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How far would you go to take that last step in life, and the first into a void of unknown?
The early morning sky was streaked with pale shades of blue and pink, and fresh air caught at her throat with every breath. Her stomach lurched uncomfortably at the thought of what was coming: no turning back now. She thought back to her life before, realising how much everything had changed and how quickly. She noticed how each decision she had made, however small, had prepared her for this moment: tiny steps towards the inextricable conclusion. At first, it had seemed impossible- these things just didn’t happen to people. But slowly, surely, all the details started to make sense, and a fantastical world came alive around her. The more she thought about it, the more natural this seemed, and however extreme the destination, it would be a lie to say she hadn’t enjoyed the journey.
She looked out at the clouds, and at the ground, remembering the sickening jolt in her gut, just a few minutes ago. Not anymore. Her path had crossed over the boundaries of reality, and here, now, she couldn’t die. It was impossible here; it was just a change, a shift to something other. Death was just a term used by those who were ignorant. But call it what you will, ‘die’ is what she must do. It was time to become other.
The ledge was comfortingly cool on her bare feet, and she quickly covered the few paces to the edge. After that, there was nothing. There was no ground left under her feet, no support for her fragile body, and nothing to hold her back any longer. As she fell, air rushed around her body, its coolness enclosing her inside a dream-like state, she closed her eyes, and savoured the last sensation in this life.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1826415