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love, hate, embittered
Embittered Soul

Embittered by love,
Trivialized by hate.
My heart screams manic,
Until my ears hear no more.
My life flashes before my eyes,
As all the blood drains out.
Out like a new born babe,
No one to trust,
No one to love.
Love me like you do your others,
Have me do unto them as you have done unto me.
Remember me well,
Remember me strong,
Never give up,
Never surrender,
Die young or die trying.
A voiceless soul in a voiced world,
Silent forever, forever silent.
Words mocking me on the way down,
East side, west side of town.
The heart don't lie, yeah that's the truth.
Truth is in the power,
Power of words so strong,
They don't know right from wrong.
Blinded by injustice, unjustified to be blind.
Love to hate, hate to love, its all the same.
What the fuck is this some kind of game.
My life, worthless, dead on the floor, drained of its existence.
Existence, touche, something only meant for those pure of heart.
A heart which I thought you had, only left me crumpled, battered, and bruised.
No where to go, nowhere to turn, love lost, lost love.
Heart beating slower and slower.
Pain subsiding, pulse steadying, weaker, and weaker still.
Still no sign of you.
Your gutless acquiescence, heartless cowardice.
A pool of blood, blood pooling by my side.
Exiting from whence it came, never to return.
Return to me I yell, but only falling on deaf ears. 
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