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Erotic short story about what happens when you mess with the Yakuza (think Japanese Mafia)
Why did I ever borrow money I knew I couldn't repay? Yuuta asked himself as he tried to close his eyes against the bright spotlights shining in his face.  He wanted to run away, but the ropes tying him to the chair effectively kept him prisoner. 

"Who would like to buy this fine specimen?  He's guaranteed to provide an entertaining evening for any of you fine gentlemen."

As the announcer's voice boomed out over the auditorium, Yuuta cracked open an eye to survey the room full of men before him.  Several of the business men there were eyeing Yuuta in a disturbing way, one that sent shivers down his spine and made him want to spit in their faces. 

"Is he a virgin?" one particularly foul man asked.

"Well, that will just have to be a surprise.  I'm sure you can think of something creative to do with him though, Mr. Yaso," the announcer replied with a smirk.

"Can I check him out personally before buying?" Yuuta's head whipped up at the familiar voice.  There in the fourth row stood Sou Taro, the man he had hoped to never see again.

The announcer waved his hand towards Yuuta, granting Sou's request.  Sou walked slowly down the aisle and then up the stairs until he stood before his naked captive.  Their eyes met, Sou's a fiery, mocking silver, while Yuuta's blue gaze contained only caution and bewilderment.

"Borrowing money from the Yakuza again?  When will you learn?" Sou whispered so that only Yuuta could hear.

Yuuta's head dropped to his chest in shame, his blond locks shielding his face from view.  This was the last person he wanted to witness his demise, but fate could be cruel.  When Yuuta felt a firm finger lift his chin, he tried to resist, but was no match for the stronger man before him.  Sou forced the younger man's head upwards until their eyes met once again.  He ran a lazy thumb over Yuuta's parted lips, delving inside quickly until the tip of his finger met warm, wet tongue.

Suddenly, Sou pulled his hand back, leaving Yuuta feeling bereft.  The loneliness was short lived though as Sou's fingers returned, this time trailing their way down Yuuta's chest.  When the light touch reached his navel, Yuuta shuddered.  When the fingers closed around his erect penis, he cried out.  Sou worked his old lover's body like a violinist, his firm, knowing strokes pulling every ounce of control from his prey.  Soon a spurt of cum landed on the stage floor between Yuuta's feet. 

"I think I will take him," Sou informed the announcer as he pressed a light kiss to Yuuta's trembling lips.  The announcer gestured to another employee, who whipped out a pocket knife and cut their captive free.  Yuuta stood up shakily, knowing he would have fallen had it not been for Sou's supportive hand.

"We have a private room for you both this way," the employee explained, beckoning the two men to follow him as he led the way backstage and down a dimly lit hallway.  He unlocked a door on the right-hand side and ushered Sou and Yuuta inside.  With a wink, the Yakuza member handed Sou the room key and exited, locking the door behind himself.

"Let's see, what shall I do with you?" Sou asked, tapping his chin with his index finger as if he was giving the matter real thought. 

"Are you desperate enough now that you have to buy your bedfellows?" Yuuta asked, immediately regretting his sarcastic comment when Sou's eyes turned cold and hard.

"I don't have to buy you to get you into my bed, Yuuta.  You have always come most willingly," Sou snapped.

Unable to argue with that, Yuuta's shoulders slumped in defeat.  He never could say no to Sou.  That's why he had dreaded running into him again. 

"I've missed you," Sou whispered, pushing Yuuta backwards until he fell onto a neatly made bed, the only piece of furniture to be found in the small room. 

"Why didn't you say so sooner?" Yuuta asked, his hands going to Sou's belt buckle.  He worked it free, his fingers pressing against Sou's throbbing erection as he slipped the other man's slacks and underwear down to his knees.

"Shut up," Sou muttered, roughly turning his lover over so that Yuuta's navel was pressed into the mattress.  Without further comment, Sou climbed onto the bed and plunged into Yuuta's tight hole, causing a momentary flash of pain that soon turned into pleasure as the age-old rhythm took them over. 

Sou rode the younger man roughly, his shoulder-length black hair flowing wildly like a horse's mane as he pumped into his partner.  Soon they were both shaking from passion, nearing the crest but trying to ride the wave just a bit longer.  Sou cried out as he came, his excitement sending Yuuta over the edge into his own release. 

"Now that I've bought you, I hope you know you are mine forever," Sou replied nonchalantly once he regained his breath. 

Yuuta just curled up beside his master, not even bothering to reply aloud.  I've always been yours, he thought as he drifted off to sleep.     

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