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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Crime/Gangster · #1827966
A story in prose about a Villain and a Girl he meets one day.

Wasn't even lunchtime.

The Villain opened the door,
Quiet and calm.
A stern look on his face,
Something tucked into his palm.

He looked around, he saw everyone.
They paid him no attention.
So no one saw him til' he was done.
Done being evil.

His fist glew up like a lantern,
The Villain was a mutant, an abnormal.
He leapt off the ground, you'd think he'd land,
But he just floated, cool and formal.

He flew, yes he flew
'Round the room, his glowing
Fist hit one person, another, blew
Them away.

The Villain jumped from the clerks,
He flew towards the shoppers,
Ready to blow them away too,
A good hit to the bonkers.

Much to his surprise,
The Villain could not...
There was a little girl, tears in her eyes,
Who was standing there.

The Villain slammed the ground,
Rather than the Girl.
Mama was screaming, Mama was scared,
Mama dropped her pretty pearl.

He bent down to get it,
But it must've looked evil again,
'Cuz Mama and the Girl split,
Lickety split out of there.

The Villain looked at the pearl,
The store he was 'bout to rob.
He looked at the clerks, the sky,
And he thought to himself 'What kind of job-

'-Do I have? Bein' a Villain.
Ain't there so many better ones,
Why I could count a million!
This is a Girl's pearl, not mine.'

The Villain flew away in the sky,
He looked for the Girl,
Way up high,
And found her and Mama on the street.

The Villain landed with a bang,
A crash if you will.
Indeed, the car flipped over
And rolled down the hill.

Mama turned 'round,
She cried out in fear:
'This man is stalking me!
He wants my daughter right here!'

The Villain zoomed ahead
Til he was right next to them,
He showed them the pearl, but in dread
They both careened off.

'Stop right there!' called a cop.
'This is where your life of
Crme stops!'
The Villain turned around, and held up the pearl.

Before he could say even a word,
The cops yelled: 'He's stolen a pearl!
I bet he took it right from that
there girl!'

The Villain tried to protest,
He tried to disagree,
But the cops and their guns
Gave him no option but flee.

In a final rush,
He went for the Girl,
He dropped the pearl into the flushed
Girl's hand and flew in front of her.

'I believe that's yours,
Just wanted to give it back.
This should settle the scores.
I have no stalking intention.'

The Girl smiled...
The Villain beamed.
For a moment the two were
Happier than either had dreamed.

Something whizzed over the girl's head
And entered the Villains'. 'Dang'
Said a Cop. 'I got a good shot.'

Turns out the Villain really did
Beam and glowed, like he was
Attacking them. Now he's dead.
Oh well. He was a villain, so he died just because.

What's for lunch?
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