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Are we part of one galatic test?
Hey, It’s possible!

OK, I some times get some strange idea’s. My mind is often on auto pilot, I can’t shut the damned thing down. Take the following diatribe for example. No way my conscious mind came up with this pearl of wisdom! No way, it’s that other me. When I’m asleep he’s awake, fine, except the SOB is also awake when I am and intrudes whenever he wants.

I always thought myself a rational human being. Like, believe nothing anyone tells you unless you can prove it by yourself. I believe in the philosophy of empirical thought.

One day I’m bored, thinking about life when I have this damned thought that humanity is generally stupid. All one has to do is to read the paper to get verification of this. For, example, I recently read that congress want’s Pizza to be considered a vegetable! Now this is stupidity! But, what is even more stupid is the fact that the masses elect these people. Logically, That must mean the bulk of the voting population are fools!

I immediately thought it’s good we are not being tested. That would have to be the road to extinction! Whoa, Damn it. Maybe we are on that road! Talk about wearing a universal dunce cap, to be laughed at by all other intelligent species . I mean us, a species in an unlimited universe with unlimited life forms playing the fool. How embarrassing! flunking life! Then the other me (That SOB) busted in. He made me think: We can’t be alone in our stupidity! Imagine, that we are the participants In a huge cosmic game. Thousands of, nay, millions of billions of planets are involved in this ultimate test.

As my other me see’s it, the game goes this way. Every planet capable of life starts out with creatures of little intellect, just enough to brain power to maintain involuntary functions such as breathing and to recognize prey.

Species will come and go, eventually one species will evolve to become dominate, to be able to manipulate it’s environment. It will become the top of the food chain. It becomes the dominate life form. Unfortunately there is a rule not known to the local combatants.

The rule is that on every planet the dominant life form has been presented with the capability to combat every illness, disease. In other words they have been given compounds for healing. The problem is that the dominant species has to discover them.

Every species will suffer numerous ailments, diseases, evolving virus’s and bacteria. The dominant species always at the mercy of microscopic creatures. The challenge is for the superior species to find the cures or antidotes to all these ailments. These cures can be the slime of a frog, the digestive juices of a species living miles under the ocean waters, the sap of trees, hell, some plant living in the highest realms or the densest jungle. Any thing that is living may be a possible cure.

So, what is the purpose of this game? The catch? Simple, To find all cures before the animal or plant having the cure is eliminated by the dominate species. To eliminate species because they can, will result in failure and extinction of the dominate species. So, this test is, well, do we continue to evolve or become extinct!

From what I read in the papers and see on the news, Uh, Good Bye Humanity. I hope we get a good obit in the intergalatic press like “So close, but so far. They almost made it”
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