good thing when used for the right things. However, if society abuses the use of technology and ignores responsibilities, then WALL-E can become more than just an animated film. WALL-E should be watched by everyone because it teaches a life lesson that all should learn.

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