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by chella
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This novel is the open page of a girls life who went through different situations.
"It was on a fine Saturday I decided to buy a new scooter" Sneha recollected. It was for the same day she was travelling with him for the first time. His mother only initiated " you people are keeping distance from us. Why when some need is there, you people are not requesting us? We will be real helpful." She wanted Sneha and her mother should take help from them. Ramesh's mothers also complainted that sneha is not casual, she is very reserved. So ultimately Sneha decided to take Ramesh along with her. Both decided to meet in a bus stop to go together. Ramesh was earlier to the bus stop. Sneha also reached and they started their jouney which at last became a real turning point in her life.
On the way to Pondicherry in bus Sneha was very quiet. Actually it was Meena miss who inspired her saying this " Why cant you buy a vehicle as central government employees are getting a vehicle allowance which can change your life style or rather a great wish of your youth days get fulfilled." Sneha was an autonomous body employee who receives same benefit as central government employees get. Sneha had a great desire in her school days to buy a two wheeler. But she could not convince her father. Now because of Meena miss inspiration Sneha dusted back her older ambition to buy a vehicle. Reaching the showroom they remitted advance of 5,000 bugs and getting the vehicle in a months guarantee they returned. On return journey they sat together in a seat. As awaited Ramesh started chatting with Sneha.
Sneha was in side seat enjoying the view outside. Wind was disturbiing her hair and she was slowly without resend was keeping in the same position as she combed and kept. He started with his problems he had in his LTR journey to Darjeeling, Calcutta etc. He had gone with friends family to many of these various
places. He had a bad time time with them and could not enjoy whole heartedly, but had nice photos of the session which he showed Sneha later in home. Sneha at the time was very matured, She suggested " you should not expect others to do what you expect. That is the reason of your sadness, live with less limited expectations." Rameshs real problem was also the same that he wanted his friends to the same what he wanted to be. Ramesh spoke sincerely and revealed many things even family matters to Sneha " I donot have a good friend to say openly my mind. My mother acts in home as a dictator, she is so harsh that me and my sister has to suffocate even in home. I dont have peace of mind in office or home." It was for the first time they had been talking, so Sneha felt quite embrassed that why he is showing much closeness to her. This feeling became strong when he asked "Why you are buying always pind coloured churidhars alone". She could guess his keenness when he asked about the dress and the by chance colour pink getting in purchase which hardly she does for her. Upto Kalpakkam he was nonstop chatting with her. Getting down from bus Ramesh said " Sneha, you go in an auto to home, I have a cycle kept near by I will come in that." she didnt agree as she do not want to spent money. She started walking to home and Ramesh also didnt want to leave her alone like that. He got yet another chance to continue his story. It went on well upto home till they parted to their own houses nearby.
Sneha was new to the place one year back. She came there with her mother and daughter on her first appointment. Ramesh with his mother and sister was already staying there a year ago itself. They never spoke each other till some months. Sneha hardly spoke even to his mother as it was not easy for her to ramify herself to make relations. But both mothers had good relation and they started sharing inspite of the language barriers. Snehas mothers Malayalam and Rameshs mothers Tamil slowly started exchanging their feelings, experiences and expressions.
Megha, her daughter could find time to have fun with that family which made Ramesh also feel sparking a new light of enjoyment in her companionship. Sneha, 30 year old lady was of course busy with the new role of taking care of a full family. Both the families were differentiated with a wall alone as they were living in institutional quarters. Flat life mostly constrains to once own family, but there it was full of flatlets and single houses with consists of a mixture of peoples from different states of India employed over there mostly with family. The community which lives in a township was unique and competitive one.Kalpakkam is a big township having a sister township nearby in Anupuram. Educated and enthusiastic people living there were ambitious but supportive too. They enjoyed the chance of any get together as all were separated from their own big family and native place. These togetherness created a family setup with others and had a care for one and all. Their dignified life was added up with splendid facilities, nice lifestyle with enough greenery, facilitated hospital,swimming pool,tennis court, luxury buses for free to and fro travel inside the campus,well maintained gardens, roads,parks, nice wind from the sea, mind breezing evening view of the lake, comfortable morning and evening walkable areas etc. Being a place of atomic research people have the fear of radiation, but still the community was given enough comfort to overcome this. Yearly arrival of carnival adds rainbow colours to the children and of course all the age group. Ten days of this festival creates a new freshness and flow of new things to each ones life may be in the form of a car, cycle, books, household items or what else they want was obtained. Rich flavours of ice creams crazied even all sorts of age group and delicious tastes of variety foods according to each ones culture and tradition tempted people to be a part of it. Carnivals crowd brings a change from their stereo type going and coming for job in shift basis. Games and plays were enjoyed in groups with huge shoutings.Carnival was the festival for all religions, castes and creeds. Being a mixture of different culture, religions, traditions carnival made all of them feel equal and enjoy the utmost fun and shopping. Ten days of this continuous festival gives a lot of happiness which leaves a scar in the mind of all those who went even after it gets over. The big ground reminds always the enjoyment when ever passes through that way. When days come near to begin the carnival, children in buses shout altogether nearing the ground " CARNIVAL CARNIVAL CARNIVAL". It shows the tremendous happiness of whole Kalpakkam people about their expectation and eagerness regarding the forecoming event.
