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A girl stays up late watching a friend sleep. Based on a girl I am very much in love with.
It's funny how much control you have over me without even realizing it or meaning to. That's why at 2 in the morning on a Sunday- the only day I get to sleep in- I'm here. I could be at home in my nice warm bed, but I'm not. I'm here... with you.

Instead of sleeping I'm sitting in 10 inches of snow at two in the morning, helping you work on your car, just because you asked me to. I have no idea as to why you felt the need to wake me up at 1 a.m. to do this.

You climbed in through my bedroom window, which is always left unlocked in case you need to get in. You climbed in and threw yourself on top of my sleeping body, screaming, "Wake up!" and laughing hysterically when I screamed and threw you off me.

And somehow we ended up at your house, working on your truck.

It just occurred to me that this could've waited till the morning, you haven't got anywhere to go right now.  Or you could've had your boyfriend do it for you. Wouldn't that make more sense? Hell, you probably could've fixed it all by yourself. So why am I doing it?

When I voice these thoughts, you answer simply, "I wanted to spend time with you." I can feel my face burning despite myself. I duck back underneath your truck to hide my blush.

I still think it's funny that you got yourself a pick-up truck- if I didn't know you so well, I never would've guessed that's what you'd want.

I stand up after awhile longer. It's freezing out here, and you laugh at me when I say so. You grab my hand and drag me into your house. It's obvious that I'm sleeping here tonight. Mom and Dad won't mind though, they're used to it.

I head straight for your room and flop down on the bed. Family Guy's on when you come in with hot chocolate and cookies. I raise an eyebrow at the hot chocolate; you usually don't like the stuff anywhere near you. You say, "Fine!" and turn around with everything, heading back toward the kitchen. I call you back and you shove a mug in my hand and cookie in my mouth. We both laugh.

I like this side of you the best. The side that comes out when no one else is around and it's just the two of us. Which is rarely.

You lay down, pulling me with you, mumbling something like, "My cuddle- buddy." and wrapping your arms around my neck. I wrap mine around your waist in reply, and you fall asleep quickly, as always.

But I stay up awhile, watching you sleep and just thinking. To you, this is just the way we've always slept. But lately for me, it's so much more. You're so beautiful, and I wish you'd see it.

I continue watching you and thinking. I'm not going to say you look like an angel in your sleep- that's just not you. You look more like a devil- evil smirk and all. A small smile tugs at my lips as one thought runs through my head, my little devil...

"I love you." I say to your sleeping form. With that, I yawn and bury my face in your hair, falling into a peaceful sleep.
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