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by Sashie
Rated: 13+ · Article · Teen · #1826355
An article on site gurl.com. Practicing to become a journalist, I think its good. Reviews.
Article on Gurl.com:

Gurl.com is a place for girls to join together and talk about problems they may not be able to talk about with friends and family. The biggest point for gurl.com is for girls to be able to feel free and talk about their problems, example, growing up, puberty, boyfriends, etc.

Gurl.com has many different help supports for teenage and pre-teen girls, like ‘Help me Heather’ which is an advice column where girls can go to, to receive advice and help from the writer Heather. Heather has been very successful in helping teenage girls with problems from bad boyfriends, to diseases. You name it and Heather will be able to help you, or at the very least just give you a piece of small advice, or just a lovely and well needed cheer up. Another advice column ‘Ask a guy’ is there for teenage girl’s help with those all important relationship problems and crushes. Ethan knows pretty much everything to tell the girl writing to him, whether or not he’s interested or not. Ethan from ‘Ask a guy’ will always be honest and helpful towards you.

You think that’s it for gurl.com? Well let me tell you, you couldn’t be more wrong.

One of the most amazing things on gurl.com is the ‘Shout out boards’. The shout out boards are a place where all the girls can come together and talk openly to each other and receive advice and help from others their own age. There are many different topics on the boards; to name a few popular boards would be, your body, teen pregnancy, relationships and sex, body image, friends and family, and being single. There are a lot more boards than that though, head over to http://www.gurl.com/category/boards/ to check it all out!

And just when you think there couldn’t possibly be more on gurl.com, they surprise you again. There are billions of fun things to do online that aren’t all about growing up. These things make growing up fun and exciting and makes it a good place to catch girly gossip, and quiz yourself.

Check out ‘Fast Facts’ - http://www.gurl.com/category/help-and-advice/fast-facts/

Super cool and funny comics - http://www.gurl.com/category/comics-and-illustrations/

Have some good fun and test yourself with the awesome quizzes - http://www.gurl.com/category/fun/quizzes-personality-and-trivia/ and surveys - http://www.gurl.com/category/fun/surveys-for-teen-girls/

Confess and get off your chest you’re deepest, darkest secrets or read funny and embarrassing stories about others at - http://www.gurl.com/category/your-life/confessions/

There is much, much more fun to gurl.com, so I recommend you check out the site and see for yourself at - http://www.gurl.com/

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1826355-Article-on-Gurlcom