Sneha also used to go carnival with mother and daughter preplanned with friends. They used to enjoy without knowing time upto late night. It was yet another get together for her also other than birthday parties, temple poojas, usual time pass group meetings with friends and so on. Those ten days were extremely enjoyed by Sneha and Megha. But one thing she used to fear that was money expenditure because Megha demands many things seen there and as a lovable mother she cant deny her demands. More over mothers needs also should be satisfied as she has come over here for her sake. But it is also true that her mother was suffocated in sons house. Being an adamant and outspoken lady she could hardly manage with daughter in law and sincerely wanted to move apart from the atmosphere for a change. Snehas condition was also near about same that she wanted to go far from husbands house so that she can have freedom and enjoyment in life. So getting a job in Kalpakkam she was happy to join even if a lot of confusions, fear was there in mind as the place was entirely new for her. Being a lady she has to travel and get settle in a new place. Though many rules are there in Indian law to secure and safe guard women still it is not an easy task for women to be safer without a gent. Situations are like that even with a gents security even women remains unsecured. Sneha's will power was appreciably so she could manage the situation and got well settled with all amenities required.
Snehas activities and smartness are noticed by somebody else that was not aware to her . Ramesh was not there in the picture of her mind at all so what attitude Ramesh showed while travelling was entirely amazing to her. Reaching home from Pondicherry she explained the whole episode to her mother. Mother was also astonished to know things that poor fellow is troubled by his mother even. Both felt very sympathetic to Ramesh.Mother added up the comment "Poor fellow is not having any friend with which he can share all these,that's why he opened his heart to you. So to the possible extent you should help him." Sneha also felt same in mind and felt to be helpful to him. She never thought that the episode will continue and became very normal. She continued her daily routine life.
The very next day morning Sunday when she took bath and came she could hear the message tone from her phone. To her surprise it was none other than Ramesh. It was a forward joke and reply was not needed. After an hour again same type of another forwarded sms came. Sneha felt awkward why he is sending message again and again. She didn't take it seriously. Usually after her job hours Sneha and family used to take rest from 3 to 6 pm. After two days when they were taking rest at 4pm phone rang. Seeing an unknown number she took the phone very anxiously. It was from Ramesh's office number. He wanted to talk and continue the friendship,So he said " Hello Sneha I am Ramesh. Sorry if I disturbed in your sleep time.I am calling from my office"
" ok. No disturbance for me, but tell me why you are calling from office any emergency."
"No I remembered you her and I wanted to say thatI would like to continue our friendship as I don't have a good friend."
Sneha replied " I am happy that someone wants my friendship . But how much i can help you that is not sure but still as far as possible I will help you in need."
After keeping phone she felt nothing bad in it as she being a help for somebody else is an appreciable thing only.
She quoted herself that 'friend in need is a friend indeed'. The quote motivated her to have a friendship with an opposite sex member. From that day onwards most of the days he used to call her. She also slowly started enjoying the phone calls as he was very open to her. He clarified that" I wanted a friend with whom he can share this. I didn't have a friend of any sex now to share with, So I wanted to continue your friendship." He added up that "Earlier when he feels sad he used to go to the seashore and sit and share with waves his feelings and then lye there viewing sky."
Sneha felt hearing all these "I am so much wanted for a person like this it is nothing wrong in having a friendship with a male. My marital status will not matter in this". Hence all the tracks were clear in their friendship. It gradually started growing without hindrance.
