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by Tony C
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Sabrina’s choice to wear her favorite jeans leads to a series of misfortune at school.
Sabrina had just put on a white T-shirt and her favorite blue denim jeans to wear to school that day. She was about to leave, when her mother stopped her.

“You’ve been wearing those jeans since junior high school,” she said. “You really should stop wearing them.”

“I like them,” said Sabrina.

“You’re outgrowing them, and if you keep wearing them, they’ll probably start to tear. Aren’t they getting tight?”

“They’re fine.”

“Okay then, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Sabrina ignored her mother’s concerns and left.

Sabrina arrived at school. She had to take a test in her first class of the day, which was History. Once she finished it, she got up to hand it in to the teacher. On her way to his desk, she dropped her paper. When she bent down to pick it up, she heard a loud sound coming from the seat of her pants.


Bending down had caused her jeans to rip in the back, exposing her underwear. The room had been silent up until that point. That changed when Sabrina’s pants ripped. Everyone except the teacher started laughing at her. What made it worse was that she was wearing white panties with red hearts on them, something she really did not want to be seen in. She covered the hole with her hands. Sabrina now wished she had listened to her mother, and that she had worn a different pair of panties.

The teacher, being sympathetic, quieted down the class and then had Sabrina come up to him and he quietly asked her, “Do you have anything else you can wear?”

“Yes, in my gym locker,” said Sabrina.

“Then go change.”

With her hands covering the hole in her pants, Sabrina left the room and walked down the hall to the locker room, hoping no one else would see her in her current state.

Sabrina got to the locker room, changed into her black gym shorts, and put her torn jeans in her locker. Then she returned to class and had to face the same people who had just laughed at her and knew what kind of underwear she had on. She was very embarrassed and hoped she could get through the rest of the day without anything else happening to her.

The next two classes were uneventful, but then she had P.E. She already had on her gym shorts, so she only needed to change into her gym shirt. During class, she was in a better mood, playing volleyball with other students. Then she noticed one of her shoelaces had untied. She went over to the side to tie them. She sat down in the bleachers, unaware of a nail sticking out.

“OW!,” she yelled, and as she jumped up in pain, she heard a sound she had heard earlier.


The nail had torn a hole in her shorts, exposing her embarrassing panties again. “Not again!,” she thought. Her yell attracted the attention of the students she had been playing with, which lead to more laughter. Sabrina covered her butt with her hands and ran to the locker room. Seeing that, those who didn’t know what had just happened to her thought that she needed to go to the bathroom… and fast!

All the other girls were in class, so Sabrina was alone in the locker room. With both her shorts and jeans ripped, Sabrina had nothing else to wear. She didn’t want to try going to the lost and found to find something and risk being seen, so she instead got out her cell phone and called her mother.

“Mom, I need your help,” said Sabrina.

“What’s wrong?,” said her mother.

“I need you to bring me pants.”


“I ripped my pants. I’m in the locker room. I need you to bring me new pants, and fast, before class ends.”

“What about your gym shorts?”

“I, um, ripped those too.”


“Could you just come, please?”

“I told you not to wear those jeans anymore. I’ll be there soon.”

“Thank you.”

Fortunately for Sabrina, they only lived a few blocks away from the school. It only took her mother about 10 minutes to get there.

Sabrina had been sitting in the locker room alone, waiting for her mother, when she heard footsteps. She thought it was one of the girls at first, but was relieved when she heard the sound of her mother’s voice.

“Sabrina?,” she said.

“Back here,” said Sabrina.

Sabrina’s mother found her and handed her a plastic bag. “Here you go.”

Sabrina opened the bag, expecting to find a pair of pants, but instead found a pink miniskirt. Sabrina didn’t like to wear skirts, which her mother knew.

“I thought you were bringing me pants,” said Sabrina.

“I was,” said her mother. “But then I thought about how you didn’t listen when I told you not to wear those jeans. I also thought about how I had bought you this skirt for your birthday and you’ve never worn it.”


“Oh, that reminds me. Turn around.”

Sabrina turned around and her mother got to see the hole. After grinning a little bit, she then took out her cell phone and took a picture of her daughter’s humiliation.

“What are you going to do with that picture?,” said Sabrina.

“I’ll put it in the family album, maybe. See you later,” said her mother. And then she left, just as girls started coming in. Sabrina went to take a shower. When she returned, she put the skirt on, even though she hated it. She was just glad to be covered again. She was sure that after everything that had happened so far, two wardrobe malfunctions and having to wear a skirt, that the rest of the day would be better. Sabrina then went to her next class.

After that class ended, she went to her locker in the hallway to put some books away. She had a bottom locker, so she had to crouch down to get to it. She was rushing to get to her next class on time, so she quickly did what she had to do and shut her locker, without realizing that her skirt had gotten caught in the door. She got up and started to run to class, only to be pulled back before hearing a familiar sound.


Everyone in the hallway stopped to stare at Sabrina. She didn’t need to look down to know what had just happened. She could feel a draft. Her skirt had just been ripped off her body, and she was now standing there with her panties fully exposed! She was frozen in shock, so frozen that it took her a few seconds to react to what had just happened. When she finally did, she heard the laughter of everyone. “Oh my God!,” she thought as she turned around and tried to pull her skirt out of her locker. She would have opened the door, but she was too shaken up to remember the combination. She finally pulled her skirt free and wrapped it around her waist like a towel. Then she ran past the laughing students to the nearby bathroom to hide in a stall and call her mother again. She hoped no one had taken pictures.

What started out as a normal day for Sabrina became the worst day of her life.

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