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A poem about someone I lost- and everything that hat went with them.
I just want to say that I know that this might not make sense to everyone, and it may not mean the same thing to those who do understand it. However, every time I post somthing I think will only make sense to me, someone else posts a comment telling me how much they relate. Figures! Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.


they're coming so fast now,
so hard,
so wet
so strong
that I can't stop them
and I try to think of the things that comfort me-
and those words
but all I can think
is that they are gone
because somehow,
I've lost them
and you aren't there to help me find them

sometimes I see those kids writing
and I want to tell them to remember
the way you said them
because no one says them the way you do

and now
I've forgotten
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