Truth was Sneha also was also fond of a good friend who can help and support in all means, so no fault came into notice while continuing the same. All evenings became the chatting time for them. No one was there to restrict them in talking. Every call was a new experience and new enjoyment for her. She could share many things with him. So naturally these calls were really a relief for both of them.
She felt first time in life some one is giving so much importance and mostly wanted too. Of course She could have this kind of relationship in college days, but life struggles made her to be very studious so that she get a job and can live independly.
Sneha was born in a family where she had all sort of comforts, but in her teen age situations changed. Because of the over strictness and adamant behaviour of mother her father who had been very decent and admirable, started having illegal relationship with other ladies. Sneha had two elder brothers and one sister. She was the youngest one. Fathers illegal affairs badly affected all the children.
Not in like other countries here in India most of the states give prior importance to single family. In society those families only will be honoured. But now a days people are well advanced and more educated so changes are seen. People stated having new relationships in the name of friendship. But 15 years ago the conditions were different. Snehas elder sister studied upto 12th only, She could have got a better alliance if family back ground was good. Many marriage alliances did not get well due to this issue. Her elder two brothers were yet another sufferers, in friends company they were badly mocked. It disappointed them and affected very much. Elder brother choose his own way, he could not get a good education, a job too, he married in his own choice. Second brother was yet another hope. He was ambitious and confident so he could convince father to spent for his higher studies in Chennai. Though admission he got, per month getting money for expense was rather difficult task. For that Sneha helped, She compelled father to send money regularly. Mean time inspite of all the quarrels and clashes between mother and family, with high ambition she put her full effort in studies and for both B.A and M.A ( Degrees) she achieved rank. Younger brother after getting a job he also choose his partner without seeing caste.
Though its not a crime in front of the society it was another shame for the family. These kind of issues usually are very much discussed by society and they may rate the family based on this. Mean time because of debt Sneha and family lost their house, father started living with another woman. Sneha and mother had to live with younger brother and family where she started praying to God to save her before becoming a burden for them. She had achieved good professional background education and was employed on contract basis. Alliances started coming for her. The first person to come to see was her present husband only.
A Quiet, handsome man employed in foreign. A broker only brought the alliance, he narrated about him more than what he is. Another alliance also came, but she prayed to God which ever is good you select and give me. It was the answer of God it seems my brother liked first alliance only, though her father had less consent.Father had contact with family. He will come to home but will not stay or sometimes talk over phone only. Snehas brother spoke to him in detail before marriage regarding the worst family condition, but his response was "I want a well educated good girl alone. How ever girl is coming to my house to continue rest of life. So not owning a house and fathers relationships didnt constrain me ". Brother again said " My sister is little adamant and spendthrift. If you are very much strict or mock on the family situation she may not bear, she may at the time itself react."
This also didn't make her husband to withdraw. He said " I know to tackle her, you may not worry. She will adjust with me and everything will come fine"
This attitude of her husband make it happen. Sneha entered into a new life with lot of hopes as a normal Keralite girl do. Every thing went on well, father gave money for her marriage. All were happy that she is getting a new life inspite of all the problems they had. Sneha had great respect and admiration for her husband. She considered him as the saviour of her life and wanted to give full affection. One thing alone she conveyed her husband that she is a poor cook, it may take time to get through well. Six days passed fine in husbands home . Seventh day afternoon her husband said very joy fully asked her "You know why I married you, because I know you will surely get a job in one day or the other as you are a rank holder". Like a sudden thunder on the head Sneha was shocked to hear the truth. What image, what picture she had given for her husband every thing vanished all of a sudden. She kept quiet and was not ready to talk with him as she was deceived in life for ever. Seeing her status her husband felt regretted, he asked sorry and added that just for a fun has said same,its not the truth. But no words could relieve her from the pain. Slowly tears came out from his eyes.Tears melted her, she agreed to talk to him. However days went on, the deep wound could not heal till now. The main reason of her to get convinced with husband was her parents are not having a home of their own. She is not having any shelter of her own and cant go to her brothers house saying that she dont want to continue a family life in a very short period.
Younger elder brother already warned that after marriage don't expect any more help from my side especially in terms of money. So really her marriage for them was removing a burden like. Totally she was helpless, so she decided to continue her life in in laws place. Later when she had a verbal fight with mother in law she got fully clarified that what all her husband said was true only, her husband didn't tell it just as a fun. Only way in front of her was to forget the incident and find happiness from what ever obtained.
