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Megan and Jennifer can't wait to go to France. Jennifer has another problem to deal with.
Jennifer slept with the Mastiff puppies that night. They snored and then when one of them woke up, he would start barking and wake up the other one. Megan heard the puppies bark. She went back to sleep. The next time a puppy barked, she woke up and looked outside. It was a full moon. At least there was no sign of the wolf or those "vampires." She was sure the gypsies were far away. At least she had hoped so. She thought of Miles and smiled. Yes, she was getting married soon. Jennifer, too but they were a secret for the time being. Megan got up and went downstairs to make a cup of tea. Jennifer got up and all Megan could see was big masses of black and the puppies sounded like a tornado coming down the stairs. Megan laughed.

"I am taking the boys outside." Jennifer said. The puppies were barking.

"I will go with you." Megan shook her head.

The puppies darted outside and it was so dark that Megan and Jennifer could hardly see them. Thank goodness for the full moon. The boys found trees and went and did their business. They barked and darted towards the woods. Megan and Jennifer ran after them. Jennifer slipped and fell on her butt. Megan helped Jennifer to her feet.

"Looks like you have children." Megan giggled.

"They are hard to keep up with. Hey! You boys get your butts back home. Judas Priest!" Jennifer got up and ran after the puppies as did Megan. The women got the puppies and headed them back to the house. The big puppies went in ahead of the women. Jennifer got some turkey out of the ice box and fed some to the puppies. They ate their fill and fell asleep.

I guess I might as well stay up. I am not tired." Jennifer made a cup of tea.

"Me, either." Megan drank some of the tea she had made earlier.

"Do you think we are ready to get married?" Jennifer asked.

"I am. I know I just ended a marriage but Damon and Miles are as different as day and night. Miles and I love dancing and he gets me even though we are two centuries different of each other. I love being in this time period. I miss my computer but I have Miles. You have Bradley and they have money so we have no struggles. We have had quite an adventure. I think we are home here." Just then one of the puppies jumped on Megan's lap. She loved animals so she didn't mind him being on her lap. She petted him.

"I guess I am ready, too. I hope Bradley isn't in a hurry to have children."

"You need to talk to him about that. Just like I need to talk to Miles about having children. I don't think I will be ready for them."

"First, we get married. People marry before they have kids in this time period."

"That is good news. We will just let nature take it's course. I think I will go back to bed." Megan yawned.

"See you later." Jennifer took the puppies and went upstairs. Megan went to her room. She slept good as did Jennifer and the puppies.

The next morning, it was rainy. Megan missed knowing what the weather was going to be from day to day.

"Great. Rain. I didn't have any plans at least." Jennifer did let the puppies out. They did what they needed to do and came back in. Jennifer was glad of that. She didn't want to chase after her babies in the rain.

Vicki got up and made bacon, ham and eggs. The puppies ate some bacon and ham.

"Are you ladies ready to go to France?" Vicki asked.

"We need to pack. I am going to pack today. I know I will love France." Megan made a bacon and egg sandwich on toast.

"I heard that the Timmons daughter Rainey left. She left a note for Mr. and Mrs. Timmons and told them she was leaving for Ireland. Jed said Rainey was out in the woods and chanting. She disappeared. I didn't know what to say to Jed. She is a time traveler so we know it can happen." Vicki was busy stirring a cake.

"Good riddance. She was probably afraid that Calin would kill her and she knew there was no way she was getting Bradley. I hope she never comes back." Jennifer was all smiles. Rainey was out of her life for good.

"About Calin. Megan said you were under a curse because of the moonstone. I am glad Bradley is the one you really love. He will make you happy." Vicki felt like a mother to Megan and Jennifer.

"I am happy. I am glad Megan broke the moonstone. No more of being torn between Bradley and Calin." Jennifer was relieved.

Megan said she was going upstairs to pack. She took out the new dresses that Miles had bought her and carefully packed them. She left the broken moon stone in the dresser with the handkerchief wrapped around it. Megan didn't notice that the moonstone was flashing. Jennifer was packing and the puppies were helping her. One ran off a cameo and ran off to Megan's room. He dropped the cameo at Megan's feet.

"This is so sweet. I think Jennifer will want it back." Jennifer came to Megan's room and got the cameo and the puppy.

"Are you having fun? teased Megan.

"Loads of it. I hope Vicki and Bill can handle these guys when we are in France."

"I am sure they will. They love animals." Megan was done packing and she went out to see Jasper. She gave Jasper some new hay and he was content. He sat in her lap and fell asleep. After she married Miles, Jasper would be staying with them. She had a colt and Jasper. She would have Miles, too. Life was going to be good.

It was still raining. Megan stayed a little while longer with Jasper. She headed back to the house. The rain was letting up now. She entered the house. Vicki was working on a quilt. Jennifer had just got done packing. Just then Miles showed up. Megan ran up to Miles and kissed him. He was handsome and she loved him.

"How has your day been?" Miles asked.

"I packed my clothes to go to France. I just checked on Jasper. The puppies have been rowdy but cute." Megan nibbled on Miles ear.

"Hey, now. We have to behave."

"Says you." Megan laughed.

"Any one want some tea?" Vicki asked.

"Sure." Miles and Megan tried to keep their hands off each other.

Megan and Miles sat on the blue velvet winged tip couch. Vicki bought Miles a cup, of tea and a pie of cherry pie.

"Thanks, Vicki." Miles loved pie. Megan knew that she would have to learn how to bake a pie.

Just then one of the puppies jumped on Miles and grabbed his pie.

"George!" Jennifer knew the puppies were more then she bargained for. George ate the piece of cherry pie. Vicki got Miles another piece and the puppies didn't bother him this time.

"You named one of the puppies George?" Megan asked.

"I like the name George. Bradley can name the other one."

Vicki had made tuna sandwiches and put them on the table along with some cheese and chocolate chip cookies. Megan, Miles, Jennifer, Bil and Vicki had a late lunch. The puppies didn't bother them.

After lunch, Megan and Miles went for a walk. They walked arm in arm and Miles stopped in the woods and kissed Megan. He had a troubled look on his face.

"Anything wrong?" Megan asked.

"No. We are fine but Sharon is staying in Bath." Miles said.

"Sharon? As in Bradley's first love?" Megan asked.

"Yes. She is a widow now. Rumor in town has it, she wants Bradley. I don't think Bradley knows she is in town. He loves Jennifer and he will let Sharon know, I am sure. I am going to tell Bradley as soon as I leave here. Sharon is telling everyone that she is Bradley's former lover. Rainey just left mysteriously and now this Sharon shows up. As you and Jennifer would say, this sucks." Miles shook his head.

"Miles! Do I tell Jennifer?"

Tell Jennifer what?" Jennifer had appeared out of no where. Megan thought. JENNIFER WILL FIND SHARON AND KILL HER!

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