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The synopsis of my novel 'The Shadow'.
While trying to uncover the identity of the underworld don known as the Dark King, Colonel
Ghauri of State Intelligence gets brutally murdered. But before dying, he is able to send
some information to his subordinate, Major Asad.

Farooq Ahmed, a PhD in physics from Harvard, has inherited flair of spy intelligence from his father. With all his weirdness and apparent stupidity, Farooq jumps in to help his childhood friend Asad, against the Dark King.

This case gets assigned to the Special Services Squad (SSS) by the director general of State Intelligence. The secret and fearsome head of SSS, TH-1(The Hidden One), controls and manages the six field members of SSS brilliantly, who keep brushing Farooq aside during their field work, to uncover and hunt the Dark King down.
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