Really she forgot everything and was continuing her life happily. Her husband left her in in-laws house and went for job abroad in 35 days. Soon she came to know that she is pregnant. In laws didn't take care of her so she was managing her life with a contractual job in order to meet her daily expense. She tried to spent her maximum time outside the house. Weekends she used to leave to her mothers place so that she could eat something better. Her mother cooked and took care of her much. An own mother only will be really affectionate. From no one we can get such type demand less affection. After delivery also her mother helped her much, which Sneha still remembers very fresh.
Almost all girls in Indian society faces such type of issues for which she gets no one's support even husbands. Most of the husbands don't want to open the mouth and hurt their mothers feelings. Girls of almost all states have the same kind of problems even if they are employed.
Sneha was employed , she was taking care of hers and her childs expenditures but mother-in-law was not liking her attitude of spending just for her and her child alone. Sneha didn't give money from her salary as husband was sending them a particular amount every month. But they were not happy with that alone about which she was unaware. Mother-in-law used to show her dis likeness
in some or the other way. Once she shouted at her" After your coming here only my son is not sending letter in my name. Earlier he used to talk or write to me very affectionately." Sneha replied " Its not my fault.You tell your son to write in your name or what ever complaints you have."
" You are daily going out and I have to see all works also. For your own purpose you are going for job." Mother-in-law continued.
Snehas reply was very harsh " You are very much aware that your son is not seeing my expenses. For my expenditure I am struggling hard ."
This hot conversation created much gap between them and Sneha felt no affection for her Mother-in-law after that.
Sneha started thinking to live independly and with freedom. This is not only the condition of one Sneha, most of the married girls in Kerala are suffocated with this kind of Mother-in-law complex. Every Mother-in-law here want their son to be always affectionate to them alone. They will fight for this and this will make these girls to think of living separate so that peace of kind and privacy can be enjoyed.
These type of situations made Sneha to think of going some where distant. She work hard so that she get a permanent job. By GOD'S grace she cleared the examination and interview and got placement in Tamilnadu. She wanted to work some where distant to get peace of mind and freedom. So she was mentally prepared to go from in-laws house. Even with fear she could successfully settle down in the new place. As a neighbour Ramesh's entry was just unexpected and GOD'S decision.
For both of them it was a new experience of having a friendship with opposite sex. So both were fearful about the limits and image in the society too. Even after having good friendship Ramesh kept a gap of 8 days without calling. Sneha felt very much disturbed because she could not guess the reason of this. One fine morning again Ramesh send an sms saying that 'Live and Happy life ahead'. Sneha replied asking the reason. Ramesh could not help without calling. He rang to Sneha " Sneha these many days I didn't call you. Do you Know what is the reason." Sneha wanted to the answer which she was asking herself" Say openly Ramesh what affected you much. Did I say anything wrong to you"
" You will not say anything that I'm sure. I am not able to control myself. I am getting so much attached to you because of the good person in you" Ramesh said.
Sneha wondered to hear this. She replied " We should be in our own control. We can be in limits if we try. For that not talking is not the solution."
Ramesh also felt it is difficult without talking to her. So again they started chatting.
It was yet another turning point in their life. Both could feel who ever comes and goes we should care each other. From earlier onwards both were in need of affection and care which they getting over phone. That was the reason for chatting.
It doesn't mean that they are caring for themself only. Both were conscious of their family and social duties. They worked well in their institution, Ramesh initially was little lagging but Sneha used to motivate. Ramesh took care of mother and sister better. His sister had a wrong relationship in the past She went away with a boy , but could not adjust with the family. After spending more than one month with the boy she has to leave him and come back. Ramesh's family was badly affected because of her deed, mother got high blood pressure. They had to hide and live in shame. After getting appointment in Kalpakkam he took both of them here and started a new life. He wanted to give comfort to mother and sister but but used to quarrel in such a way that he lost his peace of mind. He could not control both of them as they both were having big mouth. They will finish Ramesh with their words he could not compete. In such a terrific situation he finds happiness from Sneha's words. He used to share most of the happenings in home to Snehas. That time Sneha was his only relief.
