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The "Caleuche" is a mythical ghost ship of the Chilote mythology. (Form: End Rhyme)
La Caleuche

The sound of waves caress a shore
then ... footsteps softly on the floor.
She thrills as hands touch heated breast.
Tonight, once more, she'll get no rest.

The cool hands warm as they explore
as though they've gone this way before.
Between pale fingers, skin is caught
until she feels her nipple taut.

Her sighs of pleasure find release
and yet the movement does not cease
as hands slide down until they trace
the outlines of her private place.

She feels her back arch and she yearns
to quench the fire that now burns;
the tender skin parts with a kiss
as she gives in to joyful bliss.

She shudders as she comes awake
and feels again the old heartache
that never seems to go away.
The pain of loss seems fresh each day.

Her eyes brim and her cheeks are wet
with tears that won't let her forget.
She tastes the salt, a memory
that her one love was lost at sea.

In inky depths, he mans the helm
and navigates Pincoya's realm.
He doesn't need sextant or chart,
using the compass of his heart.

She stops as what has past sinks in.
The marks of passion on her skin
seem to sparkle, to her surprise,
a glimmering before her eyes.

Adrenaline begins to flow
and as her fear starts to grow,
It can't be real, comes to her mind.
She tries to put it all behind.

The touch of Morpheus has gone
and so she sits until the dawn
carries the world back to her sight;
her sanity returns with light.

And yet ... her day is haunted too
as she recalls the legend crew
that served the ship Caleuche
and seamen who'd been washed away.

This folklore from her homeland's past,
from those who'd served before the mast,
had been instilled since her childhood.
Now, suddenly, she understood!

These dreams were more than messages.
The sounds, the love, were presages.
At last she felt long sought relief.
This was a test of her belief.

He pushes onward through the night;
his love is like a guiding light
pointing toward a destination
and a true love's assignation.

As darkness falls, she sees the light
melting into the ocean's night.
There, floating in the salty mist,
she finds the object of her tryst.

She takes a breath, tinged by the sea,
and hears a gentle melody;
a siren's song that calls to her
against which she can not demur.

Fluorescent movements catch her eye.
She sees the Pincoya pass by
who beckons with a lover's plea
and promises of what could be.

Her aching heart answers the call
and as she leaps and starts to fall
she understands the truth at last.
Her only future's in the past.

Water encases like a shroud
and, as her mind began to cloud,
darkness returns like an old friend
as she continues to descend.

Warm arms surround her, hands explore
as though they've been this way before.
A smile begins, a gentle crease,
knowing tonight she'll rest in peace.

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Prompt: Fantasy/Mythology theme. (And yes, I did use your picture for inspiration *Smile*)
Form: Quatrains with end rhymes.

presage - something that portends or foreshadows a future event; an omen, prognostic, or warning indication.
tryst ~ an appointment to meet at a certain time and place, especially one made somewhat secretly by lovers.
demur ~ to make objection

La Caleuche (ka-lay-oo-chay) - "The Caleuche" is a mythical ghost ship of the Chilote mythology and local folklore of the Chiloé Island, in Chile. The myths claim it is crewed by the drowned, who are brought to the ship by three Chilote mythological figures, two sisters: the sirena chilota (a type of mermaid) , the Pincoya (female spirit of the sea) and her brother the Pincoy. Once aboard, the dead can resume an existence as if they were alive again.

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