Like Ramesh Sneha was also taking care of her family. When she started friendship with Ramesh she became more interested to help her family. Not only her daughter and mother alone, she started giving money to her mother-in-law and her father who left her in between. Before her marriage when her father left in between studies her younger brother helped her to continue her studies. So after getting job When the same brother was in financial crisis she helped him giving good amount. It was not for one time she help him three times in need. Snehas's elder brother was not financial good in status. Snehas help was desired for them also. His elder daughter used to spend her vacation time with Sneha in Kalpakkam and she was extremely happy to extend maximum comfort for her. She used to return from Kalpakkam with good satisfaction and enough things. Sneha's elder sister also wanted help from her. To the posssible extent she helped her too. what and all she had done for others, for that what she got in return was only the happiness of giving alone.
Sneha had relatives allaround but always she always used to feel " Why I am not getting what I expect form others. All wanted money only . Even after marriage I am not getting what I wanted to get." This mind status was aware to Ramesh and he gave relief to her mind by taking care of her. Both Ramesh and Sneha wanted each one to be cared more than any one in their life. Situations made this feeling more worse that they could not compromise for this alone. Ramesh had the feeling of full right in Sneha. So he monitored all her activities in and out of home. Once Sneha's friend Vidya came to Snehas requesting for LPG. But Sneha was not having at the time. But she liked to help her friend in time. She could request her another friend in regard this and could made arrangements too. It was dark but both went out to take LPG to home. Her late arrival to home was not liked by Ramesh. He started scolding over phone" Why Sneha you don't have the common sense to see the time. You are a Woman how you can go out in late night. Your mother and daughter were much worried and I was also eagerly waiting for your return." Ramesh didn't like her to go out of home for long time. He wanted Sneha to be in touch with him always and felt it as his right. Sneha explained to him " I wanted to help my friend in need. Tomorrow in her house, her daughters birth day party is arranged so without LPG they cannot make the function successful." The reason could satisfy Ramesh but he didn't show it out. But he was happy in mind feeling that "she is really helpful for others. She had a good mind, that I should admit and appreciate" This incident created more respect in Ramesh regarding Sneha's character. Sneha was also happy that some one showing so much care which she was eager to have. She wanted such care and affectionate scolding taking full right.
Ramesh has great affinty towards Sneha's characteristic features. He could easily identify that she is loyal and sincere. She never used to lie to Ramesh . Sneha's full family story was known to Ramesh that made him more and more attached to her. In vacation time she used to go to her native with family. This made Ramesh feel vacant in life. When Sneha went to native he could not see her vacant house near by and send a message to her stating that "Seeing your vacant house my eyes are getting filled with tears. Come as early as possible." Sneha recognised his likeness in these words. She also felt to go back as early as possible.
Their return to Kalpakkam was a real happiness for Ramesh because his partner has come back. Ramesh wanted the relation to be more strong so that she may not go from the place in future. For the clarification of Sneha's mind he got a golden chance. Once from Vidya Sneha got a forwarded message " Kindly state what you wanted to become for me in next birth." Sneha replied to Vidya "her boss" . Suddenly it clicked her in mind too send to Ramesh. Ramesh felt it as a chance to know whether any thing more in Sneha's mind for him other than a friend . First he asked sneha to reply first, but after insisting he replied to Sneha that he wanted Sneha as a life partner in next birth. He wanted to know the reply for that Sneha clarified "as both are able to convey and take care of each other so much it can be the same for me also. "
This incident was yet another turning point in their life. They had opened their mind for the first time. But decided to keep this in mind alone as it should affect dignity of their life. More over nothing can be done as Sneha is married and a mother too. But this incident made both more closer. They became more open to each other. Both felt the right to talk and help.
In their life there was not a single day without talking. Ramesh explained his stand most of the time to her that 'even if nothing can be done I wanted to like and live for you. So no body else will enter in my life as a life partner. This is guranteed." Sneha was happy to hear this " first time in my life I am feeling that some one is liking not for my money and my body."
Ramesh: You can believe me hundred percentage. Because I will never lie to you"
Sneha " But what about your mother. What she will say if any thing comes to be known to her"
Ramesh " you need not worry about that. This is my life and I will decide myself only'. No one else can interfere in that.'
Ramesh and her mother were worshipers of a 'Swamiji'. They used to go to a temple which was made by him. There, other than a poojari {Eminent learned men who will do pooojas} any one who knows mantra can do pooja. Ramesh used to go there and do pooja. Ramesh's used to be there long time even in night hearing talks of swamji or any other temple work. Both had much admiration over that temple and that swamiji. Here in Kerala also this type of living Gods are there. Many keralites and even foreigners are worshiping these peoples. Its all belief only. These peoples are blindly admired by a group of people in society. People wanted a support in life with help of these symbolic Gods. Not only in kerala many states in India have similar examples. Ramesh was also addicted in this manner. He used to take many decisions after consulting him only. So Sneha wanted to clarify this also. She asked " If your swamiji says to do some thing what will be your plan"
Ramesh " No one can change my decision. My life is my decision." He repeated.
Sneha felt proud that he is really affectionate and sincere to her. Who will get such affection in life with all constraints.
Before getting this job Sneha had written some other exams too. Among that, some results came favourable to her. She cleared many of the exams from which one gazetted post also came. That job guarantees that She can work in Kerala itself. No worry like this job, getting transfered any where in India. But she didn't had a second thought of leaving this job and going back to Kerala. She cant leave the affection of Ramesh and go. So she decided to continue here only so that she can get the affection life long. Ramesh had already revealed that he is strong in his decision to be loyal and affectionate to Sneha. Sneha also believed that this affection is more than any other affection in this world. Those days only daughters affection was there infront of Sneha. No one else came in to picture other than her daughter and Ramesh.After rejecting the offer of appointment in Kerala Sneha explained the issue to Ramesh. He expressed his happiness and gratitude to Sneha. But just for him she left one of her golden chance to be back to family put little pressure on Ramesh. He identified the sincerty of Sneha. He could guess that Sneha has blindly believed him.
Sneha tied a good relationship with Ramesh’s mother too. Ramesh’s mother used to reveal many things to her. She once said "Sneha! Ramesh and his sister is getting aged . So I wanted to tie them with some one. I am trying for it." Sneha shocked to hear this. She could not answer any thing.
Sneha asked regarding the same to Ramesh " Actually what is happening in your house. You can tell the truth to me."
Ramesh:" What happened ? I do not know any thing."
She explained and asked for the clarification . But Ramesh was very confident . He cooled Sneha saying "It is the duty of a mother to think of the future of their children. What and all she told is just applicable for my sister alone, not for me. I am strong in my stand."
Sneha cleared her stand "if you want to change your stand you can very well do that . I will not stand in your way." With tearful eyes she said.
Ramesh: "I can’t leave you like that. You didn’t understand me still."
Sneha: "If your are feeling this as a time pass I would not like to continue. So decide if any change you want”
Ramesh: "You are very sincere and loyal to me. I never got such a frienship. I do not want to lose it."
Sneha felt sad in mind after this incident . She tried herself to create a distance after because she seen many ladies who has been betrayed by men. She do not to be one among them. She knowingly tried to cut shot the number of calls and minimised talking. Ramesh could sense the distance been created by her. He tried maximum to convince Sneha. But It was not easy to get convinced. She felt something is going to be wrong. When her calls were less it affected Ramesh. Next morning she got a call from Ramesh ' Sneha I am being hospitalised . I would like to see you."
Sneha could control herself without going and seeing. She before reporting office, went and enquired his status.
Sneha:" What happened to you. Upto yesterday you were okay only. Tell me "
Ramesh : "It is all because of you. You were showing much distance to me . I can’t bear this . Too much pain in heart at night. Already I had a severe disease which I didn’t tell you earlier."
Sneha:"Sorry Ramesh I didn’t mean to punish you. I was really disturbed . so only. What severe disease you are talking about."
Ramesh: "I am having a rare disease of urinary track problem. Severe pain comes there if am upset or under any stress or strain. Usually this disease comes only for those who are aged sixty or above. But unfortunately I have this disease."
Sneha : "How it can be cured? What can be done?. I will also help you in getting relieved from this."
Ramesh: "Nothing can be done only this is I should be free from stress. Do not think more and get sad. For this you have to help me. You should not doubt me or feel bad of me. If it happens I may again get the pain and will be hospitalised. "
Sneha promised not to repeat this. Because of her misunderstanding she do not want to punish any one. She made strong her mind that Ramesh is sincere to her. No way of change of mind.
This incident was yet another one to strengthen their bond of affection. A person is getting chest pain only because of neglection from her,was another new experience to her.That evening with Ramesh got discharged from hospital . Doctor was not ready to discharge him but due to Ramesh’s compulsion he got discharged. She accompanied upto his house.
Next morning onwards they were very normal and continued same kind of relation they had earlier. Everything was going fine. Sneha with daughter and mother lived happily there. Other than Ramesh’s talking time she spent her full time with family only. Meghas demands also increased day by day. They used to go Chennai for shopping. Megha and Sneha’s mother gets satisfation in shopping. Ramesh’s demand in this case is only that they should return from Chennai as ealy as possible. From Chennai to Kalpakkam journey itself was more than two hours. For shopping it takes 4 to 5 hours.
Some times for a change they had outside food too. They try new dishes also in home. Most of these dishes she learned from Ramesh’s mother. Sneha pleasantly try for megha and ofcourse for Ramesh also. Being neighbours they share special dishes. Sneha used to get appreciation from that family. It encouraged Sneha to try even more. Her interest in cooking aroused in this manner. This gave relaxation for Sneha’s mother as she was always being tied up in kitchen. Sneha being a poor cook she rarely enters kitchen. Now for special dishes she started entering there. Sneha’s mother liked to do cooking herself, it was being yet another reason for Sneha not to enter kitchen for cooking.
Tamilian culture in cooking is different from keralites. Tamilians give preference for variety foods and sweets. The most important thing is tamilians know how to make delicious sweets and various dishes, where as Keralities more than making in their own houses they use to buy from outside and eat. They are quite lazy to make , they enjoy outings more. Tamilians have the patience and interest to make things rather than buying. They enjoy and eat together with family. Because of their rice's speciality even after eating enormous sweets the number of diabetic patients are comparatively less than Keralites.
Very soon Sneha got a news from office that she is being transferred to Kerala. She had applied for a transfer one year before. That time Ramesh-Sneha friendship was just started only. Ramesh adviced her: "Why you want to apply for a transfer? You do not like this place to stay. What safety you are getting here, you may not get any where. More over we are here to help you to any extent.”
Sneha could not believe it because it was just normal friendship at the time. So she was doubtful.She didn’t give imporance to what he said. She replied "People will say like this but when need comes no one will be there to help when time comes.”
Ramesh: "We will not be like that . You can believe us. No need to worry staying till we are there as neighbours."
Sneha: "I can’t believe like that because my experiences are bitter some only. So I will apply for transfer now . Other wise one year will be wasted. Time once lost will not be brought back. Sorry I am saying like this.” This was the condition one year before. After that only they became strong regarding their relationship.
But now Sneha regretted for what she has done earlier. Without proper thinking she has taken such a decision. Even her elder brother and brother-in-law who visited with family to Kalpakkam, suggested her that this is a nice place to live . You can live peacefully here. But every ones words Sneha ignored at that time. "Now I have to tell to Ramesh regarding this and get his opinion” Sneha decided.
Sneha over phone conveyed the message to Ramesh. He immediately got angry and started scolding her "I warned you not to apply at that time itself. But you didn’t listen to my words"
Sneha: "What earlier happened is happened . Now you say what is your opinion.?"
Ramesh: "What I should say? You want to go from there."
Sneha: "No. Now I can’t think like that. I put you in pain and go."
Ramesh : "Then only one thing is to be done that is you cancel your request transfer. When you are going for vacation send email for your boss and tell your stand."
Sneha: "oh! I forgot to tell you one thing.One of my friend who applied for transfer with me is also liking to cancel the transfer."
Ramesh:"oh! Then it is too good. Both of you can together forward the mail. Surely it will be favourable for both of us".
Sneha agreed to do as Ramesh said. Ramesh had the tension that whether it will work out or not. Sneha should convince their family also. For that Sneha asked her mothers opinion. She was liking to continue in Kalpakkam. Sneha was happy to know this and from her side she can say one more thing that husband is also not in Kerala. So she do not want to go till he comes back. However she got consent from her husband and other members that she can continue there for some more time.
Ramesh drafted letter for Sneha and her friend so that they can forward the same to their boss. Both of them made sufficient corrections in it and send a hard copy and email to boss. They talked phone also in this regard. Luckily their boss got convinced and they got their tranfer cancelled. This made Ramesh and Sneha extremely happy. One more time their route is cleared to continue their affection.
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